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Jack Sealey Limited, Sealey is regarded as a leading brand by professionals and enthusiasts alike. We provide in excess of 10,000 product lines designed for use in the trade. Catalog sections include Hand Tools, Power Tools, Garage and Workshop, Bodyshop, Janitorial, Agricultural, Engineering, and Vehicle Service Tools. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for SEALEY products can be found below. SEALEY products are patented and trademarked under brands Jack Sealey Limited

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Company No: 01329173 registered in England and Wales.
Registered Office: 820 The Crescent, Colchester Business Park, Colchester, Essex. CO4 9YQ
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SEALEY IR3000.V2 Short Wave Infrared Panel Dryer Instructions

Discover the safe and efficient operation of the IR3000.V2 Short Wave Infrared Panel Dryer with these detailed usage instructions. Ensure electrical safety, minimize shock risk, and maintain proper insulation for trouble-free performance. Learn more about this high-quality Sealey product designed for indoor use.

SEALEY AK396.V4 Blind Nut and Stud Riveting Kit Instruction Manual

Discover the AK396.V4 Blind Nut and Stud Riveting Kit user manual. Find product information, safety precautions, usage instructions, and storage tips. Suitable for various rivet sizes and materials. Maintain compliance with health and safety regulations. Properly secure workpieces for optimal performance. Refer to provided figures for visual guidance.

SEALEY SA31.V3 Air Hydraulic Riveter Instruction Manual

The SA31.V3 Air Hydraulic Riveter user manual provides product information, usage instructions, and maintenance tips for this powerful tool. Ensure safety, clean air supply, proper assembly, and regular maintenance for optimal performance. Discover how to troubleshoot and replace parts if needed. Trust Sealey for a high-quality, durable product that delivers years of trouble-free performance.

SEALEY JTK1 Junior Toy Tool Kit 19PC Instruction Manual

The JTK1 Junior Toy Tool Kit 19PC user manual provides safety instructions and operation guidelines for this battery-powered drill set. Suitable for children aged 3+, it includes various tools and attachments for DIY tasks. Ensure adult supervision, regular inspection, and proper battery usage. Avoid exposing to heat, water, or throwing components. Store in a safe location after use. A must-have for every budding builder.

SEALEY SV12 Series CP1205 Cordless Polisher Instructions

Discover the safe and reliable SV12 Series CP1205 Cordless Polisher from Sealey. Follow the user manual instructions for trouble-free performance. Ensure safety precautions, proper maintenance, and authorized parts for optimal results. Keep children and flammable substances away. Trust the high standard of this cordless polisher for years of efficient operation.