COVERY M6Pro Portable Waterproof Bluetooth IPX67 Speaker-User Manual

COVERY M6Pro Portable Waterproof Bluetooth IPX67 Speaker

Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing the M6_PRO Bluetooth Speaker. For your better user experience, please read the operational manual carefully before use.

Product host & accessories

Technical parameters

  • Input voltage: DC_5V
  • Input current:5A
  • Product weight: 500g
  • Rated power: 24W
  • Bluetooth version:2
  • Input interface: Micro USB charging port+ AUX IN input
  • Play mode: Bluetooth + AUX play
  • Speaker impedance:
  • Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Battery capacity: 4400mAh lithium ion battery
  • Product size: 79mm*79mm*165mm

Function definitions & operation description

Power button
  1. Long press the “ ” power button for 2 seconds to turn it on, and long press it again to turn it off.
  2. After turning it on, enter Bluetooth mode. The Bluetooth light starts to flash. Turn on your Bluetooth, and connect when your device finds “M6_PRO”. If it’s connected successfully, you will hear the prompt tone that “the Bluetooth is connected. The Bluetooth light is always on, and you can play music by Bluetooth.
Bluetooth/phone button
  1. When the Bluetooth is connected, long press the “ “, and you will hear the prompt tone that “the Bluetooth is disconnected”. The Bluetooth light flashes and waits for connection.
  2. When the Bluetooth is connected successfully and you make calls with phone, the voice will automatically enter the Bluetooth hands-free mode. Press “ ” quickly to answer incoming call, and long press to reject the call.

Plus button
When the Bluetooth is connected, press “ ” quickly to increase the volume. Long press to switch to the next song. And when making calls, long press turns to private calls.

Minus button
When the Bluetooth is connected, press “ ” quickly to decrease the volume. Long press to switch to the previous song. And when making calls, long press turns to private calls.

TWS wireless stereo play/ cool lights of party

Turn on two M6_PROs and enter the Bluetooth mode. Long press the “ ” button of one of them. After a prompt tone, the product will automatically search the other for connection. If connected successfully, the two will automatically switch into left and right channels. Repeat the operation of connecting Bluetooth, and connect Bluetooth to speakers. If connected successfully, music played on the device will have dual stereo sound effects.

When device turned on, the default setting is to switch on the party lights, which are made up of a variety of lighting effects changing witch different music beats. Light music or human voice has breathing light, and dynamic music has RGB colorful party lights. Different placing will have different lighting vision. Press the “ ” button quickly can switch or turn off the lights. Lights on both sides are very cool especially at night.

Note: This function requires two M6_PRO speakers, and both are turned on in Bluetooth mode. No Bluetooth connection to any device before TWS pairing.

USB charging

Important notes

  • Do not use power adapters that has not been certified by 3C.
  • It is recommended to charge with a power adapter with the output of 5V-1.5A.
  1. When you hear the prompt tone that “the device is out of power. Please charge it in time”, please charge the speaker as quickly as possible.
  2. This speaker supports self-adaptive charging. It can choose charging current automatically according to external power adapter’s power. When charging with computer USB interface, the current is smaller and it takes longer time to complete charging.
  3. When charging, the power light will flash. When it is fully charged, the power light will be on.

FCC Caution

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction.


Can you shower with a waterproof speaker?

You may take your speakers into the shower because they are entirely waterproof if they have a water resistance rating of 8 or higher!

Can I put waterproof speaker in the water?

In general, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are not intended to be immersed in water as this could harm the device permanently.

How long does it take for a Bluetooth shower speaker to charge?

A complete charge for Bluetooth speakers takes around three hours. A Bluetooth speaker should typically be charged for 1-2 hours before use.

What is the purpose of a Bluetooth speaker?

The majority of portable speakers transmit music wirelessly from another device, like a laptop or smartphone, using Bluetooth technology. Advantages: The technology is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones running Android and the Apple iPhone. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers are frequently less expensive than WiFi speakers.

How do you charge a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker?

The speaker has a rechargeable battery integrated into it. To charge, plug the included USB cord into a computer or a DC 5V power converter. The LED indication light on the speaker will become red as it charges. The red LED on the speaker will stop glowing when it is fully charged (the charging time is approximately 3 hours).

Are shower speakers safe?

Generally speaking, yes — provided you use the appropriate tools and adhere to a few crucial safety precautions. Our engineers at the Good Housekeeping Institute evaluate wireless portable speakers based on their usability, robustness, and performance.

Can you play music in the shower?

The most straightforward way to listen to music while in the shower is using a waterproof speaker. Waterproof speakers are useful and take up little room. Additionally, connectivity won’t be a concern for you. As a result, they make taking a shower enjoyable and engaging.

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant speaker?

A speaker that is “water-resistant” or “splash-proof” is protected from rain or splashes. The IP67 classification of a “waterproof” speaker indicates that it is secure for up to 30 minutes in a metre of water.

How do you get water out of a Bluetooth speaker?

To drain the accumulated water within the speaker, place the speaker on a dry, soft cloth with the speaker section facing down. After that, dry the speaker at ambient temperature until no moisture is left. If your hands are covered in hand cream, avoid touching. Rinse the speaker lightly with tap water if it becomes very dirty.

How do I know if my Bluetooth speaker is fully charged?

If the battery is fully charged, the CHARGE indicator won’t turn on. Depending on the model, the speaker’s CHARGE indication could not turn on while it is being charged. The CHARGE indicator will turn on if the battery is charging while the speaker is off.

Can I use Bluetooth speaker while charging?

It is completely safe to use your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging if your speaker has a built-in battery. It is not advised to use your Bluetooth speaker while it is charging if the battery is removable.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers?

restricted range Not as good for music listening in big spaces. Bluetooth speaker charging might be a pain. The audio is not as clear as it would be with wired speakers. Compared to wireless headphones, the battery life is shorter. While using a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music, you cannot charge the device. less audible than other speakers.

How do Bluetooth speakers get power?

The majority of wireless speakers connect to standard power outlets or power strips using AC adapters. To become “truly wireless,” some systems employ rechargeable batteries, although this feature necessitates repositioning and charging as routine tasks in order to use this type of surround sound system.

How are phone speakers waterproof?

Typically, glue is what renders your phone waterproof. Around the buttons, ports, speakers, and other areas of your phone that are exposed to water and air, adhesive forms a waterproof seal. Your phone can withstand immersion in water for up to eight hours in an aquarium when it is brand new and hasn’t been mistreated.

How long does a Bluetooth speaker CHARGE last?

When completely charged, a new Bluetooth speaker will last between 10 and 20 hours. Some gadgets have a four-hour battery life, while others can last up to 24 hours. The size of the battery is what differs.

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