Llegiu aquestes instruccions abans d’utilitzar el vostre aparell i conserveu-les per a futures consultes.


precaució ATENCIÓ
advertència 4
Icona d’avís elèctric El llamp amb el símbol de la punta de la fletxa, dins d’un triangle equilàter, està destinat a alertar l’usuari de la presència de volums perillosos no aïllatstage within the product an enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock. advertència 2 El signe d'exclamació dins d'un equilàter
El triangle pretén alertar l'usuari
the presence of important operating and
maintenance (servicing) instructions in the
the literature accompanying the TV.

ADVERTÈNCIA: Per reduir el risc de foc o descàrrega elèctrica, no exposeu aquest aparell a la pluja ni a la humitat.

Avís de seguretat

Before operating the unit, please read through this manual.

  • Do not place the unit on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, table, or shelf.
  • Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight and other sources of heat.
  • Do not handle liquids near or on the unit.
  • Never spill liquid of any kind into the unit
  • Do not put the unit near appliances that create magnetic fields.
  • Do not put heavy objects on top of the unit.
  • Do not place the unit near or over a radiator or a heater register.
  • If your unit is suddenly moved from a cold to a warm place, unplug the power cord for at least two hours so that moisture that may have formed inside the unit can dry completely.
  • Do not expose the machine in rain, damp or place near water.
  • Ensure the indoor drying, cool.
  • Keep the ventilation openings clear.
    ADVERTÈNCIA (Only applicable to models over 7kg) Never place a television set in an unstable location. A television set may fall, causing serious personal injury or death. Many injuries, particularly to children, can be avoided by taking simple precautions such as:
  • Utilitzar armaris o suports recomanats pel fabricant del televisor.
  • Ús només de mobles que suportin el televisor de manera segura.
  • Assegurar-se que el televisor no supera la vora dels mobles de suport.
  • No col·locar el televisor en mobles alts (per exemple,amp(armaris o prestatgeries) sense ancorar tant el mobiliari com el televisor a un suport adequat.
  • No col·locar el televisor sobre tela o altres materials que es puguin situar entre el televisor i els mobles de suport.
  • Educar els nens sobre els perills de pujar als mobles per arribar al televisor o als seus controls. Si es conserva i es reubica el televisor existent, s’han d’aplicar les mateixes consideracions que les anteriors.


  1. Llegiu aquestes instruccions.
  2. Conserveu aquestes instruccions.
  3. Atenció a totes les advertències.
  4. Seguiu totes les instruccions.
  5. No utilitzeu aquest aparell prop de l'aigua. Per example, do not use near a laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, and the like.
  6. Netejar només amb un drap sec.
  7. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Slots and openings in the cabinet back or bottom are provided for ventilation, to ensure reliable operation of the TV and to protect it from overheating. These openings must not be blocked or covered. The openings should never be blocked by placing the TV on a bed, sofa, rug, or another similar surface.
  8. No instal·leu a prop de fonts de calor, com ara radiadors, registres de calor, estufes o altres aparells (inclòs ampelevadors) que produeixen calor.
  9. No derroteu l’objectiu de seguretat de l’endoll polaritzat o de terra. Un endoll polaritzat té dues fulles amb una més ampla que l’altra. Un endoll tipus terra té dues fulles i una tercera punta de terra. La fulla ampla o la tercera punta són proporcionades per a la vostra seguretat. Si l'endoll proporcionat no s'adapta a la vostra presa de corrent, consulteu un electricista per substituir la presa obsoleta.
  10. Protegiu el cable d’alimentació perquè no es pugui caminar o pessigar, especialment als endolls, endolls i el punt on surten de l’aparell.
  11. Utilitzeu només accessoris i accessoris especificats pel fabricant.
  12. símbolUse only with cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table specified by the manufacturer, or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over. A TV and cart combination should be moved with care. Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may cause the TV and cart combination to overturn.
  13. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. For added protection for this TV receiver during a lightning storm, or when it is left unused for long periods of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna or cable system. This will prevent damage to the TV due to lightning and power-line surges.
  14. Consulteu tots els serveis a personal de servei qualificat. El manteniment es requereix quan l’aparell s’ha danyat d’alguna manera, com si el cable d’alimentació o l’endoll estiguessin danyats, s’hagi vessat líquid o hagin caigut objectes a l’aparell, s’hagi exposat a la pluja o a la humitat, no funcioni amb normalitat , o s'ha deixat caure.
  15. This TV should be operated only from the type of power supply indicated on the rating label. If the customer is not sure the type of power supply in your home, consult your appliance dealer or local power company. For TV remote control battery power, refer to the operating instructions.
  16. The TV set shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing. No objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the TV set.
  17. No introduïu mai cap tipus d’objecte dins d’aquest televisor per les obertures, ja que poden tocar volums perillosostage or other electrical parts that could result in fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind into the TV.
  18. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aero cleaners. Use a damp drap per netejar.
  19. This TV should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat resource. This TV should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer’s instructions have been adhered to.
  20. Do not place this TV on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table. The TV may fall, causing serious injury to someone, and serious damage to the appliance.
  21. Do not attempt to service this TV by yourself because opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous high voltage or other hazards. Refer all sen/icing to qualified service personnel.
  22. Please do the static electricity prevention and panel protection measures before overhaul, avert damage to the panel and mainboard sensitive element, ex. IC etc.
  23. ADVERTÈNCIA: Per evitar lesions, aquest aparell ha d’estar ben fixat al terra / paret d’acord amb les instruccions d’instal·lació.


