BOSCH GCY 30-4 Professional Bluetooth Connectivity Module Chip


Safety Notes

All instructions must be read and observed in order to enable work with the GCY 30-4 to be carried out safely. Store these instruc-tions in a safe place and provide them when transferring the GCY 30-4 or any power tool equipped with it to a third party.

  • Only use batteries listed in this operating manual. Do not use any other button cells or other forms of electrical power supply.
  • Ensure that battery replacement is carried out properly. There is a risk of explosion.
  • Please note that the Bluetooth® module is powered by a button cell.
  • Never swallow button cells. Swallowing button cells can result in severe internal burns within two hours and can cause death.

Ensure that the button cells are kept out of the reach of children. If you suspect that someone has swallowed a button cell or that a button cell has entered someone’s body in an-other way, seek medical attention immediately.

  • Stop using the Bluetooth® module if you cannot close the cover. Remove the button cell and have it repaired.
  • Do not attempt to recharge the button cells and do not short circuit the button cell. The button cell may leak, explode, catch fire and cause personal injury.
  • Remove and dispose of drained batteries correctly. Drained batteries may leak and damage the Bluetooth® module or cause personal injury.
  • Protect any object identified with a GCY 30-4 against heat and fire. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperatures (> 70 °C) may cause the battery to leak, explode, catch fire and cause personal injury.
  • Do not damage the button cell and or take the button cell apart. The button cell may leak, explode, catch fire and cause personal injury.
  • Do not allow damaged button cells to come into contact with water. Leaking lithium may mix with water to create hydrogen, which could cause a fire, an explosion, or personal injury.
  • The Bluetooth® Low Energy Module GCY 30-4 is equipped with a radio interface. Local operating restrictions, e.g. in aircraft or hospitals, must be observed.
  • Use the Bluetooth® Low Energy Module GCY 30-4 only in power tools intended for it. Read the operating instruc-tions of the power tool you are using.

Product Description and Specifications
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH is under license.

Intended Use

The Bluetooth® Low Energy Module GCY 30-4 enables the personalisation and status checking of a power tool and the transfer of settings and data based on Bluetooth® wireless technol-ogy. The data transfer must be approved by the user.
Information about the connectivity functions offered can be found in the application (app) Bosch Toolbox or in the operating instructions of the power tool you are using.

Product Features

The numbering of the product features refers to the illustrations on the graphics pages.

  1. Button cell
  2. Bluetooth® Low Energy Module GCY 30-4
  3. Placeholder*
  4. Cover for Bluetooth® Low Energy Module GCY 30-4*
    Accessories shown or described are not part of the standard delivery scope of the product. A complete overview of accessories can be found in our accessories program.

Technical Data

Article number 1 607 233 5D4
Operating temperature –10 °C…+40 °C
Storage temperature –20 °C…+70 °C
Dimensions 7x 30 x 30 mm
Weight according to

EPTA-Procedure 01:2014


0,01 kg

Data transmission
Bluetooth® Bluetooth® 4.1 (Low Energy) A)
Signal interval 8s
Signal range maximum 30 m B)
Frequency range used 2402–2480 MHz
Output power <1 mW
Power supply
Battery Button cell (3 V lithium battery, CR 2032)

Bluetooth® Low Energy Module

Battery service life, approx.

  • A) The mobile terminal devices must be compatible with Bluetooth® Low Energy devices (version 4.1) and support the Generic Access Pro-file (GAP).
  • B) The signal range may vary greatly depending on external conditions, including the receiving device used. The Bluetooth® range may be sig-nificantly weaker inside closed rooms and through metallic barriers (e.g. walls, shelving units, cases, etc.).

System Requirements

  • Mobile terminal device (tablet, smartphone):
    • Android 4.3 (and above)
    • iOS 9 (and above)

Mounting and Operation

Power supply

  • Remove the cover for the Bluetooth® Low Energy Mo-dule GCY 30-4 on the power tool, e.g. using a screw-driver or a large coin. Using unsuitable objects can dam-age the electronics or the cover.
  • To start using the product after purchasing it or to change the battery 1, follow the illustrations on the graphics pages. Observe the following advice when doing so.

Initial OperationBOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-3BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-4BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-5

Note: Store the placeholder 3 of the GCY 30-4 in a safe place. Re-insert the placeholder when transferring the power tool without GCY 30-4 to a third party.
Insert the battery 1 with the plus terminal facing upwards in-to the GCY 30-4 2. It is not necessary to push in the battery.
To initialise the GCY 30-4 after inserting the battery, press the On/Off switch of the power tool.

Battery ReplacementBOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-10BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-6BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-11

Only remove used batteries 1 using your fingers.
A warning will be displayed in the app before the battery is fully used up.

Removing the GCY 30-4BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-8

Do not use force to remove the GCY 30-4 2. Do not use any sharp or pointed tools.
Note: You may need to turn the power tool over to make it eas-ier to remove the GCY 30-4.

Initial Operation

Once the battery 1 has been inserted and the On/Off switch on the power tool is pressed, the GCY 30-4 will send out a contin-uous signal. The Bluetooth® signal will only be interrupted if the battery is drained or faulty or if it is removed.
You can find further information directly in the app from Bosch.

Installing and Setting Up the App
BOSCH-GCY-Professional-Bluetooth-Connectivity-Module-Chip-2In order to be able to use the GCY 30-4, you first have to install the app Bosch Toolbox.

  • Download the app Bosch Toolbox from the corresponding app store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
    Note: You will require a user account on the corresponding app store to do this.
  • Then select the subitem MyTools in the app.
  • The display of your mobile terminal device will show you all subsequent steps required to connect the power tool to the terminal device.

Bosch offers a special application (app) for managing the in-serted GCY 30-4 modules and determining their location.

  • Open the website and register.
  • After registration is complete, you will receive your access in-formation.
  • Download the app/web-based application TrackMyTools from the corresponding app store (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) and register using your access information.
  • You can now create and manage your inventory using the app/web-based application.
    Note: You will require a user account on the corresponding app store to do this.
    Note: First, fully complete the tutorial for the app. This will give you a better overview of how the connection is made and how the connectivity functions are used.

Data Transmission via Bluetooth®
The transmission interval of the GCY 30-4 is 8 seconds. De-pending on ambient conditions, several transmission intervals may be required before the GCY 30-4 is detected. If the GCY 30-4 is not detected, check the following:

  • Is the distance to the mobile terminal device too great? ▷ Reduce the distance between the mobile terminal device and the GCY 30-4.
  • Is the battery too low or drained? ▷ Change the battery.

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning
Remove any dirt using a brush. Do not use any detergents or solvents.

After-sales Service and Application Service
Our after-sales service responds to your questions concerning maintenance and repair of your product as well as spare parts. Exploded views and information on spare parts can also be found under:
Bosch’s application service team will gladly answer questions concerning our products and their accessories.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always in-clude the 10-digit article number given on the nameplate of the product.

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GCY 30-4 modules, accessories and packaging should be re-cycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Do not dispose of electronic components and bat-teries into household waste!
Only for EC countries:
In accordance with European Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment and Directive
2006/66/EC respectively, electronic components that are no longer usable and faulty or drained batteries must be collected separately and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
Battery packs/batteries no longer suitable for use can be di-rectly returned at:

Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
UB 9 5HJ
At you can order spare parts or arrange the collection of a product in need of servicing or repair. Tel. Service: (0344) 7360109
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject to change without notice.

Documents / Resources

BOSCH GCY 30-4 Professional Bluetooth Connectivity Module Chip [pdf] Instruction Manual
GCY 30-4, Professional Bluetooth Connectivity Module Chip

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