Quip Toothbrush Instruction Manual: Changing Battery & Brush

Step 1: Remove old brush head

Grip the head and handle in opposite hands, bristles facing away from you. Place your thumb on the dots, then gently pull the head off in a slight arc motion (don’t snap it directly backwards).


Step 2: Remove motor and battery

Pull the motor out by lifting it by the wings or using the thumbnail notch. Once it’s removed, tip the handle over and tap out the battery.


Step 3: Clean brush handle

Lightly wet the bristles on your old brush head, and use it to gently scrub away any dried toothpaste from the top white portion of the handle.


Step 4: Replace motor and battery

Drop in a new AAA battery or a fresh rechargeable negative end first, then slide the motor back in (it will spring up slightly).


Step 5: Apply fresh brush head

Push on your new brush head until it’s flush with the handle and you hear a dull click. Press the “q” to test, then you’re set. Happy brushing 🙂


Digital Clinical Thermometer KD-153 Instruction Manual

Digital Clinical Thermometer KD-153

Digital Clinical Thermometer

Please read carefully before using


  1. Fast oral and rectal temperature measurement in around 20 seconds.
  2. Very sensitive unit, best for quick oral or rectal measurement.
  3. Easy to read digital LCD ( liquid crystal display ).
  4. Compact, accurate and durable LSI ( large scale integration ) unit.
  5. Temperature can be taken orally, rectally or underarm.
  6. If the thermometer is inadvertently left on after temperature stabilization , it will automatically shut off in about 3 minutes.
  7. Small , light weight unit. Universal use for the whole family.
  8. No hazard compared to broken mercury glass thermometers .
  9. Low battery indicator when the symbol ” CI “appears , the battery needs to be replaced .
  10. This unit is water resistant.






  1. Do not boil the probe . Instead , clean the unit by wiping it with a dry cloth and disinfect the probe with isopropyl ( rubbing ) alcohol .
  2. Do not drop the thermometer or expose it to heavy shock . The unit is not shock proof .
  3. Do not bend or bite the probe .
  4. Do not store the unit under direct sunlight, at a high temperature , or in high humidity or dust. Performance may be degraded.
  5. Stop using the thermometer if it operates erratically or if the display malfunctions .
  6. Keep out of the reach of unsupervised children .
  7. Clean the thermometer probe before storing .
  8. Do not attempt to disassemble the unit except to replace the battery .
  9. If the thermometer has been stored at below-freezing temperatures, allow it to warm naturally to room temperature before using
  10. Performance of the device may be degraded if operated or stored outside stated temperature and humidity ranges or the patient’s temperature is below ambient (room) temperature.


  1. When the symbol appears , the battery needs to be replaced .
  2. Pull the battery cover off in the direction shown.
  3. If necessary, use a pointed object such as a toothpick or insulated probe to pry loose the battery cover and the old battery. Avoid using any sharp metal object in this operation.
  4. Place a new 1.55 VDC button size battery type 192, LR 41 or equivalent in the chamber with the negative (-) side up and the positive (.) side down .
  5. Replace and fasten the battery cover securely.

Discard old battery carefully, out of reach of young children. Swallowing the battery may be fatal. If the battery is swallowed, contact hospital immediately to have it removed. Do not dispose of the battery in a fire. It may explode.


1.Depress the ON/OFF button. The display will read


2. Release the ON/OFF button and the display will show L°F(L°C) with °F(°C) flashing.

3. Disinfect the probe with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Place the probe in an appropriate position (oral, axillary, rectal).

4. Once the degree sign (°F or °C ) on the display has stopped flashing (usually within 15-30 seconds ) , the correct temperature is indicated. The temperature reading will not change after the °F(°C) stops flashing. For beeper models only, an alarm signal will sound for approximately 8 seconds when °F(°C) stop flashing.

5. The unit will automatically turn off in 3 minutes ( approx. ). However, to prolong battery life, it is best to turn the thermometer off by pressing the ON/OFF button once the temperature has been noted.

Special Features:
Normal Temperature Alarm: An alarm will sound when the peak temperature has registered and is ready-to-read. The “Normal Temperature” alarm (four quick beeps followed by a pause) will sound repeatedly for approximately 8 seconds.

Last-Temperature Memory Recall: When the ON/OFF button is depressed to activate the thermometer, hold down for approximately 5 seconds. The display of 188.8 will change to show the last measured temperature. This reading is displayed as long as the button is held down. When the button is released, the thermometer will be in “ready-to-measure” mode and the recalled temperature will be erased.

To change the scale from Fahrenheit (°F) to Centigrade (°C): After turning the thermometer on, immediately press the ON/OFF button again and release. The °F changes to a °C. Once the display shows an L with a flashing °F or °C, the device is ready to record and display a temperature. Follow the same directions to switch back from Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

NOTE : Always disinfect the thermometer before you use it.

