BRANDMOTION FVMR-1120 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror for Ford Bronco Instruction Manual

FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror for Ford Bronco

Recommended Tools

Difficulty Level

Install Time

1hr 30m – 2hr

Questions? Call the Brandmotion technical support line at (734) 619-1250 or CLICK HERE

Kit Contents

Recommended Tools
Components for installing the FVMR-1120

1x FullVUE® Mirror
1x Adjustable 5th Wheel Camera Mount
1x Video Chassis Harness
1x Adjustable 5th Wheel Camera Mount
1x HD Rear Vision Camera
3x Push Nuts
15x Zipties
1x 32GB SD Card
1x Extended Camera Bracket

Preparing for Installation: FullVUE® Mirror

Part 1
Removal of trim pieces

  1. Begin by removing the driver-side under panel trim to locate the fuse box.
  2. On the passenger side, remove the sill plate first, then the passenger kick panel, then the B pillar cover. These panels are held in place with snap fasteners, so gradual pressure is required to free the trim pieces.
  3. Repeat for the driver side of the vehicle, taking care to keep each set of panels separate.

Part 2
Remove the factory mirror

  1. Using a torx 20 bit, loosen the set screw on the mirror.
  2. Gently lift the mirror up and off of the windshield mount.
  3. Orientent the mounting foot as pictured
  4. Slide the mounting foot onto the windshield bracket, then tighten the set screw.

Take care not to overtighten.
Overtightening could result in damaged windshield.

Part 1
Removal of the headliner

  1. Remove the trim piece covering the sun visor mounting arm
  2. Use a 7mm Socket to unbolt the sun visor mounting arm from the headliner.
  3. Using a pry tool, remove the fastener cover on the sun visor retaining mounts. Remove the mount by using a T20 bit.
  4. With steady and constant force, begin by unfastening the headliner assembly close to the top edge of the frame. The entire assembly will come free.

Install Review
Preparing for Installation: FullVUE® Mirror

A-Pillar panels removed on both sides
Sun visor screws organized for future use
Headliner freed from windshield frame
FullVUE® Mirror attached to windshield

Installation of the FullVUE® Mirror

Part 1

Powering the FullVUE® Mirror Harness
  1. Remove the fuse connectors from the FullVUE harness, located on the red and yellow wires.
  2. Utilizing a crimping tool, attach the micro fuse adapter to the harness. One on the red wire and one on the yellow wire.
  3. Remove the fuses shown in the illustration and add them to the marked positions on the fuse tap
  4. Place the fuse tap into the marked locations.
  5. Locate the ground bolt underneath the driver side under-panel and attach the ground lead.

Part 2
Routing the power harness

  1. Begin by routing the pin connectors of the harness up the driver A Pillar toward the mounting point for the sun visor.
  2. Continue feeding the 2 pin locations toward the center of the headliner.
  3. Zip-tie the connectors to the existing harness in the orientation illustrated.

Part 3
Powering the FullVUE® Mirror

  1. Connect the FullVUE mirror to the main power harness. You can also plug in the camera chassis to confirm system functionality before moving on.
  2. Turn the vehicle on and wait for the mirror to power up. You should see the initial boot up sequence, followed by a preview of both camera feeds.

Install Review
Installation of the FullVUE® Mirror

FullVUE® Mirror power-up test
Correct fuses replaced with FullVUE®
Harness properly grounded
Harness is properly attached to headliner

Preparing for Installation of the Rear Vision Camera

  1. On 4-Door models, remove the rear passenger door sill panels.
  2. Continue working backwards to the tailgate, freeing panels that cover the install path marked by the diagram.
  3. To remove the interior quarter panel, use a M8 socket to free the retaining bolt.
  4. Remove the trim panel covering the access panel on the tailgate.
  5. Loosen the lug nuts and carefully remove the spare tire. Take special care not to damage your factory reverse camera.

Install Review
Preparing for Installation of the Rear Vision Camera

Removal of sill panels
Trim panels removed from tailgate
Spare tire removed
Remove interior panels

Installation the Rear Vision Camera

Part 1
Routing the camera harness

  1. Begin feeding the video harness up from the bottom of the passenger side A Pillar similar to how the power harness was run.
  2. Once the harness connector is run across the headliner, plug the camera harness into the main harness.
  3. Run the opposite end of the harness along the passenger sill plate toward the rear of the vehicle.
  4. Route the harness under the B Pillar trim panel and continue toward the rear tailgate.
  5. For 4 Door models, continue under the rear passenger door sill plate.
  6. Continue following the plastic trim panels toward the exposed tailgate harness.
  7. Zip-Tie the camera harness to the exposed tailgate harness.

