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  • Long press (2s): Power on/off . 2 Short press: Bluetooth disconnected.
  • 3 Short press: Reset factory data. Long press (25s): Hard Reset. Short press: Change LED. Long press 2s: Turn off LED. 2 Short press: Dual Pair ON/ Dual Pair OFF.
  • 1 Short tap: Play/Pause, Take Call/Drop Call. 3 Short tap: Previous song,
  • 2 Short tap: Next song/Move Call to Phone. Long tap 2s: Reject Call.
  • Long tap 4s: Change EQ mode.
  • Roll left: Volume DOWN
  • USBC Charge Port & 3.5mm AUX IN
  • Microphone

How to Connect

  • Switch ON: blue LED indicator will flash,
  • Choose “Rhythm 24” from your device menu,
  • Wait until you hear the voice prompt “Connected”,
  • You are now connected,
  • The Blue LED indicator will now stay on.


Pull the waterproof cover-up from the bottom (gently) to access the AUX part, AUX will play automatically once the AUX cable is inserted. Note LED Indicator will tum Green.


10 Different LED lights, Short press “M” once to change modes, Mode 1 defaults when you power on each time.


3 Equalizer settings: bass boost, vocal boost and Boompods Studio are available, to change: Long press indicator area until you hear the setting Vocal prompt, note that Boompods studio is defaulted when you power on.


  • Short tap once to Answer.
  • Short tap Once to hang up.
  • Short tap twice to move calls from speaker to phone to keep call private. Tap Hold for 2s to hang up,

Pair 2

  • If you have already paired the Speaker to your phone or another device (in range) clear them from those devices.
  • Switch on both speakers.
  • Short press the” M ” button twice, on both speakers, then wait until you hear the voice prompt “connected”.
  • The master speaker’s blue indicator will keep flashing, the sub-master speaker’s blue indicator will stay on.
  • Now pair to your phone, follow the instructions on the previous page,


  • Gently remove waterproof cover only until USB-C charging port is exposed. {Please make sure after charging this is securely fixed back in place to avoid water and debris, this could void the warranty)
  • Use supplied USB-C Charging Cable,
  • Use an output source 5V/2A (or above).
  • Charge when you hear the “Battery Low” prompt or the LED indicator flash RED. Red LED will be on while charging and switch off when fully charged.
  • Speaker will power off automatically to save the battery when nothing is connected after 10 minutes.


  • Product Name Rhythm 24
  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Battery 4000mAh
  • Playing Time 8~ 10 Hours(50% Volume)
  • Talking Time 7~8 Hours
  • Charging Time 2~3 Hours
  • Charging Current 5V = 1.5A
  • Speaker Unit 12W”2/4O, 53mm diameter
  • Product Size Blx81x187.3mm
  • Product Weight 602g
  • Waterproof Rating IPX5
  • frequency range 70Hz-1BkHz

Look after me

  1.  Please read this manual carefully before use and keep it safe.
  2.  First-time use, please fully charge.
  3.  Use a certified adapter that has passed national safety certification.
  4.  Charge at least once a month to maintain performance.
  5.  Do not use in extremely hot or cold environments, temperature beyond 5 C-35C. If used beyond the above range, the product may stop automatically to protect the internal circuit.
  6.  When charging in high-temperature environments, the product may automatically stop charging to protect the battery. At this time, the charging indicator usually flashes quickly to indicate that the charging environmental temperature or the product’s internal temperature is too high.
  7.  Storage environment temperature: -5~35’C RH<70% [recommended 20C±5).

Important Safety Instructions:

  1.  Do not disassemble or repair this speaker personally, otherwise, it may cause product damage or personal injury.
  2.  Do not use it in dusty, humid, dry, and high-temperature environments.
  3.  Do not place this product near a heat source, or a place with direct sunlight, lots of dust, or mechanical vibration.
  4.  Do not exceed the IPX5 waterproof rating parameters.
  5.  When the product is fully charged, remove it from charging.
  6.  The maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C.

*This speaker supports mobile phones/ tablets/ PCs etc. Here this User Manual is illustrated based on mobile phones. 

Documents / Resources

BOOMPODS RHYTHM 24 Stereo Wireless Speaker [pdf] User Manual
RHYTHM 24, Stereo Wireless Speaker

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