Launch Studio Checklist Datasheet

Launch Studio Qualifying your Bluetooth product Getting Started Checklist In order to make available a product that implements Bluetooth® technology and/or uses any of the Bluetooth trademarks (including the word “Bluetooth”), you must become a member of Bluetooth SIG and complete the Bluetooth Qualification Process using Launch Studio. Launch Studio is designed to take the […]

Launch Studio Project for Qualification Upgrade Program (QUP) Instruction Manual

Step-by-Step Guide: Create and Prepare Bluetooth® Launch Studio Project for Qualification Upgrade Program (QUP) – Qualification with No Required Testing Use this guide for help upgrading your qualification to the latest version of the core specification when you have upgraded your product to the latest version and your qualification proposed to be upgraded (the “Existing […]

SAP and Remote Network Access Instruction Manual

SAP AND REMOTE NETWORK ACCESS Revision History Revision: Date: Description D05r01: 29 November 2011: Initial Draft D05r02: 30 November 2011: Editorials D05r03: 20 February 2012: Editorials D05r04: 27 March 2012: Changes after CWG review D05r05: 11 April 2012: Changes after 2nd CWG review D05r06: 22 May 2012: Changes after BARB review D05r07: 25 May 2012: […]

Improving A2DP Audio Quality Instruction Manual

IMPROVING A2DP AUDIO QUALITY Revision History Revision: Date: Description D05r01: 23-11-2009: 1st draft to show possible outline of document D05r02: 14-12-2009: 2nd draft, with detailed added for 1st time review from AVWG. D05r03 :14-12-2009: Include changes suggested by John and Rudiger. Better wording need for using AVRCP volume control in preference to changing the loudness […]

Enhancing Bluetooth Location Services Instruction Manual

Enhancing Bluetooth Location Services with Direction Finding Executive Summary The market opportunity for Bluetooth® location services has grown rapidly over the last few years, with industry forecasts now predicting over 400 million products in this solution area shipping per year by 2022¹. Today, Bluetooth point of interest (PoI) information solutions are enhancing the visitor experience […]