RF 2.4G RGB/RGBW LED SPI Controller Set
Model No.: SC + R9
SC control LED lights with the following 32 kinds compatible ICs: TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, WS2811,WS2812, TM1829, TLS3001, TLS3002, GW6205, MBI6120, TM1814B, SK6812, UCS8904B, LPD6803, LPD1101, D705, UCS6909, UCS6912, LPD8803, LPD8806, WS2801, WS2803, P9813, SK9822, TM1914A.
By RF remote controls you can select from a variety of dynamic lighting effects, adjust changing speed and brightness, set control pixels quantity, adjust RGB sequence, select IC type etc. you can also customize two kinds of scene modes to bring you fantastic color.


  • Mini-style RF 2.4G multi-pixel RGB/RGBW controller with SPI signal output.
  •  Output SPI signal to control a variety of digital LED lights with the compatible ICs listed above. IC type and R/G/B order can be set through the Remote.
  •  Adopteu tecnologia sense fils de 2.4 GHz, distància remota fins a 30m.
  • Built in 32 dynamic modes, including horse-race, chase, flow, trail, gradual change style.

Paràmetre tècnic

Comandament LED       Receptor LED 

  • Output signal: RF(2.4GHz):  Input voltage: 5-24 VDC
  • Voltage : 3VDC(CR2032): Output signal: SPI (DATA / CLK)
  • Standby time: 2 years: Output dots: 1024 Max
  • Remote distance: 30m: Size: L97×W33×H18mm
  • Mides: L107 × W58.5 × H9mm



Match guide

  1. Match: Short press match key of the receiver, within 5s, press on/off key of the remote.
  2.  Delete: Long press match key of the receiver for 5s, delete all matched remote.

Instruccions d'interfície


Funció remota


  • Mode+/-: Short press switch dynamic mode built-in controller, long press 2s Mode+ run mode cycle, long press 2s Mode- run the first mode. The remote is default 10 dynamic mode, when match with SPI controller which has 32 dynamic modes, please long press 2s Mode+ key firstly.
  • Speed+/-: Adjust dynamic mode speed, short press 10 levels, long press 2s get the fastest / slowest speed.
  • Bright+/-: Adjust brightness, short press 10 levels, long press 1-5s for continuous 256 levels adjustment.
  • R/G/B+/-: Adjust R/G/B brightness respectively, short press 10 levels, long press 1-5s for continuous 256 levels adjustment.
  • White: Adjust white color, short press turn on/off white(RGB mix), long press 1-5s for continuous 256 levels saturation adjustment.
  • Scene: Two scene memory, short press recall the scene, long press 2s save the current color into the scene.

Diagrama de cablejat
SC Connect with SPI spot light(TM1803)


SC Connect with SPI spotlight(TM1803)


RGB change mode list

No. Nom No. Nom No. Nom
1 Carrera de cavalls vermells de terra blanca 12 persecució Blau Blanc 23 Flotador morat
2 Carrera de cavalls verd de terra blanca 13 persecució de cian verd 24 Flotador RGBW
3 Carrera de cavalls blau de fons blanc 14 persecució RGB 25 Flotador groc vermell
4 Terra blava cursa de cavalls groc 15 persecució de 7 colors 26 Flotador cian verd
5 Terra blava de carrera de cavalls cian 16 Meteor blau 27 Flotador blau morat
6 Terra blava cursa de cavalls porpra 17 Meteor porpra 28 Flotador Blau Blanc
7 Carrera de cavalls de 7 colors 18 Meteor blanc 29 Flotador de 6 colors
8 Cursa de cavalls de 7 colors tanca + oberta 19 Meteor de 7 colors 30 6 colors suaus en seccions
9 Cursa de cavalls de 7 colors tanca + oberta 20 Flotador vermell 31 Salt de 7 colors en secció
10 Escaneig de 7 colors tancar + obrir 21 Flotador verd 32 Estroboscòpic de 7 colors en secció
11 Escaneig múltiple de 7 colors tancar + obrir 22 Flotador blau

Tipus IC compatible

No. Tipus IC Output  signal
1 TM1803 DATA
2 TM1809,TM1804,TM1812,UCS1903,UCS1909,UCS1912, UCS2903,UCS2909,UCS2912,WS2811,WS2812 DATA
3 TM1829 DATA
4 TLS3001,TLS3002 DATA
5 GW6205 DATA
6 MBI6120 DATA
8 SK6812 (RGBW) DATA
10 LPD6803,LPD1101,D705,UCS6909,UCS6912 DADES, CLK
11 LPD8803, LPD8806 DADES, CLK
12 WS2801, WS2803 DADES, CLK
13 P9813 DADES, CLK
14 SK9822 DADES, CLK
15 TM1914A DATA
16 GS8206, GS8208 DATA

Use remote set SPI digital LED strip

  •  Estableix la longitud de la tira de LED [Número de píxels (8~1024)]. * + 3 nombre + * per exampLI:
    032, set pixel number to 32.
    600, set pixel number to 600.
    1024, set pixel number to 1024.
  •  Estableix el tipus de xip de tira LED. * + 2 nombre + *
  • Set LED strip RGB order. * + 1 number + 1:RGB, 2:RBG, 3:GRB, 4:GBR, 5:BRG, 6:BGR.

Informació de seguretat

  1. The product shall be installed and serviced by a qualified person.
  2.  This product is non-waterproof. Please avoid the sun and rain.
  3.  Good heat dissipation will prolong the working life of the controller, please ensure good ventilation.
  4.  Si us plau, comproveu si el volum de sortidatage of any power supplies used to comply with the working voltage del producte.
  5.  Ensure all wire connections and polarities are correct and secure before applying power to avoid any damages to the LED lights.
  6. If a fault occurs please return the product to your supplier. Do not attempt to fix this product by yourself.


SKYDANCE R9 RGBW LED SPI Controller Set [pdf] Manual d'instruccions
R9 RGBW LED SPI Controller Set, R9, RGBW LED SPI Controller Set

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