Manual d'usuari de la vàlvula de regulació electrònica de pressió del receptor CAREL E5V
CAREL E5V Receiver Pressure Electronic Regulation Valve

Carel guarantees the correct operation of the Carel ExV, if driven by Carel drivers only. The use of the Carel ExVs with other manufacturers driver, if not expressely agreed with Carel, will automatically void the warranty.
For more information, read the “EEV systems operating manual (code +030220811) before installing this product. The manual is available in the “documentation” download area at

Característiques generals

The E5V-R electronic valve is intended for installation in R744 refrigeration circuits as a receiver pressure regulation valve (RPRV). The valve is designed to work with flash gas only. The noise level emitted by the valve may increase in certain operating conditions. It is recommended to use CAREL instruments to control the E5V-R. Do not use the E5V-R valves outside of the operating conditions listed below.



E5 V valve are unidirectional (for the correct installation direction refer to Fig. 1). Always install a mechanical filter before the refrigerant inlet in order to safeguard the reliability of the valve.The valve can be oriented in any direction with the exception that the stator must not be pointed downwards (valve upside down) as shown in Fig. 1. If using shutoff valves before the RPRV valve, the circuit must be set up so that no fluid hammer is created near the valve. The shutoff valve and RPRV valve must never be closed at the same time, to avoid dangerous excess pressure in the circuit.

Welding and handling

The E5 V valves must be joined to the circuit by braze welding the copper fittings to the receiver and the compressor high pressure inlet. Proceed as indicated in Fig. 2.

Welding and handling

  1. Take the body of the valve from the packaging;
  2. Wrap a wet rag around the body of the valve and weld the fittings, without overheating the valve, aiming the flameat the end of the fittings as shown in Fig. 2 .1 (for better braze welding without affecting the seal of the weld between the body and the fittings, use alloys with a melting temperature of less than 650 °C or with a silver content higher than 25%);
  3. If not already assembled, insert the O-ring included in the packaging (ORM 0200-20 for E5V, OR3112 for E5V, OR3112 for E6V and OR3137 for E7V – material: Neoprene) into its seat on the cartridge ring, by finger. Make sure it is intact, clean, and in the correct position on the bottom of the seal seat (Fig. 2.2).
  4. Tighten the steel cartridge to the special threaded socket in the valve body using fork spanner (for the size see Fig. 4), making sure the O-ring is fitted to ensure hermetic tightness. Tighten the cartridge by pressing the ring against the valve body with a recommended torque of 30-35 Nm (Fig. 2.3). Warning! If the shutter comes completely out of the cartridge, proceed as follows:
    • Tighten the threaded rod to the cartridge without the motor being inserted – turn until hearing a click (this indicates that the antirotation device is back in axis).
    • Insert the motor on the cartridge (points 6-7-8) and connect it to the CAREL driver, following the instructions shown below (electrical connections).
    • Set the driver in manual operation and set a number of 480 steps (complete opening); start sequence of steps, the rod will position itself inside the anti-rotation guide to allow correct installation.
  5. Make sure that the red stator is fully inserted on the cartridge with the black nut screwed on tightly until deforming the rubber ring on the stator (tightening torque 0,5 Nm). (Fig. 2 D);
  6. Connect the pre-wired connector to the socket on the stepper motor and tighten the screw, applying a force of around 0.5 Nm, following the instructions shown in Fig. 3. Then connect the four-pin end of the cable to the corresponding terminals on the CAREL EVD*** driver or other approved CAREL controller, and set the parameters according to the values shown in the table below.
no model Step min Step max step close Step/s speed mA pk mA hold % duty
50 480 500 50 450 100 30

Carel controllers for electronic valves increase the duty cycle from 30% to 100% when closing to reduce stopping time; to further speed up this phase, the valve can be controlled at a maximum frequency of 150 steps/sec. For further information of the parameters to be set in the driver, see the controller manual.

Do not exert torsion or deforming stress on the valve or the connection pipes.
Do not hit the valve with hammers or other objects.
Do not use pliers or other tools that may deform the external structure or damage the internal parts.
Never aim the flame at the valve.
Never place the valve near magnetic fields.
Never install or use the valve in the event of:

  • deformation or damage to the external structure;
  • heavy impact, due for example to dropping;
    damage to the electrical parts (stator, contact carrier, connector,…)

CAREL does not guarantee the operation of the valve in the event of deformation of the external structure or damage to the electrical parts. IMPORTANT: the presence of dirt particles may cause valve malfunctions.

