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Clearwater Lights Parts List

Please be sure to read our instructions thoroughly before attempting installation.

  • Check Parts list below with your kit to be sure all parts have arrived. If something is missing, please email us at [email protected].

Darla Technical:

Clearwater Lights are very bright LED auxiliary lights. Do not use these with oncoming traffic present unless the dimmer is turned down all the way. Darla is designed as an off road only light due to the powerful light output and specific beam pattern it boasts. Darla can be used in a “low” beam and “high” beam mode. The factory handlebar high beam switch is used to select the two different Darla modes. Each Darla outputs up to 2,400 lumens, while only using 24 watts of power. Clearwater Lights are easy to install and have many, many uses.

Installation Overview

Please take a moment to review this wiring diagram before you start installation. Ensure you have all of the components ready for installation. If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]

Bike Preparation and Disassembly

First, ensure the the motorcycle is parked on hard, flat pavement or concrete so that the bike will be stable during installation. Utilize a center stand if possible.

Removal of the seat is required in order to access the battery. Pull the engine electronics control unit off the holder and set it to one side. Then, remove the two screws that hold the retaining bracket in place and remove it. The battery terminals are now accessible. Remove the negative battery cable, then the positive. This will help prevent electronic damage to the bike during install.

Step 1: Parts List and Bike Preparation
The Darlas mount to the top bolt, on the top fork clamp. Use the bracket, M8 x 65 bolt, M8 flat washer and spacer supplied in your light kit to mount the Darla as shown in the photo here.

Mount the dimmer on the handlebars as shown in the photo here. Use the supplied ‘L’ bracket to position the dimmer in a comfortable orientation. The wire from the dimmer should be routed to the Clearwater Lights harness and plugged into the mating green connector.

Mounting the Harness:

  •  The harness should be mounted in a secure location close to the front of the bike. Use the provided zip tie pad, zip ties or a fastener of your choice to mount the harness. Choose a location away from direct heat and out of the way of pinch points and steering/suspension assemblies.
  •  Route the THICK RED/BLACK power wires toward the battery.
  •  Be sure to route all wires so that they cannot become tangled or caught in either a suspension or steering part. Use the provided zip ties to secure them in place. Again, check the movement of steering and suspension before riding.
  •  It may be helpful to follow the existing factory wire routing.

Wiring – Installing the Harness

Wiring + Connections:

  •  Before connecting any wires to your bike, first diconnect the negative terminal from the battery, then the positive.
  •  Please use the Wiring Diagram provided on Page 3 as a reference.
  •  Dimmer: Connect the dimmer to the harness (GREEN connectors). If the wires are too short, the GREEN extension cable may be required.
  •  Switched Hot Wire: The THIN RED wire from the harness needs to be Posi-Tapped to the YELLOW wire of the headlight connector (see photo below). This will allow the Clearwater Lights to turn on/off with the key or when the bike starts.
  • The lights are NOT powered from this trigger wire. The Clearwater Lights are powered directly from the battery.
  •  High Beam Feature: Use one of the provided Posi-Taps to connect one of the THIN WHITE wires from the harness to the BLUE wire of the headlight connector. This feature sends a signal to the harness to turn the Clearwater Lights to 100% when the high beam is illuminated.
  •  Horn Feature: Use the provided Ground Switching Relay (GSR): The BLACK wire from the GSR will go to the Ground (-) on the horn. The RED wire from the GSR will go to the Positive (+) on the horn. The WHITE wire from the GSR will go to the THIN WHITE wire on the harness. This feature allows the Clearwater Lights to go to 100% when the horn is pressed.
  •  Power Wires: Connect the fuse/fuse-holder to the red wire from the wiring harness to the positive terminal of the battery, then black wire from the harness to the negative terminal of the battery.
  •  Light Wires: Connect the lights to the harness. Light extension wires may be required depending upon the distance of the lights to the harness.
  •  Again, make sure all wires are neatly routed away from direct heat, steering/suspension components. Use zip ties to secure wires in place.

Alignment / Grommet Precaution

TEST: With the bike running, the lights should be dimmable via Clearwater Lights Dimmer. Test the high beam and horn features (if enabled) and the lights should go to 100%. If all checks, congratulations, you are finished!

Aligning The Lights:
Clearwater Lights are designed as auxiliary lights, adjustment is up to the user depending on their needs. Ask an assistant to help you with this procedure. Make sure the bike is on level ground and have an assistant sit on the bike. We have found that levelling the lights works well to limit glare for oncoming traffic while maintaining optimal light projection. You may find that a slight downward angle (a couple degrees) is helpful.Do Not Kink The Grommet To maintain the integrity of the water sealling grommet, do not kink, deform or put pressure on the grommet when dressing the wires during install of

Documents / Resources

clearwater LIGHTS Husqvarna 701 Darla LED Light Kit [pdf] Instruction Manual
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