Check Accessories
Check the accessories that are packed with your TV. Check the accessories that are packed with your TV.

TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - packed

Guia d'instal·lació de l'estand
The TV is packaged with the TV stand separated from the cabinet. To set up the TV table stand, please carry out the installation according to the instructions below.

  1. The panel can be scratched easily, so please: Place a soft cloth on the table and place the TV face down on the cloth.
    Nota: Always unplug the AC cord first when installing/removing the stand.
  2. Take the base. Please align the screw holes of the base and the TV, and then insert the screws into the holes on the base and tighten them.
    Nota: To ensure that the TV is stable, please lock all screws.
    TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - Stand

Nota: Picture for reference purposes only.


VESA 200 x 200 mm Screws: M6x8mm, 4pcs

Nota: The length of the screw specified is only a recommendation; actual length required can vary depending on the type of wall mount used.



  1. Do not set up the wall mount by yourself. Please contact qualified professionals for installation.
  2. The TV should not be mounted on walls or surfaces which have an angle more than 10 degrees with the vertical direction. Otherwise, the TV set may fall.
  3. The walls for mounting must have enough strength to hold the whole weight of the TV set. For example, concrete walls and brickwork are eligible. Do not place the mount on soft walls such as earth walls and plasterboard.
  4. If spare parts of different specifications (such as screws) are used during mounting, consult with qualified professionals to make sure these parts are safe and effective.
  5. Before attaching the base to the wall, ensure the holes for anchors are in keeping with the installing rules. Otherwise, there may exist some potential problems.
  6. Do not place any heating source under your television. Or else, it can cause a fire.
  7. Do not place the TV near anything dripping. Transducers and high voltage wires should be kept far away from the apparatus too. Or else, it may cause creepage, electric shock, or bad resonance.
  8. Do not place the TV in a location where collision or vibration is liable to happen.
  9. In order to avoid unexpected falling of the TV set, do not put any strong force on the TV or wall mount after installing.
  10. Be sure to unplug the TV before installing. Keep anything hard or sharp away from the screen panel to prevent scuffing.
  11. After installing, if there is any need to move the cabinet, please contact qualified professionals.



SCART: Connect to receive the signal from your antenna or cable via coaxial cable.
RF(T2/S2): Connecteu-vos per rebre el senyal de la vostra antena o cable mitjançant un cable coaxial.
HDMI: (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Provides an uncompressed digital connection.
PERSUADIR: Sortida de so de TV digital.
CI: CI card reader.
MINI AV: Connect the Audio / Video output jack of the DVD or VCR.
MINI YPbPr: Connect the YPbPr output jack of the DVD or VCR.
USB: Connecteu el dispositiu USB, com ara el disc flaix, per accedir a la funció multimèdia del televisor.
AURICULAR: Connect a 3.5 mm headset for personal audio.



  1. PODER ( Robot aspirador AiRROBO P10 - icona) /OK: In the off mode, Short press to turn on the TV. In the on mode, Short press to achieve OK function, long press to achieve POWER function. ENERGIA ( Robot aspirador AiRROBO P10 - icona): Turns the TV on and off.
    D'ACORD: Enter and confirm.
  2. VOL-: Decreases the volume. In the TV menu system, it acts like the left arrow on the remote control and can be used to select menu options.
  3. VOL +: Increases the volume. In the TV menu system, it acts like the right arrow on the remote control and can be used to select menu options.
  4. MENU/CH-: Short press to achieve CH- function, long press to achieve MENU function. MENU: Displays the TV Main Menu.
    CH-: Scans down through the channel list. In the TV menu system, it acts like the down arrow on the remote control and can be used to select menu options.
  5. INPUT/CH+: Short press to achieve CH+ function, long press to achieve INPUT function.
    ENTRADA: Displays the Source Select List.
    CH +: Scans up through the channel list. In the TV menu system, it acts like the up arrow on the remote control and can be used to select menu options.
    Panell frontal
    Power/Standby Indicator: Blue and red dual-color LED. It shows red when the TV is turned off and blue when turned on. Remote Control Sensor: Remote control IR sensor, which receives infrared ray sent by remote control.
    Power/Standby Indicator Remote Control Sensor
    TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - Front Panel


Inserting Batteries in the Remote

  1. Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the remote control by lifting the cover.
  2. Insert 2AAA batteries. Make sure the polarities(+and-) are aligned correctly.
  3. Torneu a posar la coberta.

