Charella Tk905 GSM GPS Gprs Car Vehicle

Tk905 GSM GPS Gprs Car Vehicle Powerful Magnet Tracking Tracker Real Time Device


  • BRAND: Charella
  • COLOR: Black #7242hn
  • MATERIAL: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS LXWXH:18 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
  • SENSITIVITY: -159Dbm
  • INPUT: 5V-1A
  • OUTPUT: 110-220V
  • BATTERY: Rechargeable 3.7V; 5000Mah Lithium Battery
  • STANDBY TIME: 90 Days
  • ENABLE TIME: Cold Boot 45S; Warm Boot 35S; Hot Boot 1S
  • HUMIDITY: 5%-95%
  • ITEM WEIGHT: ‎10.9 ounces


100% New and High-Quality Made Device. For a longer service life, intelligent power management. Ip66 Waterproof Level with Device Well Protection is a Feature. The device may be quickly and easily installed with a strong magnet. This Product Can Locate and Monitor Any Remote Targets Using GPS And A GPS Dual Positioning for Extreme Accuracy Based on Existing GSM/GPRS Network and GPS Satellites.


  • 1X GPS Tracker
  • 1X Screwdriver (For Sim Card Installation)
  • 1X USB Cable
  • 1X Storage Bag
  • 1X User Manual


Tk905 GSM GPS Gprs Car Vehicle Powerful Magnet Tracking Tracker Real Time Device (1)


Tk905 GSM GPS Gprs Car Vehicle Powerful Magnet Tracking Tracker Real Time Device (2)

It offers 2G accurate positioning. It is strong magnetic with 5000mA battery. It is convenient and waterproof.


The tracker relies on an SMS-based mechanism to function. All instructions are given by text message, and getting an exact position just requires making a phone call to the device. In response, the tracker would text you a link to Google Maps that provided the precise location of your tracker.


  • disable the SIM card’s PIN password. PIN password check is turned on by default for new SIM cards.
  • Put a SIM card into the tracking gadget.
  • Set up tracking device.
  • Set up a tracking device.
  • Add tracker to your list of trackers.


The Apple Store or Google Play (iOS, Android) both offer GPS apps that can be downloaded and installed, which connect a smartphone to a GPS tracking device. Instead of sending data directly to the owner’s smartphone, the attached GPS tracker sends it to a middle server.


What program is utilized for GPS tracking?

The goal of Uffizio – GPS Tracking Software is to offer all necessary services in a single program. It works flawlessly on all platforms and is compatible with all GPS trackers.

GPRS car tracking system: what is it?

A GPRS vehicle tracking system can function independently or in conjunction with a GPS system. When used in conjunction with a GPS system, the GPS system records the location data, and the GPRS system transmits that data to the internet.

Are magnets present in tracking devices?

Either a magnetic casing or an integrated magnet is included with a GPS tracker. The magnet that is attached is strong, long-lasting, and does not quickly deteriorate.

How long does a GPS tracker’s battery last?

The GPS tracker’s battery life varies from one to the next. However, a GPS gadget may often function without active monitoring for 6–12 months.

Can GPS function offline?

Yes. The Google Maps software for Android and iPhone smartphones can find you and follow you wherever you go even without an internet connection or data. Both tasks can be completed simultaneously via the GPS on your smartphone.

How are data collected using GPS?

Utilizing the technology necessitates the use of specifically designed GPS receivers and related software. The satellite signals are received by the receivers, which then compute and digitally store the data.

Why is vehicle tracking important?

Vehicle tracking systems are essential for effective fleet management and monitoring.

Why would someone use a tracking device?

GPS tracking necessitates the installation of a tracking device in a vehicle, on an object, or on a person. The device then offers details on its precise location and subsequent movements, allowing for real-time tracking.

GPS harm by magnets?

Will a magnet phone mount damage my GPS? Instead of using a compass’s magnetic north/south placement, GPS and Map applications rely on tracking methods that depend on satellite signal triangulation. Consequently, the magnetic mount won’t have a bad effect.

How long do automobile trackers last?

Typically, batteries have a lifespan of 6 to 7 years. The battery could be rechargeable or not.

How much time is GPS data kept?

The amount of time that your wireless carrier keeps your location data is shown below. Verizon discards cell site location data after one year while AT&T keeps it for up to five.

Does GPS function without a battery?

The quick answer is that yes, both the hardwired and plug-in connection GPS trackers (OBD GPS trackers) may operate without a battery because a car can produce electricity from both its running engine and its car battery to power any mobile device without the need for external power sources.

Are batteries needed for trackers?

Plug and Play GPS trackers are powered by your car’s electrical system, just like hardwired systems, so they don’t need batteries either.

Does your car’s GPS require WIFI?

The use of GPS services does not require an internet connection. However, in order to send the data from the tracker to your phone, it must first be sent to the cloud, which you can access from your phone.

Are GPS trackers functional without a cell signal?

GPS trackers are unique apps because they can easily record data even when there is no cell service.

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