Trademark Logo LOGITECHLogitech is a computer accessories company best known for producing mice. Founded in Switzerland in 1981, it is one of the world’s largest hardware companies, and distributes products, including keyboards, remotes, speakers, and smart-home devices, in more than 100 countries. Their official website is

A directory of user manuals and instructions for Bissell products can be found below. Bissell products are patented and trademarked under the brands Logitech Europe S.A

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    7700 Gateway Blvd.
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    +1 510-795-8500
    Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PST
  • Logitech Europe S.A.
    EPFL – Quartier de l’Innovation
    Daniel Borel Innovation Center
    CH – 1015 Lausanne
    +41 (0)21 863 55 11
    +41 (0)21 863 55 12 Fax
  • Logitech Audio Group – Business Office
    4700 NW Camas Meadows Drive
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    +1 360-817-1200
    Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PT

logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard User Manual

 K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard User Manual Time to make yourself comfortable! Thank you for getting the new Ergo K860. We hope you will enjoy this ergonomic keyboard. QUICK SETUP Go to the interactive setup guide for quick setup instructions or follow the steps listed below.  Download Logitech Options to get the best experience and unlock the full potential …

logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse User Guide

logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse To adjust the weight and balance of your G502, first open the weight door by grasping the mouse firmly in your right hand and pulling the tab down with your left thumb. You can place up to five 3.6 gram weights in a number of different orientations. Experiment …

Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control Setup Guide

Logitech Harmony 350 for Universal Control Setup Specification BRAND: Logitech COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Television, DVD/Blu-ray Player CONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGY: USB MAXIMUM RANGE: 10 Meters NUMBER OF BATTERIES: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:3 x 2.4 x 8.8 inches ITEM WEIGHT: 7 ounces Introduction This used or refurbished item has undergone professional inspection and testing to ensure …

logitech Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard User Guide

logitech Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard Know your product Tablet holder Battery holder (two Lithium coin batteries pre-installed) Hot keys Keyboard Bluetooth® and battery status light Product documentation Setting up the keyboard case Getting started Pull the battery tab away from the keyboard: Open the keyboard case, make sure the edge of your …

logitech H390 USB Computer Headset User Guide

H390 USB Computer Headset User GuideH390 Setup Guide KNOW YOUR PRODUCT IN-LINE CONTROLLER     CONNECTING THE HEADSET Plug the USB-A connector into the computer USB port HEADSET FIT To adjust headset size, move the headband up and down until it fits comfortably Move the microphone boom up or down until it is level with your …

logitech Stylus Pen for Education Instructions

LOGITECH PEN DEPLOYMENT BEST PRACTICES UNPACKING & SCANNING The brown box contains 10 Logitech Pen styluses, each in its own bag. Open the brown box, remove each wrapped stylus and take it out of the bag. Record the unique serial number marked directly on each stylus for asset management and warranty purposes. INITIAL CHARGING Plug …

logitech 991-000419 Rally Bar Plus Tap IP Graphite Bundle for Video Meeting Rooms Instruction Manual

Rally Bar + Tap IP  Add video conferencing to any mid- size meeting room with this video conferencing appliance kit featuring the all-in-one Logitech Rally Bar and the 10.1” Logitech Tap IP touch controller. Easy to install and set up for Zoom Rooms or RingCentral Rooms. WHAT’S IN THE BOX Rally Bar Rally Bar video …

logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset User Guide

logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset WHAT’S INCLUDE FEATURES Microphone mute toggle Volume wheel Power switch USB C charging port Microphone HEADSET SETUP Connect microphone to headset Plug receiver into USB port Turn on power switch Download and install optional software HEADSET OPERATION Microphone mute toggle Microphone is active when red …

logitech FITS Ear Tips User Guide

FITS EAR TIPS SETUP GUIDE QUICK START To mold your Logitech G FITS tips, follow these steps. Eartips are light sensitive Set up promptly after opening. Go to the Logitech G FITS app for guided set up. Select MOLD NEW TIPS under SUPPORT, the app will walk you through the rest. ©2022 Logitech. Logitech …