Laserliner M350 SensoMaster

Completely read through the operating instructions, the”Warranty and Additional Information“ booklet as well as the latest information under the internet link at the end of these instructions.
Follow the instructions they contain. This document must be kept in a safe place and passed on together with the device.

Function / Aplikasyon

High-performance laser receiver with extremely large receiving range for red and green rotary lasers.
– Receives information on the height which is shown on LC displays at front and rear and by three bright LEDs to the front
– Beep acts as acoustic signal
– LC displays show the height difference to the laser level and graphically using arrows and the central line as well as numerically

Mga panudlo sa kinatibuk-ang kahilwasan

- Ang aparato kinahanglan nga gamiton lamang sumala sa gituyo nga katuyoan ug sa sulud sa mga detalye.
– Ang mga himan sa pagsukod ug mga aksesorya dili mga dulaan. Ipahilayo sa mga bata.
– The structure of the device must not be modified in any way.
– Do not expose the device to mechanical stress, extreme temperatures or significant vibration.
– Kinahanglang dili na gamiton ang device kon ang usa o daghan pa sa mga function niini mapakyas o huyang ang baterya.
– Risk of pinching! Do not reach into the clampsa bracket!

Mga panudlo sa kaluwasan

Pag-atubang sa electromagnetic radiation
- Ang aparato sa pagsukod nagsunod sa mga regulasyon sa pagpahiangay sa electromagnetic ug limitahan ang mga kantidad uyon sa EMC-Directive 2014/30/EU.
– Local operating restrictions
- alang sa example, in hospitals, aircraft, petrol stations or in the vicinity of people with pacemakers.
– may apply. Electronic devices can potentially cause hazards or interference or be subject to hazards or interference.

Natapos ang Produktoview

a. Unit cm/mm
b. Numeric elevation
c. Grade indication arrows: Hand-held receiver below, precisely on or above laser level
d. Loudspeaker beep indicator
e. Accuracy (deadband) indicator
f. Ubos nga indicator sa baterya
g. Backlighting ON/OFF

  1. Green LED: Precisely on laser level
    Red LEDs: Hand-held receiverabove or below laser level
  2. Vertical vial
  3. ON / OFF button
  4. Loudspeaker beep
  5. Horizontal vial
  6. Receiver field for laser beam
  7. LC display
  8. All-round marking groove
  9. Convert unit cm / mm; Backlighting ON/OFF
  10. Tukma
  11. Threaded hole for locating the universal retainer
  12. magnet
  13. LC display (rear side)
  14. Kumpara sa baterya

Special product features and functions

The receiver speeds up response times – rapid detection accelerates work rates.
For many measuring tools, the key to optimum working is magnetic adhesion. This leaves the hands free to complete other tasks.
Protection against dust and water – The laser receiver is exceptionally well protected against dust and rain.
Insertion of batteries

Open the battery compartment and insert batteries according to the symbols. Be sure to pay attention to polarity.


In order to preserve the battery life, the receiver switches off automatically if it is not used for around 15 minutes.

Working with the laser receiver

Set the rotary laser to maximum speed and switch the laser receiver on. It is able to detect the laser beam at a great distance now. Move the SensoLite up and down through the laser beam until the middle indicator appears. Mark the measured height at the perimeter marking groove.

Grade indication arrows

5 individual levels of grade information for above and below grade. Horizontal bar indicates on-grade.

Out-of Beam display: a sequence of arrows will indicate if the receiver has moved beyond the vertical reception range and will indicate which direction to move to get back to the laser beam. The display can be turned on or off.


Set the accuracy by pressing button 10.
Switch between the three accuracies, coarse, medium or fine, by repeatedly pressing the button.

Switch units of measurement

Select centimetres (cm) or millimetres (mm) as the unit of measurement by briefly pressing button 9.


The backlighting is switched ON/OFF by pressing and holding button (9).

Loudspeaker beep

Toggle button 4 to set the volume to loud, quiet or off. One beep is emitted at the selected volume when changed

Universal mount

The laser receiver can be installed on levelling staffs with the aid of the universal mount. The Flexi measuring staff is always recommended when measuring from floor heights. It also allows you to determine heights directly without any need for calculation.

Danger – powerful magnetic fields

Powerful magnetic fields can adversely affect persons with active medical implants (e.g. pacemaker) as well as electromechanical devices (e.g. magnetic cards, mechanical clocks, precision mechanics, hard disks).
With regard to the effect of powerful magnetic fields on persons, the applicable national stipulations and regulations must be complied with such as BGV B11 §14 „electromagnetic fields“ (occupational health and safety – electromagnetic fields) in the Federal Republic of Germany.
To avoid interference/disruption, always keep the implant or device a safe distance of at least 30 cm away from the magnet.

Impormasyon sa pagmentinar ug pag-atiman

Limpyohi ang tanan nga sangkap gamit ang adamp panapton ug ayaw gamita ang mga ahente sa pagpanglimpyo, mga ahente sa pag-us-os ug mga solvent. Kuhaa ang (mga) baterya sa dili pa tipigan sa mas taas nga panahon. Itago ang aparato sa usa ka limpyo ug uga nga lugar.

Mga direktiba ug paglabay sa EU

Kini nga aparato nagsunod sa tanan nga kinahanglan nga mga sumbanan alang sa libre nga paglihok sa mga butang sulod sa EU. Ang kini nga produkto usa ka de-koryenteng aparato ug kinahanglan nga kolektahon nga gilain alang sa paglabay sumala sa European Directive sa basura nga elektrikal ug elektronik nga kagamitan.
Dugang nga kaluwasan ug dugang nga mga pahibalo sa:

Technical data

Laser reception range 350 m (The maximum range depends on the rotary laser)
Length of receiver unit 127 mm
Necessary rotation speed 300 - 1100 RPM
Accuracy (deadband, absolute) ± 1 mm / 50 m ± 5 mm / 50 m ± 10 mm / 50 m
Awtomatik nga gahum 15 minutos
Ang klase sa pagpanalipod IP 66
gahum suplay 4 x 1.5V LR6 (AA)
Operating time banabana. 40 ka oras
Mga kondisyon sa pagpaandar 0°C…50°C, max. humidity 80% rH, no condensation, max. working altitude 4000 m above sea level
Mga kahimtang sa pagtipig 0°C…70°C, max. humidity 80% rH
Weight (incl. batteries, without universal retainer) 426 g
Mga Dimensyon (W x H x D) X x 77 178 35 mm

Ubos sa teknikal nga mga pagbag-o. 21W12


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Mga Dokumento / Mga Kapanguhaan

Laserliner M350 SensoMaster [pdf] Manwal sa Instruksyon
M350 SensoMaster, M350, SensoMaster

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