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COSTWAY FP10072US-DKA Electric Mica Space Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat User Manual




Mica Heater


Before You Start

Please read all instructions carefully.
Retain instructions for future reference.
Separate and count all parts and hardware.
Read through each step carefully and follow the proper order.
We recommend that, where possible, all items are assembled near to the area in which they will be placed in use, to avoid moving the product unnecessarily once assembled.
Always place the product on a flat, steady and stable surface.
Keep all small parts and packaging materials for this product away from babies and children, otherwise they may pose a choking hazard.

General safety Warning:
  • Open the package, take out the body, check whether the supplied accessories and the body are complete and intact.
  • Power on (plug such as electrical outlet) after the equipment is installed in place according to installation instructions and requirements. Requirements for power outlet and power: AC 120V, frequency 60Hz
  • Read the service manual before you use the electric heater. Keep the manual and have it attached with the heater in case you offer the heater to others as a gift.
  • The heater is only suitable for indoor use. Do not use it outdoors!
  • Do not leave the heater unattended during use. Keep the heater out of the reach of children. Do not use automatic switch device on the heater (for example, time switch), otherwise automatic operation of the electric heater which is left unattended may be caused.
  • Maintain a sufficient safe distance from in-flammables and explosives to avoid risks of fires and explosions.
  • Inserting other items into the shell or protection grid of the electric heater is strictly prohibited, or electric leakage and shock may be caused.
  • Do not touch the metal housing as it will get hot during the running of the electric heater, and keep the heater away from children to avoid risk of burns. Set aside some time to let the heater cool before you turn it off and store it.
  • If the electric heater has been idle for a long time, plug the power plug from the outlet.
  • Prior to the use of the electric heater, make sure that the heater is in a good condition and intact. In case the heater shell, wire or plug is damaged, the heater may not be connected to power.
  • The heating unit of the heater (the heating film at the back of the protection grid of the heater) may be damaged from fall. Please confirm the heating unit is not damaged prior to each use. Do not use the electric heater if the heating element is broken.
  • Disconnect the power plug when moving or cleaning this appliance. When disconnecting the appliance connection, first turn off the switch, then unplug the plug. Do not yank the power cable.
  • Demolition of the electric heater with authorization is strictly prohibited. Please look for professional service personnel if the heater is damaged.
  • The product is limited to home use.
  • During normal use, do not let bare skin touch the surface of the appliance, so as not to be burnt.
  • Avoid the use of the heater if children, animals or the disabled and those who lack self control are present while nobody else is taking care of them.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • Do not share the socket with other electrical appliances to avoid current overload, or fire risks may be caused by excessive load
  • CAUTION: covering of the cooling device is prohibited to avoid overheating, or dangerous accidents may be caused.
  • In order to avoid overheating, do not cover the heater.
  • The heater must not be located immediately below an electrical socket-outlet.
  • If the supply cord is damaged, please ask a qualified person for help.
  • Avoid the use of an extension cord as this may overheat and cause a risk of fire.
  • This heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry areas or similar indoor locations where there may be moisture. Never place heater where it may fall into a bathtub or other water receptacle
  • Do not use this heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool.
  • Children of less than 3 years should be kept away unless continuously supervised.
  • Children aged from 3 years and less than 8 years shall only switch on/off the appliance provided that it has been placed or installed in its intended normal operating position and they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children aged from 3 years and less than 8 years shall not plug in, regulate and clean the appliance or perform user maintenance.

CAUTION- Some parts of this product can become very hot and cause burns. Particular attention has to be given where children and vulnerable people are present.

  • WARNING: This heater is not equipped with a device to control the room temperature. Do not use this heater in small rooms when they are occupied by persons not capable of leaving the room on their own, unless constant supervision is provided.
Technical Specifications:
Model FP10072US-DK
Rated Voltage 120V∼
Frequency 60 Hz
Rated Power 1500 W
Protective Class I
List of main parts (Fig. 1)

1. Handle
2. Thermostat
3. Rotary Switch
4. Indicator Light
5. Power Cable Holder
6. Grill
7. Supporter and Wheel

  1. Taking the heating body and all accessories out from the package.
  2. Put the heater on a soft surface with up on bottom position.
  3. Attach the two feet to the bottom, and fix it with the provided screws at the help of the screw tool, each foot with 4 screws.
  1. After assembling the feet to the body, put the heater on up right position
  2. Connect to the socket with voltage 120V 60Hz
  3. Rotate the thermostat knob from “min” to “max” position, when you hear a “click” sound, then the heater has been connected.
  4. Then rotate the switch knob to choose the power “I” 900W, and “II” 1500W
  1. Always disconnect the appliance and let it completely cool before any maintenance.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust on grilles.
  3. Clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth. Never immerse the unit in water, nor let water drip into the unit.
Overheat Safety Device:

Your heater is fitted with a safety device to switch off the heater in the event of overheating. If the safety device operated, please turn the heater off, unplug the appliance and let it completely cool, inspect for blockage of air inlet or outlet, attempting to restart the heater then after.

If the heater fails to operate or the safety device switches the heater off again, return heater to your nearest service center for examination or repair.

  1. Always disconnect the appliance, let it completely cool and clean it before storing.
  2. If you do not use the device for a long period, put back the unit and the instruction manual to the original carton and store in a dry and ventilated place.
  3. Do not place any heavy items on the top of carton during storage as this may damage the appliance.

(Disposal of the product at the end of its life)

Waste Electrical Products Should Not Be Disposed Of With Household Waste. Please Recycle Where Facilities Exist. Check With Your Local Authority For Recycling Advice.


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