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COSTWAY MU70017WHB Weighted Key Digital Piano User Manual

MU70017WHB Weighted Key Digital Piano
User Manual


Before You Start

Please read all instructions carefully.
Retain instructions for future reference.
Separate and count all parts and hardware.
Read through each step carefully and follow the proper order. We recommend that, where possible, all items are assembled near to the area in which they will be placed in use, to avoid moving the product unnecessarily once assembled.
Always place the product on a flat, steady and stable surface. Keep all small parts and packaging materials for this product away from babies and children as they potentially pose a serious choking hazard.


Thank you for choosing our digital piano. The digital piano is elegant and exquisite, and it is the perfect combination of the latest electronic technology.

  • Before using this instrument, you must read the instructions in detail.

With MP3 multimedia playback functions providing full music entertainment.

Stay away from radio, TV, antenna receiver, router, refrigerator and all RF electrical interference sources such as motorized appliances.

Careful maintenance and protection of this product plays an important role in prolonging the service life of the product and reducing failure.

    Do not over expose the product to direct sunlight, or place it near air conditioning or extremely hot place.
    This product may cause video or audio interference to the reception of TV and radio. If this happens, the product should be removed from the TV or radio.
    Clean the product with a soft cloth wetted with weak water solution and neutral detergent. Soak the cloth in a solution and wring it dry until it approaches drying.
    When moving, the product should be handled carefully and lightly. Violent vibration and collision are strictly prohibited in order to avoid damage to the shell or internal electronic components.


    1. When used according to the access power line, one end is inserted into the socket at the bottom of the piano operation plate. The other end is inserted into the110V household power socket.
    2. If you do not use this product for a long time, unplug the power cord and keep it properly.
    1. The audio output socket can be connected to large sound box equipment.
    2. The audio input socket connects the external sound source to the electric piano for playback.
    The MIDI interface of this digital piano can be connected to music equipment with MIDI.
    Use the USB port of this digital piano to connect to a computer. Through pre-installed music software on the computer, you can play the keyboard to perform music performance, composition,  editing, storage and other functions. The edited music and the built-in accompaniment of the music software can be connected to the digital piano through the software for playback, or play  according to the accompaniment music.
    Connecting the headset will automatically cut off the output of the built-in loudspeaker, so it won’t disturb others when playing *This product has two headphone sockets, which can insert two  headphones at the same time.
    Insert the end of the pedal line into the circular socket on the bottom of the piano, and you can connect the 3 pedal sound effects .ln turn : weak tone, posterior extension and portamento.



Basic operation
Preparatory work
This section introduces you to the basic operating knowledge of digital piano

How to play

  1. switch the “power supply” switch to the on state, the display screen is lit up, and enter the normal playing state.
  2. adjust the volume potentiometer and adjust the volume to the appropriate position.
  3. play music on the keyboard.

The choice of timbre
There are 480 timbres in this product (see TONE list).
Please follow the following steps to select the desired timbre

How to select tone color

  1. Find the TONE you need in the timbre list and remember its timbre number.
  2. Press the tone key to enter timbre mode.
  3. Select the desired timbre by selecting the “+”/”-” key, the timbre number is (000-479).

The convenience of chord accompaniment
The following steps describe how to use the chord functionality of this product. Before you begin, you should first select the rhythm you want to use and set the speed value.

Automatic accompaniment
The choice of rhythm
This product has 200 built-in rhythms (see the RHYTHM list), please follow the steps below to select the desired rhythm.

How to choose rhythm

  1. Press the rhythm key to enter the rhythm mode.
  2. Select the desired rhythm by selecting the “+”/”-” key, the rhythm number is (000-199).
  3. Press the “start / stop” key to start playing the rhythm.
  4. To stop the rhythm to play, and then press the “start / stop” key.

Synthetic chord accompaniment

  1. Press the start / stop button to start broadcasting the currently selected rhythm.
  2. press the “chord” button to enter the chord state. If the chord mode of single multi-finger reuse conforms to the multi-finger chord playing method, the piano responds to the multi-finger chord;  where the single-finger chord method is not in accordance with the multiple-finger chord method, the response is recognized according to the single-finger chord.
  3. To play a chord, press different fingerings to perform different performances on the accompaniment keyboard (1-22 keys from the left).
  4. Press the “chord” button again to turn off the chord state.

