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ATTENTIONS & Return Policy

  1. After installation, in order to ensure that the chair can work normally, please follow the steps below to check:
    1. Check all the cables are connected correctly.
    2. Check if the cables under the seat is loosed or not.
    3. Check if the light of the transformer is on.
    4. Check if the light of remote is on.
    5. Make sure the motor have a weak buzz (48 decibel) if the three above steps are normal.
    6. Use some lubricant on the joints motor and mechanism of the chair.
  2. If the chair does not work properly, please tell us your checking result. It is best to shoot video and send it to our email, we can understand your problem faster and more accurately. Any questions or concerns, please contact us:
    Phone: 888-370-5534 ,E-mail: [email protected] Website :
    our engineer will see where is wrong with the chair and provide you a satisfied solution. (If the parts were broken, we would like to send the replacement parts to you.)
  3. Return Policy: 
    1. please contact the customer service(888-370-5534) (provide the packing picture, we will handle the return process for you more quickly);
    2. please use the original carton to return the goods ensuring that the cartons are in good condition;
    3. if the above two points are met, we accept the return, otherwise, our warehouse will reject the goods


Founded in 2001, CANMOV is a company specializing in living-room furniture. It researches, develops, manufactures and sells upholstered furniture with the aim to build a comfortable and eco-friendly environment. Motion – our brand core conception, ergonomics and comfort, which is the most extraordinary beauty in the upholstered furniture. CANMOV devotes to provide high quality sofa enjoyment for millions in the world by its simplified American style design. We believe that design can always light up your life. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us,we will reply within 24 hours.

Phone: 888-370-5534 ,E-mail: [email protected] Website :

Product Specifications

Recliner: reclines the chair to 135 degrees, back and footrest work together fully powered by the remote to release the built-in footrest.canmov fig 1

LIFT MECHANISM: push the entire chair up from its base to help the senior to stand.canmov fig 2

Deluxe Design: this lift chair is the perfect companion for any media room or living room.canmov fig 3

FITTING LISTcanmov fig 4


  • STEP 1: Place the Chair Seat (A) on its back on a flat smooth surface. Remove out the bag that holding a rectangle box. Take out the Transformer(C) & Power Cable (D) from the rectangle carton box, and the Supporting Foot(E) & Screw(F) & Gasket(G) & Remote Control(H) from the bag.canmov fig 5
  • STEP 2: Assembly the two Supporting Feet (E) on the bottom of mechanismcanmov fig 6
  • STEP 3: Attach Chair Back (B) to Chair Seat (A) by aligning the metal grooves on backrest to brackets on the main frame as shown. Ensure the Chair Back (B) slides down fully over the brackets on the Chair Seat (A).canmov fig 7
  • STEP 4: Connect the Transformer (C) with the Power Cable (D) and connect the Remote Control (H) with the power cable in the side pocket.canmov fig 8



Maintenance Instructions

  • Rotate reversible cushions regularly.Turn over and rotate.canmov fig 10
  • Vacuum your furniture regularly with upholstery toolscanmov fig 11
  • Do not expose your furniture to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.canmov fig 12
  • Do not place your furniture close to a radiator or similar heat source.canmov fig 13

ATTENTIONScanmov fig 14canmov fig 15canmov fig 16canmov fig 17

We believe that design can always light up your life.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us,we will reply within 24 hours.

Phone: 888-370-5534 ,E-mail: [email protected] Website :

Documents / Resources

CANMOV Camel Microfiber Remote Control Power Lift Recliner [pdf] User Manual
Camel Microfiber Remote Control Power Lift Recliner

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