NOTE : In Step 2, if the room temperature is greater than 90.0°F (32.0°C), it will be displayed rather than L°F(L°C).

NOTE : In Step 3, you may put a sanitary plastic probe shield on the sensor tip to help prevent cross-infection and contamination. Use of the probe cover may result in a 0.2°F(0.1 °C) difference from actual temperature. Dispose of any used probe shield and store the unit in a safe place.

THE TAKING OF BODY TEMPERATURES: Change in body temperature is one of the most important indicators of illness. It is important that accurate temperatures be taken. Even though the digital thermometer is used in similar manner to the glass thermometer, it is important that the simple instructions for use of this thermometer be followed closely and that the person taking the temperature understands body temperature.

BODY TEMPERATURE: A person’s body temperature will usually be several tenths to one full degree lower in the morning than it is in the late afternoon. Therefore, if your temperature is 97.9°F(36.6°C) in the morning, it could be 98.4°F(36.9°C) or more in the late afternoon and still be normal. To determine what your normal body temperature is you should take your temperature both in the early morning and in the late afternoon over several days. Children have the same normal temperature range as do adults. Afever for both children and adults is typically defined as a temperature over 99.5°F(37.5°C) (oral reading). Exercise, excessive clothing, hot bath, hot weather, warm food and drink can cause mild elevations of up to 100.4°F (38°C) to 101.2°F(38.4°C) in oral temperature. If you suspect one of these to be the cause of an elevated reading, eliminate the possible cause and retake the temperature in a half hour.



Place the probe well under the patient’s tongue. Instruct the patient to keep their mouth closed while the thermometer is reading. A normal temperature by this method is usually considered between 96.8°F to 98.6°F(36.0°C to 37.5°C).

If rectal temperature is recommended by your doctor, you may use a probe cover. Insert thermometer into the probe cover. Lubricate the probe cover with a water soluble jelly for easier insertion . Do not use petroleum jelly . Insert tip of probe no more than 1/2 inch into rectum . STOP if you meet any resistance . The sensing device is on the very tip of the probe and there is no need to insertthe probe deep into the rectum . In general, the rectal temperature is around 1.0 to 2.0°F(0.5°C to 1.0°C) higher than oral temperature.

Wipe armpit with a dry towel . Place probe in the patient’s armpit and keep the patient’s arm pressed firmly against their side. In general, the axillary temperature is around 1.0 to 2.0°F (0.5 to 1.0°C) lower than oral temperature. Note that in order to achieve better axillary temperature measurement result a minimum measuring time of 2-3minutes is recommended regardless of the beep sound.

NOTE: Children should be attended by an adult during the entire temperature recording process . After use , the digital thermometer should be stored in a safe place, out of reach of young children. If you compare temperatures between two thermometers , it is possible to have two different readings even if both thermometers are within their accuracy tolerances. Differences in how you take each reading and the thermometer’s tolerance range can account for nearly 0.2°F(0.1 °C) variability. REMEMBER: Find your normal temperature and watch for changes.

To clean the thermometer, wash the tip with a solution of mild detergent and cool water. Disinfect the thermometer by wiping the sensor and lower stem with a cloth dipped in a household antiseptic solution such as rubbing alcohol.

This thermometer has a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer ‘s defect under normal, household use. Follow the direct ions closely will ensure years of dependable operation.

lithe thermometer does not function properly, first check the battery (see battery replacement instructions). Replace it if necessary.



Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and 2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

This product has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.The product generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If the product does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the product on and off, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna
  • Increase the separation between the product and the receiver.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

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ID130HR / ID130 User Manual


Fitness Tracker User Manual

ID130HR / ID130

Thank you for purchasing our products. This manual addresses the safety guidelines, warranty and operating instructions. Please review this manual thoroughly before operating your device.

Important Safety Instructions

The device contains electrical equipment that may cause injury if not used properly. For example, prolonged contact may contribute to skin allergies for some users. To reduce irritation, please read the safety guidelines on the following pages to ensure proper use and care.
● Do not expose your device to liquid, moisture, humidity or rain while charging; do not charge your device when it is wet, as it may result in electric shock and injury.
● Keep your device clean and dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners to clean your device.
● Consult your doctor before use if you have any preexisting conditions that might be affected by using this device.
● Don’t wear it too tight. If your device feels hot or warm, or if it causes any skin irritation or discomfort, please discontinue using your device and consult your doctor.
● Do not expose your fitness tracker to extremely high or low temperatures.
● Do not leave your fitness tracker near open flames such as cooking stoves, candles, or fireplaces.
● This product is NOT a toy – never allow children or pet to play with this product. Always store the product out of reach from children. The devices themselves or the many small parts they contain may cause choking if ingested.
● Never try to abuse, crush, open, repair or disassemble this device. Doing so will void the warranty and can result in a safety hazard.
● If any parts of your product require replacement for any reason, including normal wear and tear or breakage, please contact us.
● Do not use your device in a sauna or steam room.
● Do not bring your device into contact with any sharp objects, as this could cause scratches and damages.
● For light colored arm bands, minimize direct contact with dark-colored clothing, as color transfer could occur.
● Dispose of this device, the device’s battery and its package in accordance with local regulations.
● Don’t not check any notifications, GPS, or any information on your device’s display while driving or in other situations where distractions could cause injury or hazardous. Always be aware of your surroundings while exercising.