Synchronous start
You can set this product to start playing rhythmically while you play accompaniment on the keyboard. The following steps describe how to use synchronous startup.
Before you begin, you should first select the rhythm to use, set the speed value, and select the chord accompaniment.

Using synchronous startup

  1. In the chord state, press the synchronize button to enter the synchronous start standby state.
  2. When you play the chord, the accompaniment will automatically start broadcasting.
  3. To cancel synchronization, press the start / stop button.

Use of Music Library
The built-in music library of this product contains 80 pieces of music (see list of demonstration songs), and the built-in music is used for playback and appreciation.

The playing of music in a library

  1. find the music to be played in the library list and record its number.
  2. press the key of “DEMO” to enter the mode of demonstration song.
  3. select the song by selecting the “+” “-” key Number (000-079)
  4. Press the DEMO key or start / stop the key to stop playing to exit this mode.
    The music will continue to play in order until you stop it.

The use of keyboard strength tactile function
When the keyboard of this product is opened for the strength tactile keyboard “strength” function, the relative volume of the electronic output music will vary according to the intensity that the  keyboard is pressed, and can play music with different volume and different feelings.

  1. press the strength TOUCH button, and the strength touch function is activated.
  2. press “TOUCH” again and turn off the tactile function.
    When booting, it is automatically in the state of starting the strength tactile function.

The use of keyboard Drum instrument function
Press the “Drum” button, switch the keyboard of the digital piano to the drum key board, press the DRUM button again, and turn off the function.
The use of Dual Voice function
When using the Dual Voice function to play the keyboard, you can emit two different timbre at the same time, showing the resonance effect of the two musical instruments.

How to use Dual Voice function

  1. first enter the timbre mode, choose a musical instrument as the main timbre.
  2. press the “DUAL” button to enter the second timbre selection mode.
  3. use the “+/-” button to select a musical instrument as the second timbre.

The use of keyboard split function
Using the keyboard split function, you can assign two different timbre (main one and split tone) to both ends of the keyboard, so that you can play one timbre with your left hand and another with your  right hand to play an ensemble effect.

Use of metronome function
Press the “metronome” button, the metronome function is activated, you can follow the beat sound to play. Press the metronome button again, and the metronome function is turned off.
Please use the “Tempo” button and “+/-”button to set the speed.


  1. Press the recording key to enter recording mode.
  2. The maximum number of recordings is 250, and when the recording is full, there will be no room for new recording.
  3. Each time you press this key, you erase the last memory, and re-enter recording mode.

Play sound

  1. Press the PLAY key to play the recorded notes and drums, and play them in the timbre selected for the recording at that time
  2. Press the PLAY key, and if there is no previous memory value, no action occurs.

Transpose effect control

  1. Press the “Transpose” key to enter the transposition control mode, and then press the “+” and “-” keys to set the range of transposition.
  2. There are 13 segments (-6-+6) for the transposition control, and the power-on preset value is in the seventh segment.
  3. In the transposition mode, press the “+” and “-” keys for more than one second to continuously increase/decrease the transposition.

MP3 function

  1. Connect to the U disk and go directly into MP3 mode.
  2. Select songs from MP3. Press the “+” “-” key to select the song.
  3. Press the start / stop key to start and pause playback.



