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COSTWAY SP37734 Lightweight Folding Kick Scooter with Strap and 8 Inch Wheel User Manual

COSTWAY SP37734 Lightweight Folding Kick Scooter with Strap and 8 Inch Wheel

Before You Start

  • Please read all instructions carefully.
  • Retain instructions for future reference.
  • Separate and count all parts and hardware.
  • Read through each step carefully and follow the proper order.
  • We recommend that, where possible, all items are assembled moving the product unnecessarily once assembled.
  • Always place the product on a flat, steady, and stable surface.
  • Keep all small parts and packaging materials for this product away from babies and children as they potentially pose a serious choking hazard.

Keep the instructions for future reference



  • The scooter is designed for adolescents and adults. It is not a toy, but sports equipment used for physical training. It is not suitable for extreme sports, such as jumping and Ollie ramps. This product should never be used for “aggressive” use (challenging skateboarding moves, etc.) in skate parks.
  • Use with caution on a flat, clean and dry surface. Keep away from other users as much as possible and follow the road safety rules.
  • Check local laws regarding scooter use and respect all the traffic rules and signs. Stay away from other pedestrians or users on public roads.
  • It is best to use on a flat dry surface free of gravel and grease. Avoid bumps and drain grilles, which may cause accidents.
  • Warning! Personal protective equipment should be worn, such as wrist guards, gloves, knee pads, helmets, and elbow pads.
  • Only one person can use the scooter at a time.


Before and after each use:
To prevent fingers from being pinched, keep your hands on the outside of the handlebars and pedals when opening and closing

Make sure that the locking mechanisms are securely locked:
Check the height of the steering system and make sure that the nuts are tightened and the handlebars and front wheel are perpendiculars.

  • Check all of the connection elements: the brake, the lock release system of the steering column and the handlebars, and the wheel axles must be correctly adjusted and must not be damaged.
  • Also, check the tire wear.

During use:

  • Standing on the scooter, with one hand on each handle, push with one of your feet to move forward. Proceed with caution at the start.
  • The right brake handle can slow the rear wheel. When using the scooter, keep riding with both hands. The brake is located at the rear, when necessary, press down on it to slow down. Press down gradually to prevent skidding or loss of stability. The metal or aluminum brake may heat up after multiple uses. Avoid touching it during and after use.
  • Closed Shoes are mandatory and we strongly recommend wearing pants and long sleeve shirts to avoid injury in the event of a fall.
  • The scooter does not include any headlights or lights. Therefore, it is not suitable for use at night or when visibility is limited.
  • Do not use on wet days, or on wet ground
  1. The scooter folding and unfolding operations are to be performed by one person.
  2. During these operations, be careful not to pinch your fingers in the hinge and locking system
  3. Make sure that the locking mechanisms are securely locked.


  • Step 1:
    Turn on quick lock (open mode). Pull up on the plastic lever until the locking button separates from the notch. Push the steering lever forward until the lock pin returns to the notch, and then close the quick lock (closed mode). Tighten or loosen the quick lock by tightening or loosening the lock nut in the open position.
  • Step 2:
    Press down the dimples on the handlebars and slide the handlebars on each side.
  • Step 3:
    Open the quick lock and pull the steering rod until the marble snaps into the groove. Then close the quick lock. Tighten or loosen (open mode) the lock nut to clamp or loosen the quick lock.


  • Step 1:
    Open the quick lock and press the steering rod inwards. Lower the upper part of the steering rod.
  • Step 2:
    Loosen the quick release (Open position). Pull the plastic lever up and lower the steering column backward until it clips into position, then tighten the quick release (Close position).


Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety of the rider.

  • A. Wheel bearings:
    Avoid going through water, soil, or sand as this can damage wheel bearings. To maintain the wheel bearings, systematically check that the wheels turn properly by turning the scooter upside-down and spinning the wheels by hand. If the wheels do not spin they must then be removed to check their condition. First, unscrew the wheel axle, remove the axle and detach the wheel, then carefully push the two-wheel bearings out of their housing. If they are chipped or dented, new ones should be bought. If there is no visible damage, they must then be oiled. To do this, remove all traces of grease, mud, or dust with a kitchen towel or cloth, and re-oil them with a grease spray or by leaving them to soak overnight in oil [turn them several times in the oil first]. Then reassemble the wheel bearings and axles, followed by the wheel, onto the scooter. Proceed in the same manner for the other wheel.
  • B. Wheels:
    Wheels will wear out over time and maybe pierced if they are overused on rough surfaces. After several hours of braking, the rear wheel on which the brake is applied was particularly affected. For safety reasons, it should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.
  • C. Modifications:
    The original product must by no means be modified except for the maintenance-related changes mentioned in these instructions.
  • D. Nuts, axles, and other self-locking fixings:
    These fixings should also be checked regularly. They can become loose after a while, in which case they should be tightened. They may wear out and cannot be tightened properly, in which case they should be replaced.

Documents / Resources

COSTWAY SP37734 Lightweight Folding Kick Scooter with Strap and 8 Inch Wheel [pdf] User Manual
SP37734, Lightweight Folding Kick Scooter with Strap and 8 Inch Wheel, SP37734 Lightweight Folding Kick Scooter with Strap and 8 Inch Wheel

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