ThermoScan 3 Thermometer

ThermoScan 3 Thermometer
Model : NTF 3000

This product is manufactured by Kaz Europe Sàrl under a license to the ‘Braun’ trademark. ‘Braun’ is a registered trademark of Braun GmbH, Kronberg, Germany.

Product description

  1. Power button
  2. Scanner
  3. LCD display
  4. Temperature button
  5. Battery cover
  6. Protective scanner cap
  7. Silent mode switch
  8. Guidance light
Product description

Thank you for purchasing the Braun No touch + forehead thermometer (NTF 3000). This thermometer is a high-quality product incorporating the latest technology and tested in accordance with international standards. With its unique technology, the product can provide a stable, accurate reading with each measurement. The thermometer performs a self-test every time it is switched on to always guarantee the accuracy of measurements. The No touch + forehead thermometer is intended for the intermittent monitoring of human body temperature in the home. It is intended for use on people of all ages except pre-term babies or very small (small-for-gestational age) babies.

Please read these instructions carefully before using this product and keep the instructions and the thermometer in a safe place.


Keep out of reach of children under 12 years.
Never use the thermometer for purposes other than those it has been intended for. Please follow the general safety precautions when using on children. Never immerse the thermometer into water or other liquids (not waterproof). For cleaning and disinfecting please follow the instructions in the “Care and cleaning” section.

Do not store this thermometer in temperature extremes below -25 °C or over 60 °C (below -13 °F or over 140 °F) or in excessive humidity (above 95% non-condensing relative humidity). If thermometer is stored in a location that is cooler or warmer than where it is being used, let it sit in the patient’s room for 10 minutes before taking the measurement.

Do not use the thermometer if there are signs of damage on the scanner or on the thermometer itself. If damaged, do not attempt to repair the product. Never insert a sharp object into the scanner area or any other open surface on the thermometer. This thermometer consists of high-quality precision parts. Do not drop the instrument. Protect it from severe impact and shock. Do not twist the instrument or the measuring sensor.

This thermometer is intended for household use only. Use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician.

Temperature elevation may signal a serious illness, especially in neonates and infants, or in adults who are old, frail, or have a weakened immune system. Please seek professional advice immediately when there is a temperature elevation and if you are taking temperature on:

  • Neonates and infants under 3 months (Consult your physician immediately if the temperature exceeds 37.4 °C [99.4 °F])
  • Patients over 60 years of age (Fever may be blunted or absent in older patients)
  • Patients having diabetes mellitus or a weakened immune system (e.g., HIV positive, cancer chemotherapy, chronic steroid treatment, splenectomy)
  • Patients who are bedridden (e.g., nursing home patient, stroke, chronic illness, recovering from surgery)
  • • A transplant patient (e.g., liver, heart, lung, kidney).

This thermometer is not intended for pre-term babies or small-for-gestational age babies.

This thermometer is not intended to interpret hypothermic temperatures.
Do not allow children to take their temperatures unattended.
Please consult your doctor if you see symptoms such as unexplained irritability, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, changes in appetite or activity, seizure, muscle pain, shivering, stiff neck, pain when urinating, etc., even in the absence of fever.
Even in the absence of fever, those who exhibit a normal temperature may still need to receive medical attention. People who are on antibiotics, analgesics, or antipyretics should not be assessed solely on temperature readings to determine the severity of their illness.

Do not modify this equipment without the authorization of the manufacturer.

Why Braun No touch + forehead thermometer?

Why Braun No touch

How does Braun No touch + forehead work?
The No touch + forehead thermometer measures infrared energy radiated from the skin at the center of the forehead area. This captured energy (which is twice as much thermal energy compared to a traditional forehead thermometer1) is collected through the lens and converted to a body temperature value.

The No touch + forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used in accordance with its operating instruction manual.
A traditional forehead product without any optical system to capture radiated heat.

