BUTURE BR200 Car Battery Jump Starter User Manual
BUTURE BR200 Car Battery Jump Starter

Package Content

Package Content


Thank you for purchasing BUTURE BR200 car jump starter. Please read the user manual carefully before you start to use the product.

Key Features

  • A Powerful Jump Starter: BUTURE BR200 is the most powerful car jump starter specially designed for high displacement vehicles it can jump start all 12V vehicle batteries(Up to 8.0L Gas and Diesel Engine)
  • A Powerful Power Station: This is not just a portable jump starter but a high capacity power pack! Two USB ports detect your device intelligently and deliver quick charging to your phones, tablets and , etc.
  • Unique Reverse Charging Function: Connect the jump starter to your car cigarette lighter with the included reverse charger cable, you can charge your car battery and start your car within 15 minutes without opening the car hood.
  • Safety First: The patented safety technology of smart battery clip has explosion-proof and reverse polarity protection, which prevents the clamp from short-circuit, high temperature, overvoltage, overcharge, over-discharge, over-cur-rent and polarity reverse.
  • Powerful LED Lights: There are 4 modes of LED light (normal, SOS, strobe, and warning) which is potentially an emergency lifesaver when you go camping, picnic, outdoor adventure or on investigations.
  • LCD Screen: The LCD screen can exactly show the jump starter’s working status.
  • Lifesaver Safety Kits: Built-in safety hammer and compass.

Know Your Product

Know Your Product

  1. 12/16/19V DC Output
  2. 5V/3A Type C Input
  3. LED Light
  4. USB Output
  5. Power Switch
  6. Compass
  7. LCD Screen
  8. Safety Hammer
  9. EC5 Jump Start Output

Large current protection system – Smart Clamps

Know Your Product

  1. Red Clamps (+)
  2. Black Clamps (-)
  3. EC5 Connector
  4. Indicator Light

Getting Started

Charging your Jump Starter

  1. Please use the provided Type C Cable to charge the product.(Charging adapter is not induded, 5V/3A or 5V/2A adapter is recommend-ed)
  2. While charging the Jump Starter, the LCD screen will turn on.
  3. Using a 5V/3A adaptor, it will take approxi-mately 4 hours to fully charge the unit. In order to extend the battery life it is recommended to fully charge the unit every 3-6 months.

Getting Started

Turn On your Jump Starter

Short press the power switch to boot the system, the LCD screen will turn on. For energy saving, the system will turn to standby mode if there is no operation within 4 seconds.

LED Light Mode Operation

Light Mode: Long press the power switch more than 3 seconds to turn on the light mode. There are three modes which are ON, SOS and Strobe, simply short press the power switch button to change the 3 modes or turn off the light mode. And you can also press the power switch button for more than 3 seconds to turn off the light mode.

Warning Mode: Double click the power switch button to enter the warning mode when the system is running. The blue light and red light will flash alternately. To exit this mode by double click the power switch button again.

12116119V DC Output

Power your devices such as Air Compressor Pump, Car Vacuum Cleaner, Portable Refrigerator, etc via this 12/16/19V DC Output (please confirm the power of your device is not exceed 12V/10A and the interface is compatible). Short press the power switch button can switch 12V, 16V, 19V DC output when the system is running. The system will choose the suitable voltage if there is no operation within 3 seconds automatically when the DC plug inserts into.

QC3.0 USB Output

This portable jump starter is also equipped with two smart USB outputs that provide the fastest charging speed(up to 2.1A each port, 3A in total) for your portable electronic devices, such as phones,tablets, bluetooth earphones, etc

Charge your Car Battery

Insert the reverse charger cable into the 12/16/19V DC Output and connect it to your car cigarette lighter, the jump starter will charge your car battery, and you can start your car within 15 minutes without opening the car hood.

Start your Car

  1. Insert the plug of the smart dip completely into the jump starter, the green and red lights flash alternately.
    Start your Car
  2. Correctly dip the red and black clamps to the electrodes of the car battery (red to positive and black to negative)(The green light stays on)
    Start your Car
  3. Start the vehicle.
    Start your Car
  4. When the vehicle is started, remove the jumper cable from the vehicle battery immediately.
    Start your Car

In any of the following situations, the smart clamp turns on protection mode:

LED Indicator Situations
The red/green led will flash Ready to work
The green light is always on Work status
The green light is always on 1.battery clamp is reversely connected
— check whether the clip is reversely connected
2.The clamp is shod-circuited
—check whether two clamps together connect or
connect both cable clamps to the same piece of metal
The red light flashes slowly Back change protection, the voltage of the car battery is
higher than 12.6V
-No jump starter needed, the car battery is enough to
star your car
The red LED flashes quickly The temperature of the clamp exceeds 65(+/-5)degrees
___ remove the clamp untill the red green led flash
The green light flashes slowly The vollage of the starter is too low
–try to replace the startup power supply or change it in

Charge your Car Battery

  1. Use the original smart clip to start the car.
  2. DO NOT use this unit if any cable clamp or cord is damaged.
  3. Start only for 12V vehicles,or it will cause serous damages to the unit.
  4. Do not jump start your car when the battery capacity is lower than 30%.
  5. Do not connect two clamps together when the starter is powered on. And do not connect both cable clamps to the same piece of metal.
  6. If the engine does not start on the first try, disconnect it from the car battery and wait for at least 20 seconds before reconnecting. Maximize three attempts in two minutes.
  7. Once the engine is successfully started, disconnect the clamps within 30 seconds.

FAQ & Trouble Shooting

Q: How to turn off this power pack?
A: This power pack will power off automatically when no load or charging is complete.

Q: How long time to full charge the BUTURE jump starter?
A: About 4 hours through a 5V3AAC adapter. Q: How many times can this product start the vehicle with full capacity? A: About 35 times.

Care and Maintenance

  1. DO NOT put the product under direct sunlight or hot areas.
  2. DO NOT drop or knock your car jump starter.
  3. DO NOT disassemble the equipment, it may cause damage.
  4. DO NOT use chemicals or detergents to clean the product.
  5. DO NOT place the products in high temperature environment for long. The operating temperature: —4°F-140°F
  6. Check the power of the product at least every three months, and charge the product in time.


Our company provides customers with warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Contact US

For additional assistance or warranty cover claim, please contact us:
E-Mail: [email protected]

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