BRANDMOTION FVMR-1100 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror System


Tools Required


Kit Contents


Mirror Installation

Attaching the FullVUE™ Mirror to the windshield


  1. Remove old mirror from mount on windshield as per manufacturer’s directions. Be sure to use the proper removal tool if required.
  2. Install new mirror on to D-tab and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

CAUTION Take care not to overtighten. Overtightening could result in damaged windshield.

Powering the FullVUE™ Mirror


  1. Connect the power harness to the plug on the mirror. Route the harness across the headliner, down the A-pillar, and to the desired location in kick panel.
  2. Ensure that the harness will not be pinched when trim panels are replaced.
Wiring the FullVUE™ Mirror


  1. Connect the RED wire from the mirror harness to 12-volt accessory power.
  2. Connect the BLACK wire to a solid ground. Chassis ground in kick panel is recommended.
  3. Connect the YELLOW wire from the mirror harness to the 12-volt constant in the vehicle.
Function test of the FullVUE™ Mirror


  1. Connect camera to camera harness and set aside.
  2. Plug camera harness into mirror harness 5-Pin connector.
  3. Test mirror and camera by turning on ignition power. You should be able to see both the front and rear camera after mirror powers up.

Install Review

  • Double check power connections
  • Secure foot of mirror onto windshield
  • Cycle power in the mirror to test functionality
  • Ensure the harness is not pinched by trim panels

Camera Installation

Attaching the Rear Vision Camera


  1. Mount rear camera to stable surface on rear of vehicle. Be sure to clean mounting surface with alcohol.
  2. Camera can be effectively mounted in multiple locations depending on vehicle type. Be sure desired location is out of the way of any moving parts and that the camera is in the proper orientation.
Attaching the Rear Vision Camera Harness


  1. Run Chassis harness along the headliner of the vehicle . Plug camera harness into mirror harness connector labeled “Camera” and route down A-pillar with power harness.
  2. Connect the red wire behind the 4-Pin connector to reverse 12v+. When activated, the image will zoom out to show entire image with park line overlay

Install Review

  • Double-check power connections
  • If needed, seal bodywork with silicone
  • check video to confirm camera orientation
  • Shift into reverse to check reverse trigger

FullVUE™ Mirror Settings

FullVUE™ User Interface Guide


  1. Touch screen once to bring up User Interface
  2. swipe finger left or right to switch camera views
  3. Use +/- on left side of screen to adjust brightness
  4. Use icons below for respective controls
Menu Item Instructions

Streaming Media
Choose: StandardVideo for regular use/EnhancedVideo for crisp color/Evening Light for sunset or dusk lighting conditions

Protect Level
Select sensitivity for auto locked event recording for DVR. When the G-Sensor feels shock, it will automatically lock the recording on the SD card for later use
Choose: On / Off

Parking Monitoring
select on/off for g-sensor initiated recording. These files will be auto-locked and record for 1 mint

Adjust UI control and video playback volume

Clock Settings
Set date and time for UI

LCD Power Save
select automatic screen save off/1min/3 min
The screen will go black after 1 min or 3 min of no use, if selected

Format SD
Format/Reformat Card. Be sure to save all wanted footage on another device before reformatting

Refresh Rate
Adjust video frame rate 50Hz or 60hz (frames per second)
This setting will change how smooth the video will playback and will excessively, try changing this setting.

Factory Reset
Reset all settings

Video Recording Menu Instructions



FAQ Section

  1. Can you flip the camera on the FullVUE Screen?
    At this time you cannot flip the image from the FullVUE” amen. Please check back with our website for the latest information.
  2. Can I tum the display off and use the FullVUE as a mirror?
    Yes! Simply tap the bottom button 1 time (2 times if you have the time stamp screen) and the mirror will function as a traditional mirror. As a bonus, if )’OU have the reverse trigger wire hooked up, it will still show the image on the mirror even in the display offsetting. When you 5hift the vehicle from reverse, it will return to the setting that was selected before shifting!
  3. Can I use an auxiliary camera with the FullVUE mirror?
    At this time, you can only use the provided FullVUE™ Camera with the FullVUE™ Rear Camera Mirror. Please visit our website for new information
  4. My wire harness is a little short. Can I extend the wires?
    At this time you cannot extend the wires. We have tested up to 16.5ft 4 pin cable extensions onto our 6m harness. We do not recommend adding an extension to our 9m harness at this time.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Documents / Resources

BRANDMOTION FVMR-1100 FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror System [pdf] Instruction Manual
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