If the remote control does not work, check these points:

  • Are the polarities (+, -) correct?
  • Are the batteries worn out?
  • Is there an AC power failure?
  • El cable d'alimentació està endollat?
  • Is there any interference or block near the remote control sensor?
  • Used batteries should be recycled.
  • Mantingueu-lo fora de l'abast dels nens.
  • DO NOT use new and old batteries together.
  • Change both the batteries at the same time.
  • When not using the remote control for a long time, remove the batteries from the unit.
    Advertència: All batteries (packed or in use) must not be exposed to high temperatures like sun heat or fire.

Remote Control Reception Angle
Use your remote control within the distance and angle range shown below.
TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - Control



ENERGIA ( Robot aspirador AiRROBO P10 - icona): Turns the TV on or switches it to Standby.
MUT ( ): Reduces the TV volume to its minimum level. Press again to restore the volume.
BOTONS NÚMEROS: Press 0-9 select a TV channel directly when you are watching TV. “-/–“: Set up the digit of the channel.
Recordar ( ): Returns to the previous channel.
AUDIO: Switch the audio channel in DVD or multimedia mode.
FAV-./FAV+.: Scan up or down through the current favorite channel list. FAV: Show favorite channel list.
CH + or CH-: To access the next or previous channels.
VOL + Or VOL-: Increases or decreases the TV volume. P. MODE: Switches between the preset picture mode. S.MODE: Switches between the preset sound mode.
ENTRADA: Accesses the available input channels, Use the arrows to highlight options, and press OK to select.
DORMIR: Selects the sleep timer, after which the TV will shut off automatically.
ASPECTE: Switches between the preset screen size mode.
INFO: Press to display the current program information on the screen.
Les fletxes (Esquerra /Dret/Up /Sota): Uses the four arrows to highlight different items in the TV menu or change the value.
D'ACORD: Enter and confirm button.
MENÚ: Accesses the Main Menu, or return to the upper level of a sub-menu.
SORTIDA: Exits the current menu or function.
TEXT: To enter Teletext mode. Teletext is not broadcast in New Zealand.
ÍNDEX: To display the index page.
MIX/T: TV and TXT pictures are mixed together in transparent background. Press to activate the Time Shift function in Digital TV mode, for delayed viewing.
REVELACIÓ: The Teletext mode-To reveal or hide the hidden words.
MANTENIR Teletext mode-Hode current page which is displayed.
SUBPÀGINA: Sub-coded page access.
TALLA: Canvieu la mida de la pantalla en mode de teletext.
CANCEL · LAR: To cancel the display.
SUB-T: Display caption information
TV / RÀDIO: Switch between TV and radio. (Used for models with DTV function only)
REC: Personal video record button. A USB memory device must be connected to the USB port for recording.
EPG: Shows Electronic Program Guide.
RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE: Use add-on functions in the OSD menu.
minka Aire F848 CL 65 Inch Light Wave Ceiling Fan - icon5fer una pausa : Stop and play or pause media files;
 Botó TUNING 2: Fast review and fast forward.
Botó TUNING 2 : Select the previous or the next media file.


  • All pictures In this manual are examples, only for reference, the actual product may differ from the pictures.
  • The buttons not mentioned here are not used.


Encesa i apagada
Connect the AC cord to power the TV. At this time the TV will enter standby mode and the power indicator will turn red.
Use the Power button (Robot aspirador AiRROBO P10 - icona ) on the side panel of the TV or on the remote control to turn on the TV. After switching off the TV for 5 seconds, you can turn on the TV again.

Ajusteu la pantalla OSD
  • Premeu el botó MENÚ botó per mostrar el MENÚ OSD PRINCIPAL;
  • PremsaEsquerra /Dretbutton to select the MENU you want;
  • Premeu el botó OK botó per entrar al submenú i premeu MENÚ botó per tornar al menú anterior.
  • Premsa Up /Sotathe button to select the option and then press the OK button to enter the submenu, pressEsquerra /Dretbutton to adjust the value, or press Esquerra /Dretbutton to select in the sub-menu;
    Podeu prémer el botó MENÚ botó per desar i tornar al menú anterior, i premeu Sortida botó per sortir de tot el menú.
Seleccioneu la font d'entrada TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - app1
  • Premeu el botó ENTRADA botó per mostrar la llista de fonts d'entrada;
  • Premsa Up /Sotabutton to select the input source you want to watch;
  • Premeu el botó OK button to enter the input source.