0 AcoPiano 240 Brightsl
1 BrtPiano 241 Goblinsl
2 ElcPiano 242 Echoesl
3 HnkPiano 243 Sci-Fil
4 RhoPiano 244 Sitarl
5 ChoPiano 245 Banjol
6 Hrpchord 246 Shamsenl
7 Clvichrd 247 Kotol
8 Celesta 248 Kalimbal
9 GIcknspl 249 BagPipel
10 MusicBox 250 Fiddlel
11 Vibphone 251 Shanail
12 Marimba 252 TinkBell
13 Xylophon 253 Agogo1
14 TubBells 254 SteeDrml
15 Dulcimer 255 Wodblckl
16 DrawOrg 256 TaikDrml
17 PercOrg 257 MeloToml
18 RockOrg 258 SyntDrm
19 ChurhOrg 259 Recymbll
20 ReedOrg 260 GtrFrtI
21 Accrdion 261 BrthNsel
22 Harmnica 262 Seshorel
23 TangoAcc 263 BrdTwetl
24 NylonGtr 264 TelRingl
25 SteelGtr 265 Helicptl
26 JazzGtr 266 Aplausel
27 CleanGtr 267 GunShotl
28 MutedGtr 268 YongGinl
29 OverGtr 269 Zhengl
30 DstorGtr 270 ZhonRual
31 GtrHrmnc 271 PiPal
32 AcoBass 272 BiSounal
33 ElecBass 273 uonal
34 BassPick 274 ErHul
35 FretBass 275 YueHul
36 SIpBass1 276 Di Zil
37 SIpBass2 277 Bong Dil
38 SynBass1 278 Kotol
39 SynBass2 279 Qu Dil
40 Violin 280 AcoPino2
41 Viola 281 BrtPino2
42 Cello 282 ElcPino2
43 CntrBass 283 HnkPino2
44 TremoStr 284 RhoPino2
45 PizziStr 285 ChoPino2
46 OrchHarp 286 Hrpchrd2
47 Timpani 287 Clvchrd2
48 String1 288 Celesta2
49 String2 289 Glcknsp2
50 SynStr1 290 MusicBx2
51 SynStr2 291 Vibphon2
52 ChoirAah 292 Marimba2
53 VoiceOoh 293 Xylopho2
54 SynVoice 294 TubBell2
55 OrchHit 295 Dulcime2
56 Trumpet 296 DrawOrg2
57 Trombone 297 PercOrg2
58 Tuba 298 RockOrg2
59 MuteTrmp 299 ChuhOrg2
60 FrnchHrn 300 ReedOrg2
61 BrassSec 301 Accdion2
62 SynBrss1 302 Harmnic2
63 SynBrss2 303 TangoAc2
64 SoprnSax 304 NylonGt2
65 AltoSax 305 SteelGt2
66 TenorSax 306 JazzGtr2
67 BariSax 307 CleanGt2
68 Oboe 308 MutedGt2
69 EngHorn 309 OverGtr2
70 Bassoon 310 DstorGt2
71 Clarinet 311 GtrHrmn2
72 Piccolo 312 AcoBass2
73 Flute 313 EleBass2
74 Recorder 314 Basspik2
75 PanFlute 315 FreBass2
76 BottBlow 316 SlpBass5
77 Shakuhac 317 SlpBass6
78 Whistle 318 SynBass5
79 Ccarina 319 SynBass6
80 Square 320 Violin2
81 Sawtooth 321 Viola2
82 Calliope 322 Cello2
83 Chiff 323 CntBass2
84 Charang 324 TremoSt2
85 Voice 325 PizziSt2
86 Fifths 326 OrcHarp2
87 Bas+Lead 327 Timpani2
88 NewAge 328 String5
89 Warm 329 String6
90 Polysyn 330 SynStr5
91 Choir 331 SynStr6
92 Bowed 332 ChoirAa2
93 Metallic 333 VoiceOh2
94 Halo 334 SynVoic2
95 Sweep 335 OrchHit2
96 Rain 336 Trumpet2
97 Soundtrk 337 Trmbone2
98 Crystal 338 Tuba2
99 Atmosphe 339 MuteTrp2
100 Brights 340 FrnhHrn2
101 Goblins 341 BrasSec2
102 Echoes 342 SynBrss5
103 Sci-Fi 343 SynBrss6
104 Sitar 344 SoprrSax2
105 Banjo 345 AltoSax2
106 Shamisen 346 TenoSax2
107 Koto 347 BariSax2
108 Kalimba 348 Oboe2
109 BagPipe 349 EngHorn2
110 Fiddle 350 Bassoon2
111 Shanai 351 Clarint2
112 TinklBel 352 Piccolo2
113 Agogo 353 Flute2
114 SteelDrm 354 Recordr2
115 WoodBlck 355 PaFlute2
116 TaikoDrm 356 BotBlow2
117 MelodTom 357 Shakuha2
118 SynthDrm 358 Whistle2
119 RevCymbI 359 Ocarina2
120 GtrFrt 360 Square2
121 BrthNse 361 Sawtoot2
122 Seashore 362 Caliope2
123 BrdTweet 363 Chift2
124 TeleRing 364 Charang2
125 Helicopt 365 Voice2
126 Applause 366 Fifths2
127 GunShot 367 BasLead2
128 Yong Gin 368 NewAgge2
129 Zheng 369 Warm2
130 ZhongRua 370 Polysyn2
131 Pi Pa 371 Choir2
132 BigSouna 372 Bowed2
133 Suona 373 Metalic2
134 Er Hu 374 Halo2
135 Yue Hu 375 Sweep2
136 Di Zi 376 Rain2
137 Bong Di 377 Soundtk2
138 Koto 378 Crrystal2
139 Qu Di 379 Atmophe2
140 AcoPinol 380 Brights2
141 BrtPinol 381 Goblins2
142 ElcPino1 382 Echoes2
143 HnkPino1 383 Sci-Fi2
144 RhoPino1 384 Sitar2
145 ChoPinol 385 Banjo2
146 Hrpchrd1 386 Shamsen2
147 Clvchrd1 387 Koto2
148 Celestal 388 Kalimba2
149 Glcknspl 389 BagPipe2
150 MusicBx1 390 Fiddle2
151 Vibphonl 391 Shanai2
152 Marimbal 392 TinkBel2
153 Xylopho1 393 Agogo2
154 TubBell1 394 SteeDrm2
155 Dulcime1 395 WodBlck2
156 DrawOrg1 396 TaikDrm2
157 PercOrg1 397 MeloTom2
158 RockOrg1 398 SyntDrm2
159 ChuhOrg1 399 Recymbl2
160 ReedOrg1 400 GtrFrt2
161 Accdion1 401 BrthNse2
162 Harmnic1 402 Seshore2
163 TangoAc1 403 BrdTwet2
164 NylonGt1 404 Telring2
165 SteelGtl 405 Helicpt2
166 JazzGtr1 406 Aplause2
167 CleanGt1 407 GunShot2
168 MutedGt1 408 YongGin2
169 OverGtr1 409 Zheng2
170 DstorGt1 410 ZhonRua2
171 GtrHrmn1 411 PiPa2
172 AcoBassl 412 BiSouna2
173 EleBass1 413 Suona2
174 BassPik1 414 Er Hu2
175 FreBass1 415 YueHu2
176 SlpBass3 416 DiZi2
177 SlpBass4 417 BongDi2
178 SynBass3 418 Koto2
179 SynBass4 419 QuDi2
180 Violinl 420 AcoPino3
181 Violal 421 BrtPino3
182 Cellol 422 ElcPino3
183 CntBassl 423 HnkPino3
184 TremoStl 424 RhoPino3
185 PizziStl 425 ChoPino3
186 OrcHarp 426 Hrpchrd3
187 Timpanil 427 Clvchrd3
188 String3 428 Celesta3
189 String4 429 Glcknsp3
190 SynStr3 430 MusicBx3
191 SynStr4 431 Vibphon3
192 ChoirAal 432 Marimba3
193 VoiceOhl 433 Xylopho3
194 SynVoicl 434 TubBell3
195 OrchHitl 435 Dulcime3
196 Trumpetl 436 DrawOrg3
197 Trmbonel 437 PercOrg3
198 Tubal 438 RockOrg
199 MuteTrpl 439 ChuhOrg3
200 FrmhHml 440 ReedOrg3
201 BrasSecl 441 Accdion3
202 SynBrss3 442 Harmnic3
203 SynBrss4 443 TangoAc3
204 SoprSaxl 444 ylonGt3
205 AltoSaxl 445 SteelGt3
206 TenoSaxl 446 JazzGtr3
207 BariSaxl 447 CleanGt3
208 Oboel 448 MutedGt3
209 EngHornl 449 OverGtr3
210 Bassoonl 450 DstorGt3
211 Clarint1 451 GtrHrmn3
212 Piccolol 452 AcoBass3
213 Flutel 453 EleBass3
214 Recordrl 454 BassPik3
215 PaFlutel 455 FreBass3
216 BotBlowl 456 SlpBass7
217 ShakuhA1: 457 SlpBass8
218 Whistle1 458 SynBass7
219 Ocarinal 459 SynBass8
220 Squarel 460 Violin3
221 Sawtootl 461 Viola3
222 Caliopel 462 Cello3
223 Chiffl 463 CntBass3
224 Charang1 464 TremoSt3
225 Voicel 465 PizziSt3
226 Fifthsl 466 OrcHarp3
227 BasLeadl 467 Timpani3
228 NewAgel 468 String7
229 Warml 469 String8
230 Polysynl 470 SynStr7
231 Choirl 471 SynStr8
232 Bowed1 472 ChoirAa3
233 Metalicl 473 VoiceOh3
234 Halol 474 SynVoic3
235 Sweepl 475 OrchHit3
236 Rainl 476 Trumpet3
237 SoundtkI 477 Trmbone3
238 Crystall 478 Tuba3
239 Atmophel 479 MuteTrp3