Battery Warnings
A lithium-ion battery is used in this device. If these guidelines
are not followed, batteries may experience a shortened life
span or may cause fire, chemical burn, electrolyte leak, and/or
● Do NOT disassemble, modify, re manufacture, puncture or damage the device or batteries.
● Do NOT remove or attempt to remove the non-user-replaceable battery.
● Do NOT expose the device or batteries to fire, explosion, or other hazard.

Health Warnings
● If you have a pacemaker or other internal electronic device, consult your physician before using a heart rate monitor.
● The optical wrist heart rate monitor emits green light and flashes occasionally. Consult your physician if you have epilepsy or are sensitive to flashing lights.
● Always consult your physician before beginning or modifying any exercise program.
● The device, accessories, heart rate monitor, and related data are intended to be used only for recreational purposes and not for medical purposes, and are not intended to diagnose, monitor, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition.
● The heart rate readings are for reference only, and no responsibility is accepted for the consequences of any erroneous readings.

While the optical wrist heart rate monitor technology typically provides the best estimate of a user’s heart rate, there are inherent limitations with the technology that may cause some of the heart rate readings to be inaccurate under certain circumstances, including the user’s physical characteristics, fit of the device, and type and intensity of activity.
● The activity tracker relies on sensors that track your movement and other metrics. The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and metrics tracked, but may not be completely accurate, including step, sleep, distance, heart rate, and calorie data.
● If you have eczema, allergies or asthma, you may be more likely to experience a skin irritation or allergy from a wearable device.
● Whether you have the conditions above or not, if you start to experience any discomfort or skin irritation on your wrist, remove your device. If symptoms persist longer than 2-3 days of not using your device, contact your doctor.
● If you sweat for more than two hours while wearing your fitness tracker, be sure to clean and dry your band and your wrist to avoid skin irritation.
● Prolonged rubbing and pressure may irritate the skin, so give your wrist a break by removing the band for an hour after extended wear.

● Regularly clean your wrist and the fitness tracker, especially after sweating in the exercise or being exposed to substances such as soap or detergent which may attach on the internal side of the tracker.
● Do NOT wash the fitness tracker with household cleanser. Please use soapless detergent, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a piece of soft towel or napkin.
● While the fitness tracker is water resistant, it’s not good for your skin to wear a wet band.
● If your bands get wet—like after sweating or showering—clean and dry them thoroughly before putting them back on your wrist.
● Be sure your skin is dry before you put your bands back on.

We strives to build our products with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship. However, sometimes there are occurrences of defect.

We are happy to offer 1-year hassle-free warranty to all our devices as we continue to make amazing products. Please contact us if you have any questions about our devices.

Please charge your new device for 10 minutes before initial use.
Charging Device

If the charging red indicator is not on when you plug the device in a USB port for charging, check the direction of the device’s charging plug and move to the correct direction. Make sure the pins on the charging plug contact the pins in the USB port.

System Requirement (Smart Phone Only)
• iOS 7.1 & above
• Android 4.4 & above
• Bluetooth 4.0 & above

Quick Start Guide
1. Download “VeryFitPro” APP for Android and iOS Smart Phones

Option 1: Search for “VeryFitPro” in APP store or Google Play. Once APP is located, please download and install it to your smart phone.

1) This fitness device is for iOS 7.1 & above or Android 4.4 & above. Please refer to the operate system above for device compatibility.
2) “VeryFitPro” APP is only compatible with smart phones.Option 2: Scan QR code to search for the APP. Use a QR scanner to search for the “VeryFitPro” APP in the APP store or Google Play.

Tip: If you are having trouble locating the APP, copy the link

Download App

2. Charging
For optimal binding and function of your device, please make sure your device has been charged for at least 10 minutes before initial use.

Note: The device is fully charged after 1 hour.

Charging: remove the host from the wrist band by gently pulling the band out of the host; connect the device host to a normal DC USB port (5V-500mA).
Charging With USB

1) The fitness trackers screen needs to be awake (tap the touch key to light the screen) to bind with your smart phone. If bind failed, wake up your tracker and restart device search.
2) If you unbind the device under Bluetooth connected state, the APP will set the settings back to default and all the data on device will be cleared. If you unbind the device under Bluetooth disconnected state, the APP will set the settings back to default, but the data on device will not be cleared.
3) The device can only link to one Bluetooth device at a time. During connecting please confirm there is no other Bluetooth devices nearby.

