BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit

BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit-fig1

Part List

BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit-fig2
BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit-fig3

  • Please read all the assembly advice and safety instruction before assembly and keep for future reference.
  • Remove all the packaging and check all the components supplied with the parts list and ensure the kit is complete and undamaged.
  • Warning: No Liability is accepted for damage to the product that has been assembled.
  • The specified load capacity is 265Kg, this must be evenly distributed on the shelf.
  • The shelf is not suitable for rooms with elevated humidity as the humidity can damage the boards.
  • It is advised that gloves are worn when assembling the shelves to prevent injury.
  • Never exceed the shelves stated maximum load.
  • The shelf should be secured to a suitable solid wall though the holes in the uprights.
  • To prevent scratching to the shelf s coating, assemble the shelf on a clean soft surface e.g. carpet.

Assembly instructions

  • Use small rubber mallet to tap the parts together this will avoid damage to the powder coated finish.
  • Assemble the horizontal parts with the broad edge upwards.

    BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit-fig4

  • When assembling ensure the tags of the selves are fully inserted and into the uprights and that the tags are inside the uprights

    BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit-fig5

  • Bend the inner support cross members tags are bent around to secure them in place using a flat screwdriver.
  • Once assembled the shelf must be place on a horizontal, smooth floor. If the floor is not smooth and flat this will affect the stability of the shelf and the maximum load-bearing capacity.
    • The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes to product design and technical specifications without prior notice unless these changes significantly affect the performance and safety of the products. The parts described / illustrated in the pages of the manual that you hold in your hands may also concern other models of the manufacturer’s product line with similar features and may not be included in the product you just acquired.
    • Please note that our equipment has not been designed for use in commercial, trade or industrial applications. Our warranty will be voided if the machine is used in commercial, trade or industrial businesses or for equivalent purposes.
    • To ensure the safety and reliability of the product and the warranty validity, all repair, inspection, repair or replacement work, including maintenance and special adjustments, must only be carried out by technicians of the authorized service department of the manufacturer.


Documents / Resources

BORMANN BSR3001 5 Shelf Shelving Unit [pdf] Instruction Manual
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