0 50sPop 100 8BtAdria
1 CoolPop 101 ClssPno
2 GroovPop 102 80sEPBad
3 60sVinta 103 80sByBad
4 80sPop 104 70sDisc1
5 RapPop 105 70sDisc2
6 PopRock 106 FnkyDsco
7 60sSoul 107 SatNight
8 70sSoul 108 ClubLtn
9 Funk 109 DscoChoc
10 16Shuff 110 DiscoFox
11 Twist 111 DiscoFnk
12 BritPop1 112 DscoHand
13 BritPop2 113 DsCoPrty
14 HardRk1 114 DscoSmba
15 HardRk2 115 UKPop
16 Fusion1 116 ClubDnce
17 Fusion2 117 ModernRB
18 FunkShf1 118 HipShffl
19 FunkShf2 119 ChrlSton
20 FusShufl 120 DiscoPop
21 FusShuf2 121 DiscSoul
22 ClubPopl 122 DiscTrot
23 ClubPop2 123 EuroBeat
24 16Pop1 124 Rap
25 16Pop2 125 Rave
26 8Pop1 126 Techno1
27 8Pop2 127 Techno2
28 8Soull 128 70DisFuk
29 8Soul2 129 DiscoPhi
30 8Rock1 130 DiscoHou
31 8Rock2 131 80sDisco
32 Clas8Bet 132 SwingFoX
33 VintaGtr 133 SlowFox
34 Schltal 134 OrganCha
35 60sRockN 135 OrganQui
36 StanROCH 136 CatGrve
37 BritRock 137 DixieJzz
38 60sViRo 138 MedJazz
39 CharRock 139 JazzBand
40 60sPopRk 140 JazzClub
41 RkBilly 141 Ragtime
42 RkBoogie 142 BndShfll
43 RkChaCha 143 BndShf12
44 RkClassi 144 BndShf13
45 RkShuffl 145 FastBnd1
46 RockPop 146 stBnd2
47 RockRol 147 FranSoul
48 RockRol2 148 JazzFunk
49 StrtRock 149 CIBigBad
50 JazzRock 150 Frenjazz
51 FastGosp 151 JumpJive
52 FolkRock 152 CountBad
53 Skiffle 153 CountTwo
54 FuPoRock 154 Countryl
55 ContRock 155 Country2
56 AcouRock 156 FingPick
57 PopMambo 157 CntryBot
58 LatPart 158 NewCotry
59 Cumbia 159 EasCnt
60 Parranda 160 7O’sCntr
61 Carnival 161 Hoedown
62 Bosanova 162 CouShuff
63 Mambo 163 SchPolka
64 Mambo2 164 PolkaPop
65 Bolero 165 BluGrsst
66 Cumbia 166 BluGrss2
67 LatnRock 167 BluGrss3
68 DiscoLtn 168 PopWltz
69 Tijuana 169 USAMarch
70 Reggae 170 HullGull
71 Salsa 171 Tarntla
72 Calypso 172 LmboRock
73 GuadDanc 173 SwaWaltz
74 Reggae12 174 PubPiano
75 Reggae16 175 JzzWltz1I
76 70sChart 176 JzzWltz2
77 RomaBald 177 ShowTune
78 90sCool 178 Polka
79 AlpBall 179 OberPoka
80 AlpBall2 180 ParPolka
81 EBallad 181 Waltz
82 Unpluggd 182 ChaCha
83 PopBalld 183 Rumba
84 PopNewAg 184 Jive
85 8BModern 185 Pasodobl
86 CntryBld 186 Samba1
87 LoveSong 187 Samba2
88 MdCnPop 188 SchlRck1
89 ElecPop 189 SchlRck2
90 AcouBlld 190 FoxTrot
91 PianoBld 191 VieWaltz
92 RBBallad 192 Tango1
93 RckBlld 193 Tango2
94 SlowEasy 194 GerWaltz
95 AnaBlld 195 Carnival
96 SloRock1 196 OrgSamba
97 SloRock2 197 Reel
98 SloRock3 198 GayGordo
99 SlowSoul 199 ScaWaltz


