Buumin 36H9O5610N Small Animal LCD Electronic Scales



  • DIMENSIONS:42 x 9.93 x 1.85 inches
  • WEIGHT:41 pounds
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 15 kg
  • MEASUREMENT TYPES: g/lb:oz/oz/ml


Our digital food scale grams and ounces is outfitted with 4 precision units (g/lb :oz./oz./ml) and a measurement range of 33lbs. It also features a built-in exact load sensor (15kg). Make you weigh fruits, grains, nuts, and other items with astonishing precision to practice exact portion control and better cooking.

Digital kitchen scales that are clearly readable in gram, ounces, pounds, and milliliters. To quickly convert between units, use the button. Improve your baking and cooking by using our digital weight scale. Before measuring the food, the exact peeling feature can reset the container’s weight to zero. Low battery warning and a clear backlight display. In addition to weighing tiny animals, a kitchen scale can also be used! Do not weigh larger animals that weigh more than 15 kg. The pet scale has functions for measuring water feeding, low voltage reminders, and automatic shutdown in addition to being able to weigh small animals like pets and squirrels. A tray made of high-grade ABS protective material that is 30*23*27 cm in size and easy to clean. You can quickly clean up spills and food residue by using a moist cloth. Utilizing the practical tare button, you can simply obtain correct ingredient readings by deducting the weight of the plate or container from the tare calculation. Please remove the film from the stickers on the base before setting the tray down on it.

It comes with holes for wall hanging and four silicone non-slip feet. This kitchen scale will last and perform flawlessly thanks to its superior construction and attractive design. It just got ten times simpler for you to cook! The food scale has a white surface by design. This level of contemporary style blends seamlessly with the furnishings of any hip environment.

What’s in the Box

  • Digital Pet Scale x 1
  • User manual x 1

How to use Digital Pet Scale

Place your scale on a level surface and turn it on to calibrate it. Start the calibration process as directed in the user handbook. If the function is available, set the calibration weight on the scale as directed by the display before entering the weight.

How can I determine the accuracy of my digital scale?

  • Combine the weights of two items.
  • Put a single item on the scale. Observe the weight. Remove it to allow the scale to return to normal.
  • The scale is accurate if the numbers line up. If it doesn’t, try it once more to determine if the error is the same number. If it is, your scale might always be off by that amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vet scales accurate?

Veterinary scales are available in a range of sizes and can accurately measure the weight of a wide range of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, zoo animals, and livestock. The distribution of weight is largely to blame for vet scales being more accurate than the typical digital scale you use at home.

Are digital scales 100% accurate?

Test loads were accurately weighed on digital scales while weights on dial-type scales varied substantially (p 0.05). At all weights, dial scales had considerably worse accuracy than digital scales (p 0.05). By scale age, accuracy and precision were not affected.

What is a digital scale?

A measuring tool that reads and shows an object’s weight is a digital scale. A digital scale is a high-quality scale that provides a more accurate weight reading than an analogue balance scale.

Why do I weigh more on digital scales?

Digital scales display weights differently depending on where they are, thus areas other than the center won’t be as precise. It is not correctly calibrated.

How much does a gram weigh on a digital scale?

A digital scale with a 95% accuracy would read 1 gram as weighing between 0.95 and 0.98 grams. One gram will weigh 0.0353 ounces on a digital scale that measures mass in ounces.

What can a digital scale be used for?

A measurement tool used to determine an object’s weight or mass is a digital scale. In comparison to other types of scales, like spring scales or balances, which frequently break down and provide inconsistent readings over time, digital scales are frequently more portable, robust, and accurate.

Do digital scales lose accuracy over time?

Over time, electronic scales’ circuitry could malfunction, resulting in loss of accuracy. Even brand-new scales may become unreliable under certain circumstances, particularly in cases of intense heat. Because of this, the most precise scales will be stable at high temperatures.

Is this good for weighing guinea pigs?

Yes, it is absolutely wonderful for weighing small sized animals like guinea pigs.

Would this hold a 20lb cat?

Yes, it can hold a 20 lb. cat.

Does this scale automatically turn itself off?

Yes, it turns off automatically when left unused for a long period of time.

Can I weigh my infant (3 month old) daughter in this scale?

Yes, as its maximum weight is 15 kgs.

In kg mode, how many decimal places? Like 1.2kg or 1.23, or 1.234?

It shows measurements up to 2 decimal places like 1.23

Does this weigh in pounds and ounces or just pounds?

It weighs in both.

Can you store it upright (like tucked between a desk and a wall)? Without losing accuracy?

Yes, you can store it this way, without losing the accuracy.

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