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Below you will find a directory of user manuals, instructions, and guides for Homedics products, and products produced in collaboration with the Homedics brands. Homedics products are covered under trademarks and patents owned by Michigan based Homedics Inc and FKA Distributing Co LLC


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Homedics HHP-720 Therapist Prime Plus Percussion massager Instruction Manual

The Homedics HHP-720 Therapist Prime Plus Percussion Massager user manual provides essential safety instructions, usage guidelines, and warnings to ensure the safe and proper use of the Plus Percussion Massager. Follow these instructions to avoid electric shocks, burns, or injury, especially when children are present.

HoMEDiCS BPA-3020-EU Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Instruction Manual

Get the HoMedics BPA-3020-EU Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor user manual for reliable and accurate readings. This digital monitor measures blood pressure and heartbeat rate with an arm circumference ranging from 22cm to 42cm. Learn about its features, indications for use, and safety information in this comprehensive guide.

HoMEDiCS UHE-WMTF185 TotalComfort Ultrasonic Humidifier Instruction Manual

Keep your home comfortable with the HoMEDiCS UHE-WMTF185 TotalComfort Ultrasonic Humidifier. Follow important safety instructions for proper use and avoid risks of burns, electric shock, or injury. Read the user manual, handle the water tank carefully, and always unplug when moving or filling. Ensure a healthy environment by using as intended and with recommended attachments. Stay safe and comfortable with the TotalComfort Ultrasonic Humidifier.