BRANDMOTION FVMR-1150 FullVUE Commercial Camera Mirror System Instruction Manual

FullVUE™ Commercial Camera
Mirror System

Kit Contents

Kit A Components for installing the FullVUE™ Mirror
Kit B Components for installing the Rear Camera

Mirror Installation

Part 1 Mounting Mirror
1. Remove your factory rear view mirror per the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. Loosen the set screw located on the D-Tab mount of the mirror stem and slide it into position on the windshield mount. If you do not have a standard D-Tab mount on the windshield, you will need to mount a new D-Tab or acquire the proper adaptor
3. Carefully tighten the set screw using a hand toolBe careful not to overtighten, as it can cause damage to the windshield.
Part 2 Mirror Connections
1. Connect the short harness from the back of the mirror to the included power harness.
2. Route power harness across the headliner to the desired power location. (Ignition switch is recommended for most vehicle types).
3. Connect the RED wire to a 12V+ accessory circuit.
4. Connect the YELLOW wire to a 12V+ battery or constant circuit.
5. Connect the BLACK wire to a solid chassis ground. If you cannot find one, a wire ground will work as well.
6. Test the mirror by turning the key to ACC. The mirror should power on and show the front camera. Turn key to OFF. If the yellow wire is connected properly, the mirror will then display a power down message.

Camera Installation

Part 1 Mounting Camera
1. Remove the allen screws that are located on the sides of the camera then remove the camera bracket.
2. Find an appropriate place to mount the rear camera. Line up the foot bracket to ensure that there is enough space to attach the camera to the body.
3. Attach the mounting foot using either self-tapping screws or a bolt and nut.
4. Use a XX” hole saw to drill a hole for the camera harness.
5. Then, feed the harness through the drilled hole. Fit the grommet to the inside of the hole. If the camera is being mounted on a vehicle body panel, it is highly recommended that the grommet be filled with a waterproof sealing agent (Not included).
6. Reattach camera to the mounting bracket. Make sure the camera is oriented up by seeing the sun shade is on top of the camera.
7. Connect the camera harness to the supplied chassis harness, the side with a red wire coming from the harness, and move on to the next section.
Part 2 Running Chassis Harness
1. If reverse mode functionality is desired, connect the red wire found and the rear of the chassis harness to a reverse-controlled 12V+ circuit. This can typically be found at the reverse light bulb.
2. Continue routing the chassis harness along with the factory harness towards the front of the vehicle. The connection for the chassis harness will be made near the mirror so running the harness up to the headliner and then towards the front is recommended if possible.
3. Connect the chassis harness to the open connector near the mirror/power harness connection.
Part 3 Test the System
1. See Section 1B, step 6, for the final power test.
2. After powering up, the display should show a split view of front and rear for a moment before showing the rear camera in full screen mode.
3. If the red wire in the rear of the vehicle was connected to reverse, test the functionality by placing the vehicle in reverse. The display should show the rear camera, zoomed out, to show the complete camera image.
4. If all functionality is correct, install and format the SD card using the system menu’s and the installation will be complete.

FullVUE™ Mirror Settings

FullVUE™ User Interface Guide
1. Touch the screen once to bring up User Interface
2. Swipe finger left or right to switch camera views
3. Use +1- on the left side of the screen to adjust brightness
4. Use icons below for respective controls
FullVUE™ Settings Menu Item Instructions
Streaming Media
– Toggle NightSight On/Off (Turn on under low light conditions for a clearer image on the mirror)
– Choose: StandardVideo for regular use/EnhancedVideo for crisp color/Evening Light for sunset or dusk lighting conditions
Protect Level
– Select sensitivity for auto-locked event recording for DVR. When the G-Sensor feels shocked, it will automatically lock the recording on the SD card for later use
– Choose: On / Off
Parking Monitoring
-Select On/Off for G-Sensor Initiated recording. These files will be auto-locked and recorded for 1 min
– Adjust UI control and video playback volume
Clock Settings
– Set date and time for UI
LCD Power Save
– Select automatic screen save Off/1 min/3min
– Screen will go black after 1 min or 3 min of no use, if selected
Format SD
– Format/Reformat Card. Be sure to save all wanted footage on another device before reformatting
Refresh Rate
– Adjust video frame rate 50Hz or 60hz (frames per second)
-This setting will change how smooth the video will playback and will affect LED headlight flicker. If headlights in mirror are flickering excessively, try changing this setting.
Factory Reset
– Reset all settings
FullVUE™ Settings Video Recording Menu Instructions
Normal Video
– This is where all general video recordings can be found. All files in this folder will be overwritten if SD card runs out of space. DVR will overwrite the oldest files first.
Lock Video
– Pushing the “Lock Recording” button on the main user interface (shown on page 3) will save the respective video in this folder. All files saved in this folder will not be overwritten, even if the SD card runs out of space.
-This folder will hold all screenshots taken using the “Screen Capture” button on the main user interface shown on page 3.
Front and Rear
– Front and Rear camera views are separated in each main folder. Use front or rear button to view recordings or photos of the desired camera view.
Protect and Unprotect
– These functions will not protect the video from being overwritten. Protecting a photo or recording means that if the “Delete All” function is used, the protected files will not be deleted. If you do not want to delete specific files, protect them and “Delete All” will delete all other files inside of the folder. See “Delete All”for functional details.
– This button will delete only individually selected files. If the file is protected, it will not delete that file.
Delete All
– The function will delete all unprotected files within a folder. It will not delete files in both front and rear. It will only delete files in the folder and camera view you have opened.
– In other words, if you are viewing all files saved under Normal Video -Front and push “Delete All”, only front camera files will be deleted. Rear camera files will still be saved

FAQ Section

  1. Can you flip the camera in the FuIIVUE Screen? At this time you cannot flip the image from the FuIIVUE” camera. Please check back with our website for the latest information.
  2. Can I turn the display off and use the FuIIVUE as a mirror? Yes! Simply tap the bottom button 1 time ( 2 times if you have the time stamp screen) and the mirror will function as a traditional mirror. As a bonus, if you have the reverse trigger wire hooked up, it will still show the image on the mirror even in the display-off setting. When you shift the vehicle from reverse, it will return to the setting that was selected before shifting!
  3. Can I use an auxiliary camera with the FuIIVUE mirror? At this time, you can only use the provided FulIVUE” Camera with the FuIIVUE'” Rear Camera Mirror. Please visit our website for new information.
  4. My wire harness is a little short. Can I extend the wires? At this time you cannot extend the wires. We have tested up to 16.5ft 4 pin cable extensions onto our 6m harness. We do not recommend adding an extension to our 9m harness at this time.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Installation Instructions – FullVUE™ Mirror

Documents / Resources

BRANDMOTION FVMR-1150 FullVUE Commercial Camera Mirror System [pdf] Instruction Manual
FVMR-1150, FullVUE Commercial Camera Mirror System, FVMR-1150 FullVUE Commercial Camera Mirror System



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