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A directory of user manuals and instructions for KMC CONTROLS products can be found below. KMC CONTROLS products are patented and trademarked under brands KMC Controls, Inc.

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KMC CONTROLS HPO-6700 Series Output Override Boards Installation Guide

Learn how to enhance your controller output options with the HPO-6700 Series Output Override Boards. This user manual covers installation instructions and usage details for the HPO-6701, HPO-6703, and HPO-6705 models. These boards provide manual control and large relays for devices that cannot be powered directly from a standard output.

KMC CONTROLS BAC-12xx36 3 Relays FlexStat Temperature Sensor Installation Guide

This installation guide provides instructions for mounting and wiring the BAC-12xx36 3 Relays FlexStat Temperature Sensor, along with troubleshooting tips. Learn how to select and configure the appropriate model for your application and optimize temperature sensor performance. Compatible with the BAC-12xx36/13xx36/14xx36 series only.

KMC CONTROLS BAC-5900 Series BACnet Purpose Controller Installation Guide

Learn how to mount and wire the KMC CONTROLS BAC-5900 Series BACnet Purpose Controller with ease. This user manual includes step-by-step instructions and color-coded terminal blocks for easy installation. Discover how to connect sensors and equipment to the BAC-5901 controller for optimal performance.

KMC CONTROLS EIA-485 Network Wire Recommendations Owner’s Manual

This technical bulletin on EIA-485 Network Wire Recommendations provides information to ensure good network performance for KMC CONTROLS BACnet and KMDigital devices. The recommended wire types and specifications are listed, along with downloadable documents for further information. Model numbers for recommended cables are included.

KMC CONTROLS BAC-12xx63 FlexStat Room Controllers and Sensors Installation Guide

Learn how to install and operate the BAC-12xx63, BAC-13xx63, and BAC-14xx63 FlexStat Room Controllers and Sensors from KMC CONTROLS. These thermostats are compatible with building automation systems and can control HVAC equipment using the BACnet protocol. This user manual provides detailed product information, dimensions, and installation instructions for optimum performance.

KMC CONTROLS BAC-5051E Router User Guide

The KMC Controls BAC-5051E Router Application Guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to configure, control, tune and monitor an AFMS system. This guide covers everything from setting up AFMS parameters to accessing the damper characterization table and interpreting AFMS faults. Discover how to optimize your AFMS system with this detailed application guide.

KMC CONTROLS AG230215A AFMS Commander Installation Guide

This KMC Controls user manual provides an application guide for managing a KMC Conquest AFMS with the AG230215A AFMS Commander. Learn how to set up and calibrate the AFMS, control airflow, monitor operations, and access damper characterization data. Discover how the KMC Commander AFMS module can help configure, control, tune, and monitor your KMC Conquest Airflow Measurement System.

KMC CONTROLS SAE-1011 Room Carbon Dioxide Transmitter Instruction Manual

Learn how to install and commission the SAE-1011 Room Carbon Dioxide Transmitter with these detailed installation instructions. This device is equipped with advanced technology for long-term accuracy and reliability, making it ideal for various applications. Optional features include a control relay and up/down setpoint control for added versatility. Ensure proper installation to avoid product damage and personal injury.

KMC CONTROLS BAC-12xxxx FlexStat Controllers Sensors Instructions

The BAC-12xxxx FlexStat Controllers Sensors user manual provides detailed instructions on how to configure and utilize this versatile controller and sensor package. With temperature sensing as standard and optional humidity, motion, and CO2 sensing, the BAC-12xxxx/13xxxx Series can replace multiple competitor models, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of HVAC control applications.