TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset User Manual
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TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset

Please read the manual carefully before using the headset and keep it nicely for your future reference

Thank you for purchasing and using this product! For your better experience, please kindly read the user manual.

Product Specifications:

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Product Specifications

All technical specifications come from the laboratory, and the actual specifications will be different by products or other factors, should be subjected to practical performance. Pictures are for reference only, please taking actual objects as the criterion.

Product Overview:

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Product Overview 1TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Product Overview 2

Accessories List

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Accessories List

Wearing Method

  1. Please wear earbuds as shown and adjust them to the most comfortable position.
  2. Each pair of earbuds come with three sizes of eartips, please choose the right eartips to ensure comfort according to your ears.

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Wearing Method

Power on/off

  1. Press and hold the buttons (about 2 seconds ) until the indicator lights flash blue, then you will hear voice prompt “power on”.
    • Take out the earbuds from the charging case, they will power on automatically.
    • Please ensure the power of the earbuds is sufficient before turn them on.
  2. Press and hold the buttons (about 5 seconds) until the indicator lights flash red, then you will hear voice prompt “power off”.
    • When two earbuds are paired, if any one earbud power off, the other one will also power off automatically.
  3. As shown, put back the earbuds into the charging case, then they will automatically turn off and enter into charging state.
  4. Earbuds will power off automatically to save power once be unconnected for 5 minutes.

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - Power on or off

Pairing Instructions

  1. This item is TWS headset, the right and left earbuds should be paired with each other to get a stereo sound effect.
  2. The earbuds will be paired automatically once they are turned on. In default setting, the right earbud(R) is the main earbud. During paring, the indicator lights flash red and blue slowly and alternately. If the earbuds are paired successfully, the indicator lights flash red once, then turn off.
  3. Right/Left earbud use individually: when use the right earbud (R) , pick up the earbud from charging box and search device S2-R to connect ; while using the left earbud (L), please press multi-function button to power-on , when LED flashes in red and blue, please search device S2-L to connect to the phone (the process takes about 25 seconds).

(Note: With the earbuds off, press and hold the button, the one earbud will be connected to the cellphone, the one earbud will enter the pairing state. At this point, if connect your phone to the earbud, it may cause your phone connect with the one earbud preferentially, then cannot use stereo functions .Once enter this state, please resume the operation according to the following re-pairing operation instructions.)

Earbuds Re-pairing

  1. Please ignore the pairing record of the headset in your cellphone.
  2. Press and hold the buttons of the left and right earbuds for 15 seconds to delete all pairing record.
  3. Press and hold the buttons of the left and right earbuds for 2 seconds, they will pair to each other automatically. About 3-5 seconds later, the indicator lights on the earbuds will flash red and blue alternately then turn off. At this point, the pairing between the earbuds is successful.
  4. After successful pairing, the main earbud (right) flash’s red and blue automatically, and it enters the state of searching Bluetooth signal.

Bluetooth Connection

  1. For the first time, after the two earbuds power on , search the Bluetooth name of“S2-R”on the cellphone, tap it to connect. Then the indicator light will not flash any more.
  2. Earbuds connecting back (Cellphone should have an automatic connecting back function)

After the earbuds and the mobile phone are successfully connected, once beyond the Bluetooth connection range, they will
be automatically disconnected. If return to the connection range within 60 seconds, the earbuds and the phone will automatically connect back. If the connection is unsuccessful, please tap “S2-R” on the phone to resume the connection or restart the earbuds and they will connect to the phone automatically.

Button Using

When listening to music:

  1. Press each button once to pause or play the music;
  2. In the multimedia status, double click on L for Previous music and R for the next one;
  3. Click the button three times (L minus volume, R plus volume).
  4. Voice Assistant: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds(one sound du-) to activate voice assistant.

When dual calling:

The left and right earbuds will enter the call state, and the indicator light flashes blue quickly with a prompt voice when a call comes in.

  1. Press the button once to answer an incoming call.
  2. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to reject an incoming call.
  3. During calling, press the button once to end the current call.

Charging case instructions

  1. When the charging case charges the earbuds, the red indicator light of the case is always on. After being full charged, the light turns off.
  2. The charging box can be used to charge other mobile devices through the charging output port (labeled “OUT”)while
    emergency .The red indicator light is always on when used to output.
  3. During being charged, the indicator light on the case will flash blue slowly, and the light will be solid blue after being fully charged. Remove the USB cable, the indicator will be off.
  4. Click the button of the charging case, the indicator light will turn on to show the power status.

Low battery Reminder

  1. When the power of the headset is insufficient, the indicator light flashes red and there is a voice prompt.
  2. The headset will automatically power off after the battery is exhausted.
    • If two earbuds are paired, any earbud is off, another one will power off automatically.

Charging Instructions

  1. Place the earbuds into charging case , they will power off and enter the charging status. At this moment, the indicator light will be solid red. If the red light is not on, maybe the earbuds are not in correct position , please place them again .
  2. When the headset is fully charged or the power is sufficient, and does not need to be charged, the indicator light will be solid blue, one minute later, it will turn off.


  1. Do not use corrosive detergent to clean this product.
  2.  Do not allow the product to be heated or close to the source of fire, such a cooking stove.
  3.  Do not allow the product to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.
  4. Do not dispose of this product in the fire to avoid an explosion
  5. Do not attempt to disassemble this product for any modification since it does not include any maintenance components .
  6. If you do not intend to use this product for a long period of time ,Please put the headset back into the portable charging case, store it in a dry environment and charge the headset at least once a month to prolong its life.
  7. Please turn to the modest volume to avoid noise and damage hearing.
  8. Do not charge in sub-zero temperatures , charging below zero may result in battery damage.
  9. Do not disassemble 、trike 、squeeze or put into fire . Once it is bulging ,do not continue to use. Do not put it in high temperature environment.

China Hazardous Substances Statement

To meet the laws, regulations and other requirements related to the restrictions on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products in China,

For hazardous substances in this product, the parts are classified as follows:

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset - China Hazardous Substances Statement

This form is made by SJ/T 11364 regulation.
Some models may not include some of the parts in the form.
O : means that hazardous substance content in the homogene us materials of this part is within the limits of GB /T 26572 regulation .
X : means that hazardous substance content in , at least , one certain homogeneous material of this part is beyond the limits of GB /T 26572 regulation. Parts marked “X” are unable to replace harmful substances due to global technological development limits. “Printed circuit board assemblies include printed boards and their components, capacitors and connectors.

10-point mark

Electronic products sold in China must be identified this 10-point mark.
The figure in the circle indicates the environmentally friendly use period of the product under normal use.

Warranty Card

Contact Name : ________________________________
Contact Number : ______________________________
Contact Address: _______________________________
Product Model: ________________________________
Brief description of the problem: ___________________

Maintenance instructions

Thank you for purchasing this product. In order to ensure your legal rights, please read the instructions as following:
This card is the product warranty certificate. When the product needs maintenance, please provide this card with the product to our company.
This card is only valid for products under warranty, details are as below:

  1. Purchasing the products through legal and formal channels;
  2. Non-human damage products, including but not limited to private disassembly, improper use, In case of natural disasters, etc., it is not covered by the warranty;
  3. Not exceeding product warranty period.

It includes and is not limited to the above. The company reserves the right of final interpretation.

Product certification

Inspectors: ___________________________________
Production and inspection date: ___________________

TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset User Manual [cirago / stoga] – Optimized PDF
TWS Bluetooth S2 Headset User Manual [cirago / stoga] – Original PDF

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