How to Use
Once the device is connected to the APP successfully, it will record and analyze your activities and sleeps automatically, as well as monitor heart rate status. Please tap the touch key on the device’s screen:

Using Display

Using Sports

Notification Feature Instruction
When a call or message comes in, the device will enter call/message alert mode. After the alert, it will go back to the previous mode.

Functions Instructions
Activities Record:
Record daily activities. You can check daily activity data including steps, distance and calorie burned on the APP.

Sleep Monitor:
Device can automatically recognize your state and monitoring the whole sleep progress with deep sleep, light sleep and awake sleep hours record.

Notification Alerts:
Alarm alert, call alert, sedentary alert, etc. with silent vibration.

Remote Camera Control:
Use the tracker to control smartphone shooting photos.

Heart Rate Monitoring (for ID130HR):
Monitor your heart rate status and help you make proper exercise plan.

Device Data Storage:
Activity data will be cleared at every 0:00am as a cycle, but the device itself can restore 7 days’ data; after 7 days, the data will be cleared. We suggest users to sync data with APP at least once within 7 days during use. (Synchronize Data Method: In connected state, go to Mainpage in the APP, and swipe down the screen to synchronize data to the APP.)


Charge the device
Make sure the direction of the device’s USB plug is correct when plugging into the USB port for charging. For correct charging, the device’s red indicator turns on and will be off when the device has been fully charged.

Warm tips: Please remove the device host from the power supply once fully charged. Prolonged charging may shorten the battery’s life.

1) Make sure the Bluetooth of your smartphone is ON.
2) Make sure the distance between your smartphone and the device is within 0.5 meter.
3) Make sure the “VeryFitPro” APP is trusted by your smartphone
by going to your smartphone system Settings, finding
“VeryFitPro” APP and enabling the Location and all Notifications.
(Specific setting methods may vary according to different
4) Make sure the fitness tracker is under unbind status before
5) Open “VeryFitPro” APP on your smartphone and tap “Device” →
“Bind device”, then your smartphone starts searching devices. Select “ID130” or “ID130HR” in the list of found devices, and tap “ID130” or “ID130HR” to connect the device to your smartphone.
6) If you failed search the device, reboot your smartphone and Bluetooth to search it again.

For iOS smartphones, if you failed to find “ID130” or “ID130HR” in
the APP, take the following steps:
a) Go to your smartphone “Settings” → “Bluetooth”. Under “MY
DEVICES”, find “ID130” or “ID130HR”, tap ” ” → “Forget This
Device” and turn off Bluetooth.
b) Reboot smartphone and open the “VeryFitPro” APP. When asked
whether to turn on the Bluetooth switch, click OK to search and
bind your device. Receive SMS/Calls notifications Calls/SMS notification function works when the device connects to your smartphone via APP. Please kindly refer to the following tips:
1) Go to your smartphone system Settings, find “VeryFitPro” APP and enable the Location and all Notifications. (Specific setting methods may vary according to different smartphones.
2) Turn Bluetooth on and go to the “VeryFitPro” APP to bind the device.
3) Switch “Call/SNS Alert” function on, and click ” √ ” to save your settings.

Count steps
Regarding the step counting, this fitness tracker has a built-in 3D sensor. It registers your steps when you swing your arm. Sometimes the data on device may displayed a little delayed. And it will reset itself if you walk continuously less than 10 steps. To test the accuracy of the pedometer, please walk casually and continuously up to 100 steps or more.

Measure heart rate (ID130HR version)
Make sure the wrist band sits neatly on your wrist before use.
Tap the touch key to go to the heart rate mode and wait for
10~20s to detect the heart rate.
Connect to the smartphone
The device will disconnect from your smartphone in the following
1) Smartphone Bluetooth was off or exceed normal Bluetooth
connection distance range (The normal Bluetooth connection
distance is within 10 meters, it can easily be reduced by walls
or furniture, etc.
2) The “VeryFitPro” APP was ended in phone background
To reconnect the device to your smartphone, please kindly
refer to the following tips:
a) Go to your smartphone system Settings, find “VeryFitPro”
APP and enable the Location and all Notifications. (Specific
setting methods may vary according to different
b) Clear all running/background processes in your
smartphone, go to “VeryFitPro” APP, and swipe down
Mainpage, then the device will reconnect to your
smartphone and refresh data.
You can also restart you smartphone and Bluetooth, then rebind
the device on APP.
Sync your tracker data to APP
To sync your tracker data to “VeryFitPro” APP, go to “VeryFitPro”
APP and swipe down Mainpage under connected state.
Sleep monitor
For the sleep monitoring function, please refer to tips as below:
1) The tracker automatically monitors your sleeping once it
supported with enough power (please make sure the wrist
band sits closely on your wrist before use). It decides your
sleeping status based on your wrist action or body movement.
The tracker only records the last period of your sleep that is
over 2 hours from 0:00 to 24:00).
2) The sleeping data is also related to your personal info, so
please make sure your personal info on your APP is updated.
(Steps: Go to “VeryFitPro” APP → “User” → “My info”)
3) Synchronize sleep data to the APP. (Steps: under connected
status, go to Mainpage in the APP, and swipe down the
screen to synchronize data to the APP).

