ChilLED TECH GC-COM-1000-X6 Growcraft X6 1000W LED Grow Light


Growcraft Commercial Instructions

Now that you’ve received your all-new Growcraft Commercial fixture, you are only a few steps away from getting it into your garden and bumping up those yields!

  • Step 1: Pick a clean and clutter free area to unbox the contents of your Growcraft box(es).
    Note: Some Growcraft fixtures and drivers/accessories are packaged separately.
  • Step 2: Identify all of your components including the light fixture, driver, power cable, extension cable, dimmer potentiometer, and rope ratchets. Ensure you have received the main components pictured below. Exact hardware appearance and model number will vary based on fixture purchased.


  • Step 3: Start by attaching your rope ratchets to the desired location. We suggest attaching the ratcheting end to the fixture, and the other end to your grow tent bars or ceiling hooks. Ensure all rope ratchets are an even distance apart. Attach your ratchets to the hook points on each corner of the light fixture’s u-frame. It is best to place the fixture diode side down on the floor when attaching the ratchets and then raising the fixture by adjusting the rope ratchets until desired height is achieved. If placing your fixture on the ground is not
    safe or possible, have a friend help you hold the fixture while attaching ratchets to each hook point, starting with one end at a time.
    Note: If you need help determining optimal hanging height at each stage of plant growth, reach out to us with the contact information on the last page of the instructions.ChilLED-TECH-GC-COM-1000-X6-Growcraft-X6-1000W-LED-Grow-Light-02
  • Step 4: Determine your desired driver location (inside/outside of tent, on top of tent, on wall, etc.).
    Note: Need the heat? Keep your driver in the grow area to raise your ambient temperatures.
  • Step 5: Locate your 2-pin M19 7’ driver extension cable and attach it to the driver by matching the shapes and pins. Push-lock connectors can be connected pushing the male and female ends together. Once seated properly, ensure they do not come apart by
    gently tugging on the cords.ChilLED-TECH-GC-COM-1000-X6-Growcraft-X6-1000W-LED-Grow-Light-03Note: Each input and output lead can be determined by reading the markings on the driver. For example, the driver extension cable will attach to the “Output” leads of the driver.
  • Step 6: Attach your dimmer potentiometer to the 2-pin M16 connection which is marked as “Dim” on right-hand side of the driver.
  • Step 7: Attach your wall plug cable to the driver by locating the 3-pin M19 connector on the left-hand side of the driver labeled “Input”. ChilLED-TECH-GC-COM-1000-X6-Growcraft-X6-1000W-LED-Grow-Light-05
  • Step 8: Plug your wall-plug in, set your dimmer potentiometer dial to its lowest position, and plug the extension cable into the fixture’s pig-tail. Note: If you are not using our Guardian System – A basic wall-timer can be used to control your lights on/off hours.
    WARNING: Growcraft fixtures are VERY bright. To avoid possible damage to your eyes, DO NOT look into the fixtures’ LED diodes. Sunglasses are suggested.
    Note: Need to remove your push-lock connections? Twist the sleeve of the connector and pull the two ends away from each other.
  • Step 9: Get growing and tag us on social media for a chance to be featured on our stories and posts!

Need further assistance? Reach out to us via email at or call us at (866)610-7485. Check out our commercial instruction video by scanning the QR code below, or head to our YouTube channel.

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