BRANDMOTION FVMR-8886 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror Instruction Manual

FullVUE™ Rear Camera Mirror for Jeep Wrangler (JK/JL)/Gladiator (JT)

Vehicle Application:
Jeep Wrangler JK/JL/JT
Part Number: FVMR-8886

Recommended Tools Difficulty Level
Install Time
Product Features
Questions? Call the Brandmotion technical support line at (734) 619-1250 or CLICK HERE

Kit Contents

Kit A Components for installing the FullVUE™ Mirror

Kit Contents:
1x FullVUE Mirror
1x Adjustable 5th Wheel Camera Mount
1x Video Chassis Harness
1x HD Rear Vision Camera
3x Push Nuts
10x Zipties
1x 32GB SD Card
1x JL Compatible Mirror Stem
1x Extended Camera Bracket

Installation of the FullVue™ Mirror

Part 1 Removing the Factory Mirror
1: Access the plastic trim panel covering the factory mirror stem by pulling aside the headliner trim piece.
2: Remove the trim piece to expose the mounting hardware
3. Free the factory mirror stem by removing the three mounting screws and rotating the mirror clockwise.
Part 2 Removing the OE Mount from the Mirror Stem
1: Place the mirror stem in a vice upside down, locking the silver mount in place.
2: Place a screwdriver in the designated channel and twist the unit counterclockwise to free the neck from the mounting plate.
3: Save the factory trim piece for the next step.
Part 3 Attaching the FullVUE™ Mirror to the Jeep Wrangler JL
1: Remove the mounting bolt on the FVMR bracket to free the arm from the JL mirror mount.
2: Place the JL mirror mount through the factory trim piece and reassemble.
3: Mount the FullVUE™ Mirror to the JL headliner beam. Do not reattach the trim panel yet.
Part 4 Powering the FullVUE™ Mirror harness
1: Remove the climate control and media control trim panels.
A large amount of force is required to free the panel clips that retain both of these trim pieces.
2: Use the figures below to create the connections to the FullVUE™ Mirror main power harness.
FVMR Harness Wrangler JL Harness

Part 5 Routing the FullVUE™ Mirror harness
1: Remove the glove box for ease of access
2: Feed the mirror end of the harness through the back of the head unit cavity into the glove box cavity
3: Route the harness across to the passenger kick panel.
4: Route the harness up the access panel, up the A-Pillar, and across the headliner
Part 6 Function test of the FullVUE™ Mirror
1: Connect the camera to the camera harness and set it aside.
2: Plug camera harness into mirror harness 5-Pin connector.
3: Test mirror and camera by turning on ignition power. You should be able to see both the front and rear camera after the mirror powers up.
Install Review Installation of the FullVUE™ Mirror
Double-check power connections
The secure foot of mirror onto windshield
Cycle power in the mirror to test functionality
Ensure the harness is not pinched by trim panels
Part 1 Attaching the Rear Vision Camera bracket
1: Loosen the lug nuts and carefully remove the spare tire. Take special care not to damage your factory reverse camera.
2: Slide the camera bracket on the top two studs.
3: Temporarily place the spare tire back on the studs to check and confirm proper camera placement with respect to the spokes of the rim.
If you are not using factory wheels, you may need to use the long bracket that is included in the kit to see past the spokes.
4: Once you have confirmed your bracket positioning, lock it in place using the three lock washers included in the kit. One lock washer will be placed on each of the studs that the bracket is hanging on. The third lock washer will lock the nylon washer in its place on the very bottom stud. This is needed to make the wheel sit evenly on the carrier.
5: Wait to install the spare tire back on the carrier. This will give you more room to work through the steps in the next section.
Part 2 Routing camera harness into the vehicle
1: Run the camera harness through the top hole of the spare tire carrier.
2: Open the tailgate and remove the factory trim panel on the inside portion of the tailgate.
3: Route the harness through the factory air vent
4: Pull the entire harness length through the tailgate, leaving a little slack outside to protect the harness from being damaged.
5: Secure the harness to the factory harness using zip ties.
6: Run the harness through the sleeve between the tailgate and the vehicle. When done properly, the camera harness will move with the factory wiring. This will protect the harness from being pinched, and possibly damaged, by the tailgate.
Part 3 Routing camera harness into the vehicle
1: Start by routing the harness towards the floor and under the carpet surrounding the wheel well trim panel on the passenger side.
2: Continue around the wheel well to the rear passenger side door sill.
3: Remove rear passenger side door sill using a trim removal tool. Run chassis harness with factory wiring through the door sill to the passenger side B-pillar.
4: Pull back carpet surrounding the lower B-pillar trim. Run your chassis harness around the B-pillar, tucking the harness under the lower trim panel along the way.
5: Removed your front passenger side door sill panel. Route your chassis harness along with the factory wiring.
6: Now that you are at the location where the power connections have been made, use the same route as the mirror harness to run your chassis harness up the A-pillar to connect to the mirror.
7: Once the chassis harness has been connected to the mirror, power the vehicle to check rear camera functionality before reassembling the interior panels.
8: Once all functionality is confirmed, you can reassemble on the interior trim.