Water proof
The tracker is splash waterproof (IP67), you can wash your
hands without taking it off, but do not shower or swim with it.
Wrist sense
When you turn over your wrist slowly by 90 degrees, the device
screen will be on.
Turn on this function by going to the APP → “Device” → “Wrist
Find phone
To turn on this function, make sure the tracker is connected to
your smartphone, enter the APP, go to “Device” → “More” →
“Find Phone”, and turn it on. To use this function, tap the device
touch key to go to the mode “Find phone”, tap the touch key for
3 seconds, then your phone will ring / vibrate (if your
smartphone is set mute, it only vibrates once and stops).
The working time of the tracker is 5~7 days (the working time of
the tracker with heart rate monitor might be shorter). The actual
working time of the tracker is up to how often you use the
Device display mode
You may set the device display horizontally or vertically (Steps:
go to the APP → “Device” → “More” → “Display Mode”).
Dim screen
The screen is made from OLED material, so you need to shade
it with your hand in the sunshine or daylight to see more clearly.
We offer 12-month warranty on this item. For any question,
please contact seller in time.
Not a medical use
This product is not a medical device, and is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The accuracy of
our devices is not intended to match medical devices or
scientific measurement devices, but is intended to give you the
best information available in a wearable activity tracker.

Basic Specifications:
CPU: Nordic
Sensor: Kionix
HR Sensor (ID130HR): Silicon labs Si1142
Host Weight: 19g
Battery Type: Polymer Rechargeable Li Battery
Battery Capacity: 45mAh
Data Sync: Bluetooth 4.0
Working Temperature: -20℃~40℃
Dustproof and Waterproof level: IP67
Working time: approx. 7 days

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Download ID130HR / ID130 User Manual [PDF]

ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App

ID115 Smart Bracelet

ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App

Veryfit 2.0 APP is stable and easy to understand
Sensitive touchable screen
Bluetooth 4.0 technology – power saver
Fashionable style (slim / light / comfortable, it is made for wearing)

Main functions:
Pedometer, sleeping tracking (can track your sleeping quality automatically), calories counter, time / date display, drinking reminding, sedentary reminding, calling & SMS notifications etc.

This device doesn’t work with Windows system mobiles!!!

The APP won’t work if your cellphone screen size is less than 4.5’’ inches

What should we do if we use iPad or Android tablets? Please install the
APP in your iPad or Android tablet pc, use Bluetooth function to pair with the
APP to sync data, sync time / date and other activities data. As long as your
iPad / tablet pc supports Bluetooth function, there is no issue to use Veryfit 2.0

Android 4.5 and above version iOS 8.0 and above version, it is workable for latest iPhone 7 plus

How to charge the ID115 smart band properly?
USB charging style, we need to remove the device from the band and plug into computer to charge.

How to charge

How to sync data on “Veryfit 2.0” APP?
The smart bracelet will send data to “Veryfit 2.0} APP automatically!!!
If it does not work, please open the APP, click the screen and out down to sync activities data.

Please turn on Bluetooth function all the time!!!
turn on Bluetooth

You will see “connecting” icon on APP.

Connecting with app

Choose a Device

Binding Device

Please note Bluetooth range is only 10 meters, if the distance between smart bracelet and your cellphone is over 10 meters, the smart bracelet status would be “Disconnected” and this means we can not sync data smoothly!!!
Can we share date to Apple watch APP? YES we can!!!

Click the “Veryfit 2.0” APP find Users at the bottom, you will see “Connect to Apple Health” click it and choose what you would like to share with Apple Health APP

share with Apple Health APP

Are these smart bracelets / smart watches fully waterproof?
IP-X4 rating, they are just for daily life water resistant, which means we can not wear it when we are swimming or taking shower.

Please don’t believe in advertising if it shows these smart devices are professional waterproof!!! They are not!!!

Are these smart bracelets work with Bluetooth?
Bluetooth 4.0 technology, low power consumption, faster & stable transmission speed.

Bluetooth range?
Make sure the distance between your cellphone and smart bracelet / smart watch is within 10 meters, because Bluetooth range is only 10 meters, if the distance over 10 meters, the APP will not recognize the icon (it is like ID numbers, people have their own ID numbers How long does it takes to fully charge the smart bracelet / smart watch?

— it takes 3 or 4 hours to charge the device from 0% to 100%

NOTE: we have been testing charging function for a while, it takes
6-8 hours to fully charge the device if you plug it in your laptop or computer PC!!! THE CHARGER COULD BE USED LONGER BY THIS WAY!!!