Part 2
Mounting the rear camera

  1. Slide the camera bracket on the top two studs.
  2. Temporarily place the spare tire back on the studs to check and confirm proper camera placement with respect to the spokes of the rim.
  3. One lock washer will be placed on each of the studs that the bracket is hanging on. The third lock washer will lock the nylon washer in its place on the very bottom stud. This is needed to make the wheel sit evenly on the carrier.
  4. Wait to install the spare tire back on the carrier. This will give you more room to work through the steps in the next section.

Part 3
Connecting the camera

  1. Feed the chassis harness connector through the marked hole, and out the rear vent of the tailgate.
  2. Place the provided strip of heat-shrink on the camera harness, then connect the camera to the harness via the top hole in the tire carrier.
  3. Turn the vehicle on and check the rear vision video connection.
  4. Use a heat gun or a lighter to seal the heatshin. Heat shrink should overlap both sides of the connections.

Install Review
Installation of the Rear Vision Camera

Test video feed from rear camera
Camera bracket fixed with lock washers
Camera harness zip-tied to OE fabric
Heat shrink added to camera connection

FullVUE® Mirror Settings

FullVUE® User Interface Guide

  1. Touch screen once to bring up User Interface
  2. Swipe finger left or right to switch camera views
  3. Use +/- on left side of screen to adjust brightness
  4. Use icons below for respective controls

FullVUE® Settings

Menu Item Instructions

Streaming Media

  • Toggle NightSight On/Off (Turn on under low light conditions for clearer image on mirror)
  • Choose: StandardVideo for regular use / EnhancedVideo for crisp color / Evening Light for sunset or dusk lighting conditions

Protect Level

  • Select sensitivity for auto locked event recording for DVR. When the G-Sensor feels shock, it will automatically lock the recording on the SD card
    for later use
  • Choose: On/Off

Parking Monitoring

  • Select On/Off for G-Sensor Initiated recording. These files will be auto locked and recored for 1 min.


  • Adjust UI control and video playback volume

Clock Settings

  • Set date and time for UI

LCD Power Save

  • Select automatic screen save Off/1min/3min
  • Screen will go black after 1min or 3min of no use, if selected

Format SD

  • Format/Reformat Card. Be sure to save all wanted footage on another device befoe reformatting

Refresh Rate

  • Adjust video frame rate 50hz or 60hz (frames per second)
  • This setting will change how smooth the video will play back and will excessively, try changing this setting

Factory Reset

  • Reset all settings

Video Recording Menu Instructions

Normal Video

  • This is where all general video recordings can be found. All files in this folder will be overwritten if SD card runs out of space. DVR will overwrite the oldest files first.

Locking Video

  • Pushing the “Lock Recording” button on the main user interface (shown on page 3) will save the respective video in this folder. All files saved in
    this folder will not be overwritten, even if the SD card runs out of space.


  • This folder will hold all screenshots taken using the “Screen Capture” button on the main user interface shown on page 3.

Front and Rear

  • Front and Rear camera views are separated in each main folder. Use fron or rear button to view recordings or photos of the desired camera view.

Protect and Unprotect

  • These functions will not protect the video from being overwritten. Protecing a photo or recording means that if the “Delete All” function is used, the protected files will not be deleted. If you do not want to delete specific files, protect them and “Delete All” will delete all other fiels iniside of the folder. See “Delete All” for functional details.


  • This button will delete only individually selected files. If the files is protected, it will not delete that file.

Delete All

  • The function will delete all unprotected files within a folder. It will not delete files in both front and rear. It will only delete files in the folder and camera view you have open.
  • In other words, if you are viewing all files saved under Normal Video – Front and push “Delete All”, only front camera files will be deleted. Rear camera files will still be saved.

FAQ Section

1. Can you flip the camera in the FullVUE® Screen?

  • At this time you cannot flip the image from the FullVUE® camera. Please check back with our website for the latest information.

2. Can I turn the display off and use the FullVUE® as a mirror?

  • Yes! Simply tap the bottom button 1 time ( 2 times if you have the time stamp screen) and the mirror will function as a traditional mirror.

3. Can I use an auxiliary camera with the FullVUE® mirror?

  • At this time, you can only use the provided FullVUE® Camera with the FullVUE® Rear Camera Mirror. Pleas visit our website for new information.

Installation Instructions – FVMR-1120

Vehicle Application: Ford Bronco
Part Number: FVMR-1120

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BRANDMOTION FVMR-1120 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror for Ford Bronco [pdf] Instruction Manual
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