Installation of the Rear Vision Camera

Install Review Installation of the Rear Vision Camera
Double-check power connections
If needed, seal bodywork with silicone
Check the video to confirm camera orientation
Shift into reverse to check reverse trigger
Part 2 Removing the Factory Mirror
1. Loosen the retaining screw on the factory mirror mount located on the windshield.
2. Slide the mirror off of the D-TAB, ensuring that the mirror easily slides off.
3. Disconnect the power harness from the rear of the mirror.
Part 3 Installing the FullVUE™ Mirror
1. Installing new mirror onto D-TAB and tightening with a Phillips screwdriver.
2. Take care not to overtighten. Overtightening could result in a damaged windshield.
3. Route the harness down the A-pillar to the desired location in the passenger kick panel.
Part 4 Powering the FullVue™ Mirror
1. Connect the RED wire from the mirror harness to 12-volt accessory power.
2. Connect the BLACK wire to solid ground. Chassis ground in kick panel is recommended.
3. Connect the YELLOW wire from the mirror harmless to the 12-volt constant in the vehicle.
4. Test mirror by turning on ignition power. You should be able to see the front camera after the mirror powers up. Repeat rest once the rear camera is installed.
Part 1 Rear Camera Mount
1. Loosen lug nuts to remove the spare tire.
2. Slide Camera on studs placing harness end inside of tire carrier.
3. Temporarily replace spare tire to check wheel clearance to Camera. Adjust the camera head to fit your specific wheel.
4. Short Bracket has been designed for Factory offset wheels. Use the Long Bracket for wheels with larger offsets
5. Remove spare tire and slide (3) supplied Push Nuts on the studs.
6. Route end of camera/chassis harness into the tailgate
Part 2 Routing the Harness
1. Using a plastic trim removal tool, remove interior panels on the inside of the rear gate.
2. Pull the harness through the rear gate openings
3. Use supplied Wire Ties to secure Chassis Harness to the existing harness.
4. Use supplied Wire Ties to secure Chassis Harness to fabric factory wire cover.
Leave enough slack to allow the gate to open fully.
5. If you wish to use the Panoramic Reverse Mode (See “Menu Item Instructions” for more information) connect the red wire found on the chassis harness to 12v+ Reverse.
6. Use a T20 Torx bit to remove the subwoofer box. (If equipped)
7. Using a plastic trim removal tool, pry off rear seat belt closeout.
8. Using a plastic trim removal tool, remove the rear access panel to expose the 10mm bolt, and remove the bolt.
9. Pull out subwoofer box slightly to gain access to run Chassis Harness along the existing harness
10. Pull back the carpet and continue running Chassis Harness forward.
11. Run Chassis Harness under B-pillar cover to the passenger door sill. Use a plastic trim removal tool to remove the (2) plastic push pins and remove the passenger sill plate/kick panel.
12. Continue routing chassis harness up the passenger A-pillar then across the headliner to the mirror harness for connection.
13. Power mirror up and check the rear camera. You should be able to see both the front and rear cameras in your mirror.