How long will battery last?
A fully charged smart bracelet battery provides approximately: 5 days standby time, battery will drop to zero within a day, 24 hours of continuous usage!!!

Is the battery rechargeable?

What type of battery do you use?
— lithium battery (safe and durable)

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Download ID115 Smart Bracelet User Manual & App Manual [PDF]

DOfit HR Activity Tracker User Manual

DOfit HR Activity Tracker

DOfit HR Activity Tracker User Manual

Smartphone download – App
• Make sure your mobile smart phone is compatible with the Veryfit App (Android 4.4 and above and i0S7.1 and above)

• Once you have confirmed compatibility, you can proceed to download the Veryfit App from your relevant App Store (Veryfit App is FREE)

• To download the Veryfit Application you can choose 0A N. El to search the App store -search for Veryht for Heart . Rate” or you can use your phones OR Scan App to take you to the App directly by scanning the OR Barcode.

• Once the App is downloaded you may begin to bind your tracker to the App. Make sure that your tracker is charged before attempting to bind the device.

Download App

Charging your tracker
• If your DoFit HR is under low power – you will need to charge it.
• To charge the DoFit HR remove the bottom arm of the strap. (the rubber pulls off from the body of the tracker) Once the arm is removed, it will emose the USB section that will then plug into any USB port (5V-500mA) for charging_
• It will take about 60 minutes to fully charge the DOR HR.

Charging your tracker

Pairing your device
• Make sure that your smartphone Bluetooth is ON and that both the device and smartphone have some battery capacity.

• Open the Veryfit App on your smartphone – you will be taken to the -Add Device screen.

• When in search mode on your smartphone – make sure you wake up your DoFit HR tracker by pushing the activate button on the bottom of the front screen (this will aid the device in being paired with your smartphone).

Paring your Device

Select the tracker in the smartphone searching list – “DoFit HR”

• The Veryfit App will search for your tracker automatically and, once found, it will display the name on your smartphone – DoFitHR

• Select this name – DoFit HR – wait a few seconds.

• Select this name – DoFit HR – wait a few seconds.

• During this process you will be prompted to “Allow’ access to your phones services “camera and location” – ‘Allow” for successful setup.

• Your smartphone will then pair and bind this tracker: push the OK option on your smartphone, and the DoFit HR tracker will vibrate confirming success.

• You are now ready to set up and use your DoFit HR Tracker.

Setting up your device
• Open your Veryfit App or your Smartphone.

• You will see 4 main icons on the bottom of the screen – Main pre I Details I Device I User.

• Go to – USER – here you can set your targets for Steps and for Sleep (Hours).

• MY INFO – is for setting your personal details, Name, date of birth, gender, height and weight – this is very important as it assists in working out your data.


1. Unit set – Is for setting to Metric or Imperial (SA uses Metric)
2. App version – this is for updating your App to the current version
3. Restart device – gives you the option to RESTART the tracker
4. Feedback – is for giving feedback via an email (your applicable data rates WI apply-as it sends an email).
5. If you use 105 – it also allows you to connect the App with your Apple Health, if you wish to.

DEVICE – choose the various settings that you wish to use (or not), as follows:

1. Call Alert – this will notify you of a call on your tracker
2. Sedentary Alert-will remind you to stand up and walk if stationary too long
3. Alarm Alert – allows you to set up various alarms
4. SNS Alert-will notify you of all alerts from 8 various social media Apes
5. Take Photo – this allows you to use the tracker as a shutter button for taking photos via your smartphone camera
6. Wrist Sense – will show time when your wrist is brought up towards your face through 90 degrees – automatically showing the time
7. Anti-lost Alert- this will alert you if you move beyond your smartphones Bluetooth range – normally 10-15 meters
8. Find Phone – on your device hold function button on the icon (Magnify Glass & Phone) – this will then make your smartphone ring or vibrate- depending on its mode
9. SMS Alert – this will send you a notification of the any SMS you have received on your smartphone
10. Auto Heart Rate – set to Auto it will then automatically take readings of your heart rate. If set to Manual it will only record Heart rate when you request it via the tracker- no data will be recorded for history
11. Night Mode – this allows you to set the night mode time slots -making your unit go into a hibernation mode so as not to bother you during these hours set by you -on App
12. Display Mode – you can choose between Landscape or Vertical display modes
13. Heart Rate Zones – this allows you to set your personal Max heart rate which will then adjust the various zones accordingly
14. Device Upgrade – this will allow you to update your trackers software when required

1. This will display your Activity, Sleep and Heart Rate with options for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
2. A detailed report is shown below and also display’s your average results f or the week etc

1. This displays the days results by – Activity (steps), Sleep (Hours/min) and Heart Rate.
2. When tapping the screen on a specific option, it will display the results per hour, in that current day
3. On the top Left corner of the screen you will see a share option (3 circles)- tap this to share results via the selected social media platform (rifts go through the initial set up options and you can then share your achievements)
4. On the top Right corner of the screen you will see a chain link which indicates whether your tracker is connected to the App.

