COSTWAY TL35411 Lawn RollerCOSTWAY-TL35411-Lawn-Roller-PRODUCT

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Lawn Roller

  1.  Cylinder(1PC)
  2.  Sealing plug(1PC)
  3. Washer(4PCS): φ6 12mm
  4.  Lock nut(2PCS): M10
  5.  Bolt(2PCS): M635mm
  6.  Scraper plate(1PC)
  7. Lower handle(2PC)
  8. Bolt(2PCS): M635mm
  9. Lock nut(2PCS): M6
  10. Top handle(1PC)
  11. Lock nut(2PCS): M6
  12. Bolt(1PC): M635mm
  13. Washer(1PC): φ612m
  14.  Lock nut(1PC): M6

Documents / Resources

COSTWAY TL35411 Lawn Roller [pdf] User Manual
TL35411, Lawn Roller, TL35411 Lawn Roller

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