Starbound Keyboard Controls [PC] Layout

Game Window hotkeys Hotkey Game Window Description Menu Icon [C] Crafting Window Crafting Schematics are listed and allows access to crafting. Crafting windows are colored blue. [I] Inventory/Armor Inventory storage, tech and armor equip screen, pet storage. Inventory windows are colored green. [J] Quest Journal List of active, completed, and failed quests and details. The quest window […]

Assassin’s Creed 4 Keyboard Controls Layout Guide

Controls Fast Walk/Jump/Break Defense Spacebar Interact/Counter E Assassinate/Melee Weapon Left Mouse Button Tool F Map Menu Tab Free Aim Right Mouse Button Reload R Free Run Shift Island Information Mouse Scroll Button Move Forward W Move Backward S Move Left A Move Right D Pan Camera Up Up Arrow Pan Camera Down Down Arrow Pan […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PC Keyboard Controls

W, A, S, D – Movement F – Interact Space – Jump/Stand/Mantle C – Crouch/Slide Left Ctrl – Prone Left Shift – Sprint/Steady Aim Alt – Walk Mouse – Aim/Look Left-Click – Fire Weapon Right-Click – Aim Down Sight Mouse Wheel Up or 2 – Next Weapon Mouse Wheel Down or 1 – Previous Weapon […]

Valorant Keyboard Control Guide

Keyboard controls Command Key Movement Forward W Backward S Strafe Left A Strafe Right D Default Movement Mode Walk Walk Left Shift Jump Space Bar Crouch Left Ctrl Toggle Crouch On Equipment Fire Left Mouse Button Alternate Fire Right Mouse Button Aim Down Sights Hold Sniper Rifle Aim Hold Operator Zoom Cycle Auto Re-enter Scope […]