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Connect to your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Troubleshooting tips & FAQsQuick start instructions

Ethernet cablePower cordCoax cable

Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Quick start instructions

A  Plug in your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Before you get started, we recommend you use the new cables included in your kit.

First, screw one end of the coax cable 1 into an active cable outlet (try the same outlet where your previous Cox device was connected) and the other end into the coax port on the back of your Panoramic Wifi Gateway.

Then, plug the power cord  2 into an electrical outlet and the other end into the power port on the back of your Panoramic Wifi Gateway.

Now that it’s plugged in and powering on, wait about 10 minutes for it to fully boot up before continuing to step B. You’ll know it’s ready when the “Online” light stops flashing and is solid.

Plug in your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Connect to your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Connect to your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Next, grab your favorite wifi-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) and open the wifi settings. Select one of the two  Network Names (SSID) that are shown on the label on the bottom of your Panoramic Wifi Gateway.

Using the Preshared Key provided on that same label, connect to the network. Once your device is connected you’re good to go. Great job installing and connecting to your Gateway.

C  Personalize your wifi experience

Now that your favorite device is connected, let’s connect all of your other devices to that same network.

We recommend you create a unique network name and password because it’ll be easier to remember when connecting other devices, and more secure since it’s personalized.

The Cox Panoramic Wifi app can help you with this, just download it on your mobile device and sign in with your Cox login. The app will help you get the most out of your wifi experience by giving you a  new level of customization and control at your fingertips.

For quick how-to videos, go to Check out the enclosed troubleshooting tips and FAQs card for more information.

Troubleshooting tips & FAQs

Frequently asked questions - SymbolFrequently asked questions

What is a Gateway?
Panoramic Wifi Gateways provide the functionality of a wifi router, internet cable modem and voice modem all in a single device.

How do I know if I’m connected to my network?
Check the wifi settings on your smartphone or computer to see if you’re connected to your network.

There are multiple coax outlets in my home. Which one should I use?
Make sure it’s an active outlet, meaning one that’s connected to a working cable signal. The outlet should be centrally located in your home and not surrounded by metal objects. It’s common to have inactive coax outlets so try connecting to a different one if it’s not working. If that doesn’t help, let us know.

Installation tips - SymbolInstallation tips

      • Don’t plug your Gateway’s power cord into an electrical outlet that’s connected to a dimmer.
      • To enjoy the smoothest wifi signal, place your Gateway at least 3 feet above the ground and avoid cramped spaces or anything that may block your signal.
      • For Cox Homelife customers, after your modem is up and running, please reboot your Cox Homelife router by removing the power cord and plugging it back in.
      • For questions about a backup battery, visit
      • For help with wifi setup and troubleshooting, visit

SymbolLearn about your Panoramic Wifi Gateway

      • Don’t be alarmed if your Gateway takes up to 10 minutes to boot up. During this time the Online light will flash, don’t unplug it. When the Online light becomes solid, you’re ready to connect to your new network.
      • Occasionally your Gateway will reboot to download the latest version of firmware updates. Not to worry, this is an automated process and should only take a few minutes.
      • You might notice that there are two different network names on the Gateway label. Your Gateway can broadcast two high-speed signals at once: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Symbol Optional cables

      • Ethernet: If you want to go “wired” rather than wireless, use the ethernet cable to connect your desktop or laptop computer to the ethernet port on your Panoramic Wifi Gateway.
      • Telephone: If you have Cox phone service and want to use your new Gateway for this service, insert your own phone cord into the Tel1 port on the back of your Gateway.

APP: Cox Connect for 24/7
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CHAT: text an agent at 54512 or live chat on

CALL: 1-888-556-1193


Panoramic Wifi Gateway User Manual – Optimized PDF
Panoramic Wifi Gateway User Manual – Original PDF

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