BaByliss PRO, The World’s Leading Provider of Professional Styling Tools. BaBylissPRO has been producing innovative, high-performance professional styling tools for more than 50 years. Chosen by hairdressers, barbers, and their clients throughout the world, BaBylissPRO styling tools are versatile and engineered to last. Their official website is BaByliss PROcom.

A directory of user manuals and instructions for BaByliss PRO products can be found below. BaByliss PRO products are patented and trademarked under brand BaByliss PRO.

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BaByliss PRO BABNT100TBN Professional Taper Iron Instruction Manual

Ensure safe and effective use of BaByliss PRO's Taper Iron with the BABNT100TBN and BABNT125TBN model numbers. Read the instructions thoroughly before use and follow safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury or electric shock. This professional-use iron operates on 120 volts AC and is not recommended for children or individuals with certain disabilities.

BaByliss PRO BABNT2071N Nano Titanium U Styler Instructions

Learn how to safely and effectively use the BaByliss PRO BABNT2071N Nano Titanium U Styler with these instructions. This professional-grade U styler is hot when in use, so follow all safety precautions. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces and never use while sleeping. Use only as intended and read all instructions before using. Keep away from water.

BaByliss PRO BABNT2091TN Nano Titanium Professional Straightener Instructions

The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Professional Straightener, available in models BABNT2091TN and BABNT2094TN, is a powerful tool for achieving sleek, straight hair. Before use, read the instruction book carefully to ensure safety. Follow basic precautions such as keeping the appliance away from water, using it only as intended, and not leaving it unattended while plugged in.