  • Following installation, check tightness at assembly pressure.
  • Do not move the valve rod before having assembled the cartridge onto the body, to avoid it coming out and thus incorrect assembly on the body
  • The valve is not fitted with pressure limiting devices therefore the user must install an independent excess pressure safety system.
  • Use outside of the specifications may invalidate the declaration of conformity relating to the valve
  • Avoid deformations, knocks, flames and corrosive liquids when  operating under pressure
  • Do not disassemble the valve when it is operating
  • Check there is no pressurised fluid before performing maintenance or dismantling

IMPORTANT: After disassembling the steel cartridge, always replace the O-ring with an original Carel spare part.

Connexions elèctriques

Connexions elèctriques

Connect an IP67 co-moulded connector only (E2VCAB0***), in which the pin mapping is 1 Green, 2 Yellow, 3 Brown, 4 White. Then connect the four motor phases to your driver so that phase 1 of the valve corresponds to terminal 1 of the driver, and so on. (!) Important: phase no. 4 is marked on the valve stator with the earth symbol. An optional shielded co-moulded connector is available (E2VCABS***) for applications with specifi c electromagnetic disturbance, in compliance with the standards in force, 89/336/EEC and later amendments. Avoid using standard DIN 43650 connectors as these will not guarantee optimum product performance.

CAREL E5V-R operating specifications

Compatible with Group 2 refrigerants: R744
Maximum operating pressure (PS): up to 60 bars (870 psi)
Maximum operating pressure differential (MOPD): 35 bars (508 psi)
PED Group 1, Art. 4, par. 3
Refrigerant temperature: -40T70°C (-40T158°F)
Room temperature: -30T70°C(-22T158°F)
Contact CAREL for other operating conditions or alternative refrigerants.

CAREL E5V stator

Bipolar stator, low voltage
Phase current: 450 mA
Control frequency: 50 Hz
(up to 150 Hz for emergency closing)
Phase resistance (25 °C): 36 Ohm ± 10%
Index of protection: IP67 with E2VCAB
Step angle: 15° for E5V & E6V; 7,5° for E7V;
Linear progress/step: 0.03 mm (0,001 inches)
Connections: 4 wires (AWG 18/22)
Complete closing steps: 500
Control steps: 480

Dimensions en mm (polzades)


Type of valve Ø D A B C E F G H I L M
E5VxxRST00 35mm
(1,38 polzades)
(6,50 polzades)
(2,95 polzades)
(3,54 polzades)
(0,71 polzades)
(5,67 polzades)
(1,02 polzades)
(0,47 polzades)
M5 56mm
(2,20 polzades)

Contingut de l’embalatge

The packaging of the CAREL E5V valve contains the following components:

  1. 1 cartridge with kinematic mechanism and movement (control rod);
  2. 1 body with fittings to be welded to the circuit pipework;
  3. 1 resin-bonded stepper motor with connector pins;
  4. 1 OR for seal seat between body and cartridge;
  5. 1 threaded cap.

Contingut de l’embalatge

Icona de paperera
Disposal of the product: The appliance (or the product) must be disposed of separately in accordance with the local waste disposal legislation in force.

AVISOS IMPORTANTS: the CAREL product is a state-of-the-art product, whose operation is specified in the technical documentation supplied with the product or can be downloaded, even prior to purchase, from the weblloc The client (builder, developer or installer of the final equipment) assumes every responsibility and risk relating to the phase of configuration the product in order to reach the expected results in relation to the specific final installation and/or equipment. The lack of such phase of study, which is requested/indicated in the user manual, can cause the final product to malfunction of which CAREL can not be held responsible. The final client must use the product only in the manner described in the documentation related to the product itself. The liability of CAREL in relation to its own product is regulated by CAREL’s general contract conditions edited on the weblloc i/o per acords específics amb clients.

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CAREL E5V Receiver Pressure Electronic Regulation Valve [pdf] Manual d'usuari
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