0 HotelPac 40 JockClub
1 Madness 41 Transpor
2 Restaura 42 Higher
3 Johny 43 TaihLake
4 Zimbada 44 August
5 Paradise 45 CentGove
6 Birthday 46 Tathagat
7 Carmen 47 Aobaosha
8 Cavatina 48 YamiChxi
9 JingBell 49 Jasmine
10 Silent 50 Jaunty
11 Christma 51 GoodDay
12 SaintsGo 52 Chidhood
13 Susanna 53 ZiZhuTia
14 MoonRive 54 Auspicio
15 ABCWord 55 Journey
16 MerryChr 56 FarPlace
17 SixDucks 57 PraiSong
18 MaryLamb 58 LookHome
19 Moonligh 59 Affordab
20 AmeriRag 60 Chapeau
21 CrazArms 61 Qinghai
22 TearDrop 62 SameSong
23 WaltOp64 63 RoadBend
24 PianSona 64 Farewell
25 BlueDanu 65 HappHome
26 TheCrave 66 PlaPeach
27 TeaTwo 67 NewCetry
28 SleigRid 68 GaMeRose
29 NoseRein 69 KdLoSong
30 SileNigh 70 Dansolde
31 Dream 71 BeijTune
32 Clock 72 YiJiaMei
33 Humoresq 73 Rumanxil
34 Frohlich 74 Dabiesha
35 Canon 75 HappYear
36 Waltz 76 DreOfRiv
37 Greensle 77 ThePenhu
38 Polka 78 HeartThr
39 Arabesqu 79 Jasmine