Install Review Installation of the Rear Vision Camera
Double-check power connections
If needed, seal bodywork with silicone
Check the video to confirm camera orientation
Shift into reverse to check reverse trigger

FullVUE™ Mirror Settings

FullVUE™ User Interface Guide
1. Touch screen once to bring up User Interface
2. Swipe finger left or right to switch camera views
3. Use +/- on the left side of the screen to adjust the brightness
4. Use icons below for respective controls
FullVUE™ Settings Menu Item Instructions
Streaming Media
– Toggle NightSight On/Off (Turn on under low light conditions for a clearer image on the mirror)
– Choose: StandardVideo for regular use/EnhancedVideo for crisp color/Evening Light for sunset or dusk lighting conditionsProtect Level
– Select sensitivity for auto locked event recording for DVR. When the G-Sensor feels shocked, it will automatically lock the recording on the SD card for later use
– Choose: On / Off

Parking Monitoring
– Select On/Off for G-Sensor Initiated recording. These files will be auto-locked and recorded for 1 min

– Adjust UI control and video playback volumeClock Settings
– Set date and time for UI

LCD Power Save
– Select automatic screen save Off/1 min/3min
– Screen will go black after 1 min or 3 min of no use if selected

Format SD
– Format/Reformat Card. Be sure to save all wanted footage on another device before reformatting

Refresh Rate
– Adjust video frame rate 50Hz or 60hz (frames per second)
– This setting will change how smooth the video will playback and will affect LED headlight flicker. If headlights in the mirror are flickering excessively, try changing this setting.

Factory Reset
– Reset all settings

FullVUE™ Settings Video Recording Menu Instructions
Normal Video
– This is where all general video recordings can be found. All files in this folder will be overwritten if the SD card runs out of space. DVR will overwrite the oldest files first.Lock Video
– Pushing the”Lock Recording” button on the main user interface (shown on page 3) will save the respective video in this folder. All files saved in this folder will not be overwritten, even if the SD card runs out of space.

– This folder will hold all screenshots taken using the “Screen Capture” button on the main user interface shown on page 3.

Front and Rear
– Front and Rear camera views are separated in each main folder. Use the front or rear button to view recordings or photos of the desired camera

Protect and Unprotect
– These functions will not protect the video from being overwritten. Protecting a photo or recording means that if the”Delete All” function is used, the protected files will not be deleted. If you do not want to delete specific files, protect them and “Delete All”will delete all other files inside of the folder. See “Delete All” for functional details.Delete
– This button will delete only individually selected files. If the file is protected, it will not delete that file.

Delete All
– The function will delete all unprotected files within a folder. It will not delete files in both front and rear. It will only delete files in the folder and camera view you have opened.
– In other words, if you are viewing all files saved under Normal Video -Front and push “Delete All’: only front camera files will be deleted. Rear camera files will still be saved

FAQ Section

  1. Can you flip the camera in the FuIIVUE Screen?
    At this time you cannot flip the image from the FuIIVUE™ camera. Please check back with our website for the latest information.
  2. Can I turn the display off and use the FuIIVUE as a mirror?
    Yes! Simply tap the bottom button 1 time ( 2 times if you have the time stamp screen) and the mirror will function as a traditional mirror. As a bonus, if you have the reverse trigger wire hooked up, it will still show the image on the mirror even in the display-off setting. When you shift the vehicle from reverse, it will return to the setting that was selected before shifting!
  3. Can I use an auxiliary camera with the FuIIVUE mirror?
    At this time, you can only use the provided FuIIVUETM Camera with the FuIIVUETM Rear Camera Mirror. Please visit our website for new information.
  4. My wire harness is a little short. Can I extend the wires?
    At this time you cannot extend the wires. We have tested up to 16.5ft 4 pin cable extensions onto our 6m harness. We do not recommend adding an extension to our 9m harness at this time.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Documents / Resources

BRANDMOTION FVMR-8886 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror [pdf] Instruction Manual
FVMR-8886 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror, FVMR-8886, FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror



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