Configuració del menúTESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - MENU

Premeu el botó MENÚ botó per mostrar el MENÚ OSD PRINCIPAL:
canal: Used for channel searching and edit, it’s only available in TV input.
You can choose to automatically search, or choose to manually search according to your needs.
Imatge: Used for TV picture effect adjusting.
Per example Picture mode, color temperature, and so on.
So: Used for TV sound effect adjusting.
Per example Sound mode, Balance, and so on.
Temps: Used for TV time effect adjusting.
Per example OSD Time, Sleep Time, and so on.
configuració: Used for TV additional options.
Per example, OSD Language, Reset, and so on.
Bloqueig: Used for TV Lock effect adjusting.
Per example System Lock, Channel Lock, and so on.
Nota: When the “Lock” function is set, if the System Lock is on, please input the password to unlock, the default password is 0000.

For more settings, please refer to the menu settings.

Media Operation
Note: Before operating the MEDIA menu, Plug in a USB device or memory card.
PremsaUp /Sotabutton to select Media Player on the Home Page, and then press the “OK” button to enter.
You can browse multimedia files by selecting PHOTOS, MUSIC, MOVIE, or TEXT. Then press the “ ” button to start playing.TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV - app2

  1.  PremsaEsquerra /Dretbutton to select the option that you want to adjust in the Media menu, then press OK or  button to enter.
  2. PremsaEsquerra /Dretbutton to adjust or pressEsquerra /Dretbutton to select.
  3. After finishing your adjustment, press the MENU button to save and return back to the previous menu and press the EXIT button to exit the entire menu.


If there are any problems when using the product, please consult the list below. If the list does not solve the problem, call our Customer Service Center Immediately.

Problema Solució
The TV can’t be turned on. Make sure the AC cord Is Plugged In.
Check the wall outlet, make sure the AC output works normally and stably.
Select the Key Lock function In the OPTIONS menu and press OK to uncheck the locking status.
No picture or sound but the TV is on and there is a “No Signal” sign-on screen. Are you trying to use an Input source with no device connected to It? For using another video/audio device, make sure the external device works normally first, then press Source and choose the right Input source.
The signal type option may be set Incorrectly.
The channel may be blank. Try to search the channel again or change to another channel.
The sound is fine, but the picture is poor. If you can only get black and white pictures from an external device that you’ve connected to your TV, maybe It Is due to the video cables Is not connected well, or they are connected wrongly. Check the connection stability first, then check the correctness.
For AV input, the yellow video cable connects to the yellow Video In jack on the side of your TV. For Component input, the three Y, Pb, Pr video cables (red, blue, and green) should be connected to the corresponding input jacks on the side of your TV.
Check the antenna connections. Make sure all of the cables are firmly connected to the TV jack on side of your TV.
Try adjusting the color features to improve.
No hi ha so, però la imatge està bé. The sound might be muted. Try pressing the MUTE button to restore sound.
For using AV or Component, remember to connect the device’s left and right audio output correctly. The left channel cable is white and the right channel cable is red. Please match the cables and jacks according to their colors.
És possible que la configuració del so no estigui configurada correctament.
If your audio source has only one jack or is a (mono) audio source, make sure you have plugged the connection into the Audio In L jack (white) on the TV.
The buttons on the side panel don’t work. Unplug the TV from the AC power for 10 minutes and then plug it back in. Turn the 1V on and try again.
The TVtums off unexpectedly. The electronic protection circuit may have been activated because of a power surge. Wait 30 seconds and then turn the 1V on again. If this happens frequently, the voltage in your house may be abnormal. If the
other electronic equipment in your home can’t work normally, consult qualified service personnel.
The Remote control doesn’t work. Something might be blocking between the remote control and the remote sensor on the front panel of the N. Make sure there is a clear path.
The remote may not be aimed directly at the N.
És possible que les bateries del comandament a distància siguin dèbils, esgotades o s’instal·lin incorrectament. Poseu bateries noves al comandament.


model: 50Q310BU
Vídeo avi, M PEG
Música mp3
Foto jpg, jpeg, BMP, png
Resolució de pantalla 3840 × 2160
Voltage 100-240V-50/60 Hz
Consum nominal d’energia 115W



TESLA 50Q310BU 4K Ultra HD TV [pdf] Guia d'usuari
50Q310BU, 4K Ultra HD TV

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