How to Use
Key Definitions Tap to switch on, and switch between trackers functions Long Press (hold) is to Activate sport mode

How to Use
Sports Mode

Function Instruction
Activities Record: Record daily activities: you can check daily activities including steps, distance and calorie burnt in the app; Sleep

Monitoring: Device automatically recognizes your state and monitors sleep progress with analyzing deep sleep and light sleep hours;

Anti-Lost: When the smart phone is beyond the Bluetooth range (5m), the tracker vibrates to remind. (the App must be open and connected to tracker)

Device Data Storage: The activity data will be cleared every 0:00am as a cycle but, the tracker itself keeps 7 days’ data (after 7 days, the data will be cleared). We suggest user syncs data with app at least one time within 7 days of use.

Can’t find device when pairing Tracker?
Please make sure the smart phone Bluetooth is ON and smart phone OS Android 4.4 & above and lOS 7.1 & above. Please make sure the device is near the smart phone when pairing (normal 05m) and among the normal Bluetooth communication distance range (within 10m). Please make sure the device is charged. If there is still problem after full charge, please contact us.
– See feedback (under system settings on smartphone).

How to Restore Factory Defaults
Make sure the device is connected with app, to in the app, enter “User menu” then “Mine-SystemSetting” and choose “Restart Device.

How to update the device
Make sure the tracker is connected with app, enter the app “Device”-“Device upgrade”, please wait a few minutes before update done. If there is no available upgrade, nothing will happen.

Basic Specifications
CPU: Nordic
Sensor: Kionix
HR Sensor: Silicon labs 511142
Host Weight: 18g
Battery Type: Polymer Rechargeable Li Battery
Battery Capacity: 50mAh Data
Sync Bluetooth
Working Temperature: -10C-45C
Dust proof and Waterproof level.:1P67
Standby period: more than 7 days

• This product is equipped with Bluetooth BF signal and self developed algorithm, the accuracy of step pedometer is estimated at 95%.

For further information and help, please visit www.dofit.co.za

Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the users authority to operate the equipment

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules These limits we designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can he determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:
— Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
— Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
— Connect the equipment into an outlet on a draft different from that to which the receiver is connected.
— Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.


Questions about your DOfit HR Activity Tracker ? Post in the comments!
Download DOfit HR Activity Tracker Manual [PDF]

Actiiv Tracker User Manual & App [ACUBF024]

Actiiv Tracker

Actiiv Tracker User Manual & App [ACUBF024]

Congratulations on purchasing the Actiiv Air Fitness Tracker.

Here is all you need co know about setting up your new fitness tracker smanwatch so you can start tracking!

Device Overview

System and Compatibility


Quick Start Guide

1. Download the ‘VeryFitPro’ app from App Store or Google Play
2. Ensure to charge your device for 30 mins before using for the first time.
3. To charge the device, gently remove the strap with the clasp to expose the USB port, and connect to a DC 5V-500mA USB socket to charge.

Please Note: The straps are not Interchangeable. The strap with the clasp must be fitted on the side with the USB plug.

Connect and Pair

1. Ensure the ‘Bluetooth’ setting on your Mobile is enabled.
2. Keep the device near to your phone for the entire process and open the ‘VeryFitPro’ app. 3. A similar screen to the one below will appear with the device ID.

Connect and Pair

-For Active Air- Please select ‘ID115’
-For Active Air HR- Please select ‘ID115 HR’
4. Once you can select the ID matching your device, press ‘OK’ to pair, (if you cannot see the ID appear on the app, please tan to turn on your fitness trackers screen and press ‘Refresh’on the app screen, Check your Bluetooth setting to ensure It Is enabled and retry)
5. When paired,your device will vibrate to signal It has successfully paired.
6. Follow the rest of the screen prompts to set up your personal details and goals,
7. Your fitness tracker is now ready to track.

To remove,’Unbind or change the device to sync with a new Phone.
1. Go to the’Device’ page, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Unbind’
2. Go to your phone’Bluetooth Settings’, find the device and select ‘Forget This Device’.

How to Navigate the Active AIR/ AIR HR

Short Tap
To turn on the screen and to scroll through the different screens

Long Tap
– Activate Stopwatch mode (tap and hold the screen count 3secs)
– De-activate Stopwatch mode (tap and hold until the count down is complete)

Device Screen Mode

Device Screen Mode

Navigating the App Screen
To sync data or update changes to any settings, ‘Swipe’ the screen downward on the ‘Main page. To access graphs, charts and historical data, tap the area on the screen per examples below.

Navigating the App Screen

Note: only AIR HR will have the bellow Heartrate screen on the app.