Power adapter 1PC MIDI line 1PC
Piano cover 1 PC Foot Pedal 1 PC
Headphone 1 PC Manual 1 PC
Music stand 1 PC


This product can be powered by standard indoor wall sockets. Please only use the power cord specified in this product. When not in use, please turn off the power supply. When not in use for a long  time, pull out the power cord and keep it properly.

To ensure that you use this product safely and correctly, to prevent harm to users and others and financial damage, this manual and products are marked with a series of safety signs. The various signs  and their meanings are as follows:

This sign indicates that there is a potential risk of death or serious injury if this mark is ignored and the product is mishandled.

This sign indicates that there is a potential danger of injury to personnel or other financial damage if this sign is ignored and the product is operated incorrectly.

This triangle sign () indicates what users should pay attention to. (The left picture shows a cautious electric shock)
A circular sign () with an oblique line indicates prohibitions. The icons in or beside the logo indicate the contents specifically prohibited. (No disassembly is allowed on the left)
Black dots () indicate what must be observed. The diagrams in this sign indicate the contents of the specific matters that must be observed. (The left picture shows that the power plug must be pulled out of the socket)

Smoke, odor, overheating:
When the product smokes, smells or overheats, there is a danger of fire and electric shock when it is used continually.
In case of the above situation, the following operations should be performed immediately.

  1. turn of the power.
  2. Pull the plug out of the power outlet.
  3. Contact us.