Fever guidance feature
Fever guidance helps you to better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature with the color indicated on the display. The screen displays green if no fever, yellow when the temperature is elevated and a red alert for a possibly high fever. 10 audible beeps indicate temperatures above 37.4 °C (99.4 °F) to alert the user that the patient may have a fever.

Color range

NOTE: Backlight remains OFF when below temperature readings are registered:
34.4° ≤ T ≤ 35.7 °C (93.9° ≤ T ≤ 96.3 °F)

How to use your Braun No touch + forehead

  1. Remove cap
Remove cap

2. Power on
Press and release the power button once. Backlight will come on and the start-up sequence begins.

Power on

NOTE: Make sure to remove the protective scanner cap before taking a measurement.

When the thermometer is ready and correctly positioned, a horizontal line of dashes (“—”) will appear on the screen.

3. Position

Position thermometer on or up to 5 cm away from the center of the forehead, just between the eyebrows. For No touch readings, the yellow guidance light will show you where you are aiming. If the eyebrow area is covered with hair, sweat or dirt, please clean the area beforehand to improve the reading accuracy. It is important to hold the thermometer and the forehead steady during measurement. Movement will impact the temperature reading.


4. Take temperature
Press the temperature button (you can press and hold the button or press and release it). When the thermometer is placed correctly, the screen displays a dashed line animation while it takes a reading. After the animation sequence (under 2 seconds), the display shows the temperature reading. The appropriate fever light color is displayed on screen and the confirmation beep is heard.

confi rmation beep

If the thermometer is positioned too far away from the forehead, it will prompt you to move the thermometer closer by displaying diagram and “0-5 cm”. Slowly move the thermometer toward the forehead until the horizontal line animation starts and the temperature reading is displayed.

temperature reading

5. Read temperature
Remove the thermometer and read the temperature. For low (no backlight) and acceptable (green backlight) temperature range, you will hear a single long beep for 2 seconds. For elevated (yellow backlight) and possible high fever (red backlight) temperature range, you will hear 10 short beeps.

Read temperature

To repeat
Go to step 3.

6. To turn off
Press the power button to turn off . Device will also shut off automatically after 60 seconds of no use.

Temperature taking hints

It is important to know each individual’s normal temperature when they are well. This is the only way to accurately diagnose a fever. Take multiple readings when healthy to determine normal temperature.
A child’s normal temperature can be as high as 37.7 °C (99.9 °F) or as low as 36.1 °C (97.0 °F). Be sure to note this unit reads 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) lower than a rectal digital measurement.
Patient must be inside for 30 minutes before taking a measurement.
Note: Patient and the thermometer should be in the same ambient temperature for at least 10 minutes.
Always hold the thermometer and the forehead steady when taking a reading. Do not move the thermometer until you hear the fi nal beep. Don’t take a measurement while or immediately after nursing a baby.
Patients should not drink, eat, or be physically active before/while taking the measurement. Remove hats and wait 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
Before taking a measurement, remove dirt or hair from the forehead area. Wait 10 minutes after cleaning before taking measurement.
Always take the temperature exactly as directed. Temperature results may vary if positioned in the wrong location.

For patients measuring their own temperature, it is recommended to use the “touch” option instead of
“no touch.”

In the following situations it is recommended that three temperatures in the same location be taken and the highest one taken as the reading:

  • Newborn infants in the fi rst 100 days.
  • Children under three years of age with a compromised immune system and for whom the presence or absence of fever is critical.
  • When the user is learning how to use the thermometer for the fi rst time until he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the instrument and obtains consistent readings.

General precautions:

  • Remove any sweat prior to measuring with a dry cloth.
  • Avoid any cooling or warming cloths on the forehead for at least 30 minutes prior to measurement.
  • Do not take temperature measurements over scar tissue, open sores or abrasions.
  • Keep the measurement sensor and lens clean. Avoid directly touching the sensor or lens.
  • Always store the thermometer with the protective cap in place to prevent dirt and scratches from damaging the device.
  • Make sure to remove the protective cap before taking a measurement and to put the cap back on after using the thermometer.

