Boya True Wireless Semi-in-Ear Earbuds-Complete Features/Instruction Guide

Boya True Wireless Semi-in-Ear Earbuds


  • Product Dimensions
    2 x 1.4 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight
    6.1 ounces
  • Batteries
    2 Lithium Ion batteries
  • Form Factor
  • Connectivity Technology
  • Bluetooth Name
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Frequency Response
  • Transmission Range
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity
  • Power Supply
  • Charging case
    Approx 16 hrs
  • Brand


No matter what’s on your thoughts, the BOYA BY-AP4 is your new pair of TWS earbuds that shines out with a thorough upgrade. It responds to superior design, ample power, a comfortable wearing experience, or improved musical quality.

Package Content

Product Structure

Wearing Earplugs

Please choose one pair of earplugs with extra secure and appropriate size. Insert the headphones into your ear canals as shown above, and rotate them to a suitable, comfortable place.

Power ON/OFF


Auto Power ON
Open the case, and the earbuds turn on automatically

Auto Power OFF

  • Put the earbuds back into the case and close the cover
  • Haven t operate or connect the earbuds beyond 5 minutes.
  • Being in ultra-low battery status


  1. Turn ON
    long press left/right earbud for 2.5 seconds, left/right earbud will turn on
  2. Turn OFF
    long press left/right earbud for 8 seconds, left /right earbud will turn off

Reconnect the device
The earbuds will automatically reconnect to recently connected device, after turn back on.

Bluetooth Pairing

AUTO ON/Bluetooth Pairing

  1. Open the case, and the earbuds turn on and automatically pair with each other. After paired successfully, the main earbud prompts “Du”, and the auxiliary earbud prompts “DuDu.
  2. Open the Bluetooth on your device, search for the Bluetooth named “BY-AP4” and select it to enter the pairing mode.

Out from charging case until blue light flash per 0.5s, than search-AP4″ for connection for single-ear mode, take either left/right earbud.

Earplugs Resetting/Restore Factory Setting

This mode is for the pairing failed condition of earplugs only.

  1. Disable or clear “BY-AP4” from the Bluetooth list on your device.
  2. After power off, long press and hold both earbuds for 12 seconds until the indicators glow solid red, indicating the Factory Setting is restored successfully.
  3. Put the earbuds back into the charging case and close it. Oper the case again, and the earbuds will automatically pair with each other. The indicators glow solid blue for 2.5 seconds, then flash blue light every 0.5 seconds which means binaural mode is paired successfully.

Charging Guidance

  • Use the charging case for charging Place earbuds back into the charging case, and close the cover, the earbud will automatically turn off, and the left end/right end indicators flash 5s and then turn off, respectively indicating the left/right earbuds is charging.
  • Use a wireless charger to charge the case the indicators on the charging case flash white in sequence. When fully charged, the indicators glow solid white.
  • Use the USB Type-C charging cable to charge the case: The indicators on the charging case flash white in sequence. When fully charged, the indicators glow solid white.

Basic Operation

  1. Play/Pause
    Double tap left/right earbud
  2. Volume + /Volume –
    Volume +: Long press left earbud for 1.5s
    Volume: Long press right earbud for 1.5s
  3. Previous Track/ Next Track
    Previous Track: Triple press left earbud
    Next Track: Triple press right earbud
  4. Wake Up Voice Assistant
    Press left/right earbud 4 times
  5. Calling Operation
    Answer/Hang Up: Press left/right earbud
    Reject Long press left/right earbud for 1.5s

Indicator Light

Sound Prompt

Hearing Protection

  1. Do not use it too long under high volume as it may damage your hearing
  2. Do not use too high volume in a case surrounding sound cannot be heard

Safety Precautions

  1. Please avoid heavy drops or bump
  2. Please use the original or qualified charging cable.
  3. Do not disassemble or modify the earbuds yourself to prevent damage or danger
  4. Please avoid the earbuds from water contact and keep it dry
  5. Please keep the earbuds away from children as it may damage their hearing
  6. Do not use earbuds in lightning weather to prevent accidents
  7. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth to avoid irritating chemicals or strong detergents
  8. Do not use this product in severely hot/wet/corrosive environments.

