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Schlage Company The, American lock manufacturer was founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage. Schlage was headquartered in San Francisco from its inception until it relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1997. Schlage also produces high-security key and cylinder lines Primus, Everest, and Everest Primus XP. Schlage is one of the most popular brands of consumer and commercial locks in the United States. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for Schlage products can be found below. Schlage products are patented and trademarked under the brands Schlage Company, The

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Parent: Allegion (2013–present); Ingersoll Rand (1974–2013)
Founder: Walter Schlage
Founded: 1920
Company Number: 0802766654
Status: In Existence
Incorporation Date:13 July 2017 (over 4 years ago)
Company Type: Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC)JurisdictionTexas (US)BranchBranch of SCHLAGE LOCK COMPANY LLC (Delaware (US))
Registered Address:

  • 11819 N Pennsylvania St
  • Carmel
  • 46032
  • IN
  • USA

SCHLAGE FB50N B60 Single Cylinder Deadbolt and F51 Keyed Entry Flair Lever Keyed Alike Instruction Manual

SCHLAGE FB50N B60 Single Cylinder Deadbolt and F51 Keyed Entry Flair Lever Keyed Alike Keyed Entrance (F51) shown OVERVIEW Installation Instructions Check door preparation. TEMPLATE Choose a faceplate to match door. For UL functions only (CF, CS) Install latch Install outside lever or knob Install strike If necessary, switch levers. Non-Keyed Functions PLANTILLA gabarit B-Series …

SCHLAGE BE489 Smart WiFi Deadbolt User Manual

SCHLAGE BE489 Smart WiFi Deadbolt How to add or delete user codes for Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with the touchscreen (BE489) Warning: Manual programming is disabled after your lock is programmed using the Schlage Home app. If you manually program your lock and choose to later link your lock to the app, all manually …

SCHLAGE SREEAS2GR9BL Ease S2 Smart Entry Lock User Guide

SCHLAGE SREEAS2GR9BL Ease S2 Smart Entry Lock PARTS Also includes (not shown): Strike plate & screws 4 x AA Alkaline batteries Exterior assembly Interior assembly Master and User PIN codes have 4-10 digits. The default master PIN code is [12345678]. Please change it prior to programming of the lock. Preparing for installation Measure the dimension …

SCHLAGE Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt User Guide

Quick Start Guide Parts Start here! Visit: to set up and control your Schlage Encode with your smartphone. Touchscreen Communication Icon Flashes when the lock is connecting to WiFi to check for updates. Low Battey Icon Flashes after code are entered when the battery is low. Solid when the battery is critical. The …

SCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock User Guide

SCHLAGE 0274192 Ease S2 Smart Lever Lock Parts Exterior AssemblyInterior AssemblyPreparing for installation Mesure the dimensions Adjust the match ball Installation 1. Install latch on the door, ensuring the pin side of the latch is facing away from the door jamb/frame. Ensure the spindle is square. If you drilled a hole, securely tighten the post …

SCHLAGE AD-200 Offline Commercial Keypad Lock Instruction Manual

SCHLAGE AD-200 Offline Commercial Keypad Lock Installation Instructions Prepare door. IMPORTANT! See template. Additional door preparation may be required. Identify model of lock. AD-200 Printed on box label. Choose steps to perform by models listed in corner. Install door position switch (DPS). Ensure alignment on door and jamb. Route RS-485 cable and power wires. If …

SCHLAGE CO-100 Keypad Electronic Lock Instruction Manual

SCHLAGE CO-100 Keypad Electronic Lock Prepare door If insulator strip is present, carefully remove it. Install sex bolts to secure device. Install grommet. Install device per manufacturer instructions. Install spindle into assembly. Check lever handing. Install cylinder and lever. Install outside assembly Install inside assembly. Install cover and screw. Install batteries. Set up lock. After …

SCHLAGE COMAD400V3 900 MHz Communications Module User Manual

SCHLAGE COMAD400V3 900 MHz Communications Module User’s Manual -COMAD400V3 900 MHz Communications Board The communications module is a 900 MHz transceiver for electronic locks and non-lock devices. The communications module links the access device to the Access Control Management System, with feedback control to the Access Device via a wireless means. The module contains the …

SCHLAGE BE467F Smart Deadbolt Instruction Manual

Installation InstructionsSchlage Control™ Smart Deadbolt Model BE467F Tools Needed Phillips screwdriver Tape measure Optional Flathead screwdriver Torx™ screwdriver Door preparation: See template in package. Contact Product Support 1-877-671-7011. ENGAGE™ WEB & MOBILE APPLICATIONS Search for “Allegion ENGAGE” in the Apple App Store or Google Play store to download the app. Navigate to to access …

SCHLAGE FE595 Button Signals Keypad Locks User Guide

PROGRAMMING GUIDE Schlage Button Signals The color of the Schlage button indicates the status of the lock. Orange the lock is in programming mode Green a correct user code was entered the programming process is complete Red an incorrect user code was entered there was an error in programming low batteries red blinking indicates critically …