Power cord:

  • Improper use of power cord may cause fire and electric shock. The following precautions must be observed.
  • The special power cord designated for this product must be used.
  • The AC power supply with output voltage within the rated voltage range for household use must be used.
  • Do not overload power sockets and extension lines.
  • The improper treatment of power line will lead to damage or breakage, which will lead to fire and electric shock hazards.
    The following precautions must be observed.
  • Do not place or heat heavy objects on power lines.
  • Do not attempt to alter or bend the power cord too much.
  • Do not twist or pull the power cord.
  • If the power cord or plug is damaged, please replace the same type of power cord.
  • Do not touch the power cord and plug with wet hands, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.
  • Please use the power cord where it won’t splash. Water is in danger of causing fire and electric shock.
  • Never place vases or any other Container containing water on this product. Water is dangerous of causing fire and electric shock.
  • Do not allow minors to unplug and touch power lines or connection boards, minors do not have electricity safety common sense, there is a risk of electric shock.


  • Improper use of power cord may cause fire and electric shock. The following precautions must be observed.
  • Do not put the power cord near the furnace or other heat source.
  • Do not pull the power cord when unplugging the power socket, but must grasp the plug body.
  • The power cord plug must be inserted in the socket to the end.
  • Make sure the power supply is off before connecting or disconnecting it.
  • When thunderstorms occur or before traveling or other long-term departure, disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Remove the power cord from the wall outlet at least once a year and clean the dust accumulated around the plug.

Do not burn down this product
Do not put this product in the fire.
Otherwise, it will lead to the burning of wood products and the explosion of internal electronic components, which will cause fire and personnel injury.

Water and foreign bodies
Water, other liquids and (metal sheets, etc.) entering this product are in danger of causing fire and electric shock. In case of the above situation, the following operations should be performed immediately.

  1. turn off the powe.
  2. If you are using a power cord for power Supply, unplug it from the wall outlet.
  3. Contact us.

Don’t dismantle and transform
Do not dismantle or transform this product in any way. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock, scaldor other personal injury. All internal inspection, adjustment and maintenance operations should  be entrusted to qualified technicians.

Fall or impact
This product is in danger of fire and electric shock after falling or being damaged by strong impact. In case of the above situation, the following operations should be performed immediately.

  1. turn off the power.
  2. If you are using a power cord for power supply, unplug it from the wall outlet.
  3. Contact your distributor.

Plastic bag
Do not let anyone put plastic bags for this product on his head or in his mouth. Otherwise, there is a risk of asphyxia. Families with young children should pay special attention to it.

Do not climb piano or bracket
Climbing on the piano body or its support is dangerous of overturning or damage. Families with young children should pay special attention to it.

Placing products
Avoid placing the product on an uneven surface or any other unstable place. Otherwise, it will cause the product to fall down, which will lead to the risk of injury.

Move this product
Before moving this product, you must unplug the power cord plug from the wall outlet and pull out all other cables and connecting wires.
Otherwise, it will lead to wire damage, fire and electric shock.

Clean this product
Before cleaning this product, you must unplug the power cord plug from the wall outlet, otherwise there is a risk of fire and electric shock.

Socket connection
Only designated devices can be connected to the sockets of this product.
Connecting non-designated equipment or devices is dangerous of causing fire and electric shock.

Location selection
Avoid placing this product in the following places. Otherwise, there is a danger of fire and electric shock.

  • High temperature or dusty places.
  • Kitchen or other place with lampblack.
  • Where the product is exposed to direct sunlight, or any other place where the product will produce high temperature.

Don’t play music long and loud. Pay special attention when using headphones. Excessive volume can damage your hearing.

Heavy objects
Do not place heavy objects on this product. Otherwise, the top of the product will be overweight, causing the product to overturn or drop objects on it, which will lead to the risk of injury.

Correct assembly of scaffolds
The incorrect installation of the bracket will cause the product to fall Over, and there is a risk of injury to the personnel.
Therefore, it must be assembled in accordance with the instructions attached to the instructions to ensure that the product is properly mounted on its bracket.

Documents / Resources

COSTWAY MU70017WHB Weighted Key Digital Piano [pdf] User Manual
MU70017WHB, Weighted Key Digital Piano, MU70017WHB Weighted Key Digital Piano



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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch Instruciton Guide

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch

22 mins ago

somogyi TF 32 Fan Instruction Manual

TF 32 Fan TF 32/BK instruction manual eredeti használati utasítás návod na pouzitie manual de…

25 mins ago