Contact Us

  1. Contact number: 4006131096.
  2. Official website:
  3. Address: Building A16, Silicon Valley Power Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park, Guanlan Dafu industrial District, Shenzhen

Common Problem

The earbuds cannot turn on automatically?
Check if the charging case has power.
Check if the earbuds are low powered
Check if the earbuds can be turned on manually

Bluetooth signal is not stable?
Check if there’s electromagnetic interference surrounded
Check if the earbuds are too far from the device
Restart the phone, to prevent the problem of mobile phone signal instability.
Turn off the wifi and try again

How to tell if the earbuds are fully charged?
The earbuds charging time is about 1 hour.
When fully charged, the earbud’s blue light will steady for 7s, and then turn off

The earbuds cannot be charged?
Make sure the earbuds charging contacts are clean
Whether the earbuds are placed in the charging case
Whether the charging case has sufficient power.

How to adjust the earbud’s volume?
Long press the left earbud for 1.5s to increase volume long press the left earbud for 1,5s to decrease volume
When you adjust the volume, most Android phones won’t display the change, you need to feel the volume change yourself(There are 15 grades volume in total)

How to connect earbuds with the device?
Turn on the earbuds and wait until blue indicator lights flash every 0.5s, which means the earbuds are pending for connection
Turn on the Bluetooth function from your device and connect Bluetooth named “BY-AP1”

No sound from the earbuds?
Check if the earbuds are connected to the mobile phone and whether the media audio is selected.
Check if the earbuds volume is adjusted to the mute state
Check if there’s electromagnetic interference surrounding or if the earbuds are too far from the device.

Warranty Service

  • 12-Month Quality Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Service Support

Warranty Description

  1. Within 1 year since the customer purchased this product, we will provide free warranty service in case the damage is caused during normal use.
  2. Under the following circumstances, the free warranty will be refused.We will however provide free repair service but charge a fee for parts
    The product has been mishandled, inadvertently used, or damaged due to irresistible movement.
    The product is disassembled and repaired privately without the company’s permission.
    The head unit is in the form of debris or impact, which causes the diaphragm to deform, crush, and soak for a long time. Damage to the casing, deformation, etc.
    The using time exceeds 1 year
  3. The free service provided by this warranty does not include product accessories and another packaging. gifts products and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell when the battery in your true wireless earbuds is full?

After 10 seconds, the earbud’s indicator becomes red, and it turns off when the device is turned off. Fully Powered When electricity is cut off to the charging case, the white indicator on the charging case turns off. You will receive a voice message if the earphones’ battery is low.

How should wireless earphones be worn properly?

Put the earbud tips in your ear canal and twist the headphones into position to wear them. To do this, gently pull up on the top of your ears. Making ensuring the headphones are positioned correctly and firmly in the ear canal is made simple by doing this.

How are the Boya earbuds connected?

When the case is opened, the BOYA AUTO ON/Bluetooth earbuds switch on and immediately link with one another. Following a successful pairing, the primary earbud prompts “Du,” and the secondary earbud prompts “DuDu.” 2 To enter pairing mode, open Bluetooth on your device, search for “BY-AP4”, and then pick it.

Why does one of my really wireless earphones only function?

Depending on the audio settings on your headset, it might only play in one ear. So make sure the mono option is off in your audio properties by checking your audio properties. Make sure the voice levels on both earbuds are balanced as well.

Can earphones be placed in the case while charging?

Close the charging case’s cover after putting the earbuds inside. The battery LED within the charging case is red, yellow, or green when the lid is open to show the earbuds’ current battery state. The earphones need about two hours to fully recharge.

How are earphones maintained?

Clean your earbuds or headphones frequently. Ideally, you should use a mildly moist towel to clean the tips of your earbuds or headphone earpads at least once every week. Ensure that your gadget is turned off and the headphones are unplugged. Dry them completely right away with a gentle cloth.

How do you connect the two earbuds?

While simultaneously removing both earbuds from the charging case, wait a short while for them to switch on and establish a connection. If they don’t instantly pair with one another, put them back in the charging case and remove them again at the same time.

How are genuine wireless earbuds reset?

Take out the earphones from the case, then turn them off by pressing the buttons for a short period of time. Hold down the buttons on both earbuds starting with them in the OFF position for approximately 10 seconds. Three times each, Red and White LEDs will blink. Your earbuds will reset as a result.


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