Heart Rate Screen

Device Setting
Call Alert – Enable under the tab ‘Device. By adjusting the seconds the device will vibrate after the preferred seconds, by any incoming calls.The name of the caller will display on the screen.

Sedentary Alert – Set a reminder from 15 mins up to 180 mins, and adjust the settings to your preferences. The device will vibrate within these time frames to remind you to be active.

Alarm Alert-Set daily alarm and alerts.The device will vibrate to remind you Double click to stop the vibrations.

SNS Alert – Enables alerts for any incoming messages and stratification. For SNS Alerts to work, the app must be dosed. (eg: for WhgsApp to receive alerts, the App must not be running in the background or be opened)

Take Photo – A photo can be taken from the app or remotely on the device (tap on the device screen when the camera icon appears or shake your wrist)

Wrist Sense -The screen will turn on and light up when the device senses wrist movement.

More :
Display mode – Flip screens from horrizontal to vertical.

Anti lost Alert – Alert user when the phone is too far from the device 5 -10m (distance depending on Bluetooth signal)

Heart rate zone -To set alert when HR exceed set value. (IMPORTANT

NOTE:The HR reading are indication only, not to be taken as precise reading or to monitor any medical conditions)

Do not disturb – Block all Alerts

Restart Device-This is a factory reset, this function will remove/delete all data and history.

For more support please go to www.Actiiv.com.au.
Alternative you can contact us on:
(07) 3359 5711 [email protected]

Questions about your Actiiv Tracker User Manual & App? Post in the comments!
Download Actiiv Tracker User Manual & AppManual [PDF]

Yoho Sports Band User Manual

Quick Setup Guide – YOHO sports band

YOHO sports band

1. Charging:
Remove straps from display to reveal metal charging strips.
Plug into USB slot on computer or USB charger.
A battery charging light displays when you touch the display button.

If the device is not shown as charging check that it is plugged in fully and the correct way up for the metal strips to make USB power contact.

2. Download and install app on your phone:
iPhone and Android In Apple app store or Android Play store search for ‘YOHO sports’ by mCube Inc. Get/Install app.

3. Pair device:
Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Make sure the smart band is powered on. Hold display button for 4 seconds if not.
The first time you open YOHO Sports it will ask for device permissions (more so on Android phones). Say yes to allow all of these or the band will not pair.
Press the setting icon in the top left corner of the app.

Select My Device
The app should scan and detect the band.
Click on the band description to bind.

4. Setup app:
Back in the settings menu click profile. Enter your details Set target goal to 10000!

Smart band usage
Hold display button for 4 seconds to power on device, Hold display button for 4 seconds and select ‘off’ to power off device.

Press display button to cycle through information – Time > Steps > km > Kcals > battery

The display will turn off after a couple of seconds.

Step counter does not update on the display while display is active. It will count your steps and then display them the next time you wake it up.

Charge band regularly (every 2 -3 days)

If the battery runs flat you will need to resync with the phone app to update time and information.

YOHO sports band Charge

Images showing display (Above) and USB charging connector

If you want to use the YOHO sports app On the main screen of the YOHO sports app there is a sync button to transfer data between the smart band and your phone. (Smart band must be bound to the app first).

Questions about your Yoho Sports Band ? Post in the comments!
Download Yoho Sports Band Manual [PDF]

Tzumi Sound Mates User Manual [BE4001]



Wireless Stereo Earbuds In-Ear Design

To CONNECT-Note San: Males are pre-paired to each other.
FIRST – Choose he PRIMARY SOUNDMATE you would Like to use answer/End Calls.

SECOND – Pruss and hold the power button on the PRIMARY SOUNDMATE to enter Bluetooth paring mode. You will then hear Power ON To pair to device select TZUMI Sound Mate In the Device List displayed.

THIRD – Power on he second ,SOUNOMATE until and enjoy!

Ear Bud Function

EAR Bud Function

These are the Function of your Chosen Primary SOUNDMATE.


Paring Instruction

Make sure he Bluetooth function Is available on your cell phone Specific pairing procedures will be different depending on different cell phone For detailed Information please refer In your cell phone’s User Guide

if no device connection Is made within 5 minutes of he earbuds being s Withed on he earbuds will hallucinatory be switched off In save power After glassful pairing device S will memorize each. Therefore. no pairing will be needed next Time.

1. Keep the distance between the cell phone and TZUMI SOULMATES within 3 feet I for Paring only.

2. Choose he PRIMARY SOLINDMATE you would Like to use to answer/end cols Press and hold the multiplication button until you me ?owe On prompt.

Active Bluetooth



FCC Warning
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

NOTE 1: Any changes or modifications to this unit not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the
user’s authority to operate the equipment.

NOTE 2: The device has been evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device can be used in portable exposure condition without restriction.

Questions about your Tzumi Sound Mates? Post in the comments!
Download Tzumi Sound Mates Manual [PDF]