Korisnički priručnici, upute i vodiči za TAG proizvode.

TAG T4D638 Heavy Duty Towbar Instructions

Discover the T4D638 Heavy Duty Towbar fitting instructions and specifications for the TAG Heavy Duty Towbar designed for Nissan Navara (03/2015 - 12/2020). Follow step-by-step instructions, torque settings, and warranty information in this comprehensive user manual. Ensure safety precautions and avoid modifications to guarantee optimal performance.

TAG T2U055 Standard Duty Towbar Instructions

The user manual for the T2U055 Standard Duty Towbar provides step-by-step fitting instructions, torque settings, and warranty information. It is designed for the Suzuki Jimny (09/1998 - 01/2019) and has a towing capacity of 750kg. Ensure safety precautions are followed and avoid modifying the towbar. Read the instructions thoroughly before installation.

TAG T4F574 Heavy Duty Towbar Instruction Manual

The T4F574 Heavy Duty Towbar user manual provides detailed instructions for installing and using this robust towbar, compatible with Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger vehicles. Learn how to attach it securely, apply the door sticker, and fit the tow bar ECU separately. Ensure proper installation with recommended torque settings. Explore the warranty conditions and contact the original installer or SWD for assistance.