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Yealink T46G High End Color Screen IP Phone

Yealink T46G High End Color Screen IP Phone

Available features may vary. Particular feature set is based on the original order and the system administrator’s requests for each deployment. Please contact your system administrator or Telesystem directly to discuss any additions to the system.

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Call Handling Basics

Tubaga ang usa ka tawag
Lift the handset then begin speaking to the caller. Alternately, the Answer soft key, Speaker button, or Headset button may be pressed to answer an incoming call.
Lift the handset then enter the phone number, extension, or code you wish to dial. Press Send to initiate the call or wait for it to go through.
Pagtapos sa usa ka tawag
Ibitay ang handset o i-press ang End Call soft key.
Press the mute
button to mute your audio while on a call. Press again to disengage.

Press the speaker button to use speaker audio mode.

Press the headset button to use headset mode audio (must have a headset attached).

Press the volume buttons to adjust volume for your ringer when idle or audio mode while on a live call.


Press the Hold button or soft key to place an active call on hold.

To resume a call: 

  • When only one is on hold, press the button or Resume soft key.
  • When there is more than one on hold, use the and buttons to select the desired call then press or the Resume soft key.

Advanced nga Pagdumala sa Tawag

Blind Transfer (Unannounced)
Blind transfers pass through the caller ID of the originating caller to the third party.

  • Press the Transfer soft key to place the first call on hold
  • Input the destination extension or phone number
  • Press the Transfer button or soft key to complete the transfer

Transfer directly to an internal voicemail box by dialing 7 plus the extension as the destination number
Gipahibalo nga Pagbalhin 

  • Press the Transfer  button or soft key to place the first call on hold
  • Input the destination extension or phone number. Remain on the line while the second call connects.
    •  T o complete the transfer after speaking with the third party, hang up, press the Transfer button or Transfer soft key.
    • T o cancel the transfer and go back to the first party, press the Cancel or EndCall soft key. Your first call will still be on hold.

Conference (Three Way) Call

  • Press the Conference soft key to place first call on hold
  •  Input the third party’s extension or phone number. Remain on the line while the second call connects.
  • Press the Conference soft key to join the calls together.

While on a conference call, you can do the following: 

  • Hang up: this removes you from the conference and transfers the other two parties to each other.
  • Manage: Press this soft key to remove a person from the conference or Mute one person in the conference (called “Far Mute”).
  • Split: Press this soft key to place both calls on hold on your phone separately.

Advanced Features

Press the Redial button to enter the Placed call list then use the and  buttons to select  the desired call. To place the selected call, either pick up the phone or press the Send soft key.

To access voicemail, press the Message to messages, or change greetings. button. Follow the prompts to setup voicemail, listen.

If messages are being sent to the phone, the message waiting indicator light will blink to signal a new message has been received.

Press the History soft key to access a list of the most recent calls. Use the and button to navigate the lists of all, missed, placed, received, and forwarded calls.

Ayaw Paghadlok
Press the DND soft key then follow the screen prompts to turn do not disturb on or off. While enabled, all direct calls to your extension or direct phone number will go directly to your voicemail box. You may make outbound calls normally.
Park is a ‘shared’ hold. A parked call can be seen and accessed by all desk phones at the site.

  • T opark a call, press one of the available Park keys. This transfers the call to that parking orbit and shows a lit light on the associated key.
  • To retrieve a parked call, press the appropriate Park button.

If enabled, the page feature broadcasts a spoken message through a group of phones, all phones, or overhead paging equipment.

Tawag sa Pagpasa
Call forwarding of your personal line/extension may be done from the phone.

  • To turn forwarding on: Dial *72 followed by the extension or phone number to forward calls to. Pick up the phone to send the command.
  • To turn forwarding off: Dial *73 then pick up the phone to send the command.

CommPortal Phone Applications

The Yealink T46G is a SIP phone which delivers many of its services by connecting to the CommPortal interface. This interface delivers several phone applications to its subscribers:

  •  Network Contacts (Directory)
  •  Hot Desking (Log Out/In)*
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)*

It is important to note that the use of these applications require a correct username and password for your phone account. These credentials may need to be entered when using an application.
The username and password are as follows:

  • Username: direct dial phone number associated with your phone
  • Password: current CommPortal (application) password Please contact your system administrator or Telesystem if you do not know your direct dial phone number or password.

Network Contacts (Directory)
Press the Directory soft key to access the phone directory. The Directory downloads all business group extensions, Multi Line Hunt Groups (MLHGs), and any CommPortal Contacts on your account.
Hot Desking (Log Out button)*
In some cases, not all employees are in the office at the same time, so these employees may ‘share’ physical phones, but each have individual account credentials. This is known as Hot Desking. Hot Desking allows employees to log in and out of a phone, thus taking their credentials with them to whatever desk they will be working at that particular day. Please note, it’s important to only be logged into one phone at a time.

To log out of a phone: 

  • Press the Log Out key.
  • The LCD screen will prompt you with a warning, “Are you sure you want to Log out?”
  • Press the OK soft key to log out.
  • The phone will reboot then show a logged out screen. No calls may be made until a user logs into the phone.

To log into a phone:

  •  Press the Login soft key.
  • Enter the User Name and Password for the account (see previous note)
  • Press the OK soft key
  • The phone reboots and updates with the logged in user configuration

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)*
If you are part of Multi Line Hunt Groups used for call center or other ring groups, your phone system administrator may have given you the right to log in and out of these groups using the ACD button.
To log in or out of a group: 

  • Press the ACD button.
  • A list of all hunt groups for which you are a member will appear. To the right of each, you will see whether you are Logged In or Logged Out. Select the group for which you want to change your status by using the and buttons.
  • Press either the Login or LogOut soft key to change your login status for that group.

If you are a member of a true call center Multi Line Hunt Group (queue), your administrator may also ask that you manage your availability while you are logged in. This feature is called My State. To change your availability for all Multi Line Hunt Group calls:

  • After logging into at least one call center Multi Line Hunt Group, press the My State soft key.
  • Use the the and buttons to the status you wish to choose, then press the OK button to switch to that status.
  • The current status will be reflected on the phone screen. The status applies only to calls through the Multi Line Hunt Groups.

Remember to change your availability to Available before logging out of all hunt groups. The line keys indicate various ACD states as follows:

  • Pag-logout
  • Logged In, Available
  • Logged In, Unavailable
  • wrap Up

* Please note that these advanced features may initially need to be set up by the Telesystem team. Please contact Telesystem for more details. 

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