Changing the temperature scale

  1. Open battery compartment and remove the batteries.
  2. °C / °F switch is accessible in the center of the battery compartment.
  3. Slide switch to °C or °F to set preferred temperature scale.
  4. Replace the batteries and close the battery door.
Changing the temperature scale

Changing the sound mode

The Braun No touch + forehead thermometer allows you to silence the beeps on the thermometer to avoid waking a sleeping child. To activate the silence feature, slide the switch to the silent mode position and take a temperature reading. An icon will appear on the screen to indicate that the thermometer is in silent mode.

Changing the sound mode


This device was designed and manufactured for a long service life, however it is generally recommended to have the device inspected once a year by the Authorized Service Center located in your country to ensure correct function and accuracy.

Note: The accuracy checking is not a free service and therefore we recommend that you contact the Authorized Service Center to get a quotation before you send out the product.

This device is not intended as a substitute for regular check-ups by your doctor, please consult your doctor if you have any doubt about the temperature reading.
LOT and Serial numbers of your product must be provided as they are essential to record and follow up your inquiry or claim.
The LOT and Serial numbers are located in the battery compartment.

The production date is given by the LOT number and can be deciphered as explained below:

The fi rst 3 numeric digits in the LOT number represent the day of the year of manufacture.

The next 2 numeric digits represent the last two numbers of the calendar year of manufacture and the letter(s) at the end designate the manufacturer of the product. (E.g.: LOT No.: 12313tav this product was made on the day 123, year 2013 at the manufacturer code tav.)


Consumer Card available on our website at Please see last page of this manual to fi nd the contact for the Kaz Authorized Service Center in your country.
UK only: This guarantee in no way aff ects your rights under statutory law.

Errors and troubleshooting

Errors and troubleshooting

Care and cleaning

Use an alcohol swab or cotton swab moistened with alcohol (70% isopropyl) to clean the thermometer casing and the measuring probe. Ensure that no liquid enters the interior of the thermometer. Never use abrasive cleaning agents, thinners or benzene for cleaning and never immerse the instrument in water or other cleaning liquids. Wait 10 minutes after cleaning before taking a temperature measurement. Make sure to replace the protective cap after use to prevent scratches or damage from occurring to the thermometer.

Never insert a sharp object into the scanner area or any other open surface on the thermometer

Replacing the batteries

The No touch + forehead thermometer comes with 2 AA batteries. Replace with 2 new AA batteries when the fl ashing battery symbol appears on the LCD display. To change the batteries, slide open the battery cover and remove batteries. Replace the batteries being sure to align properly as indicated inside the battery compartment. Remove the battery from the product if it is not required for extended periods of time in order to avoid damage to the thermometer resulting from a leaking battery.

To protect the environment, dispose of empty batteries at appropriate collection sites according to national or local regulations.

Product specifications

Product specifi cations

NOTE: Do not use this device in the presence of electromagnetic or other interference outside the normal range specifi ed in EN 60601-1-2.
EN 980: 2008 Symbols for use in labeling of medical devices
EN 1041: 2008 Information supplied by the manufacturer of medical devices
EN 60601-1-11: 2010 Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-11: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance – Collateral standard: Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment

healthcare environment

Internally Powered Equipment
Continuous Operation
IP20: Protected against solid foreign objects of 12.5 mm diameter and greater.
MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT needs special precautions regarding EMC.
For detailed description of EMC requirements please contact Consumer Relations.
Portable and mobile RF communications equipment can aff ect MEDICAL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.

Remove the battery from the instrument if it is not required for extended periods of time in order to avoid damage to the thermometer resulting from a leaking battery.

Please do not dispose of the product in the household waste at the end of its useful life.

To protect the environment, dispose of empty batteries at appropriate collection sites according to national or local regulations.

electromagnetic emissions

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