Electric Rides Electric scooter User Manual

Electric Rides Electric scooter SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS An electric scooter is sporting entertainment tool that is not a vehicle, but one you drive it into a public area, it will also have a vehicle property, so there are also possible safety risks for all modes of transport. Strictly follow the instructions in this manual to drive […]

Electric Rides Electric Scooter User Manual

Electric Scooter -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8- -9- 4 : Do not press power throttle to accelerate when going downhill. -10- -11- 4 : During high-speed driving, do not swing the scooter body or turn the handlebar a lot. -12- -13- -14- -15- 25-30KM/35-40KM -16- 1.Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid […]