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D7 Marine Diesel Engine

The BMW D7Marine Engine: 4.5 kW (6 bhp). Particularly suitable for sailing boats and open displacement boats up to approx Z5 metres (24′) and 2 tons.
This ideal diesel engine for relatively small boats is in a class of its own. With its compact dimensions, ex-tremely low weight (only 68 kg/150 lb) and sophisticated design with no mov-ing parts on the outside, it is even suitable for boats which, due to a lack of space, had to be fitted with an out-board engine. The patented lubrication system allows continuous operation at an angle of heel of up to 20′.

Special features:

  • Extremely low weight thanks to cast aluminiuni crankcase
  • Compact dimensionsfits into virtually any boat
  • Reliable operation even with a considerable angle of heel (up to 201, depending on the angle at which the engine is installed
  • No moving parts on the outside and, therefore optimum safety against injuries
  • Simple, inexpensive maintenance
  • Optimum corrosion-proofing through two-component paintwork and two zinc anodes.
  • Bosch fuel injection pump with mechanical control and self bleeding optimum combustion and clean exhaust emission
  • Flexible engine mounts to minimize vibrations to the boat’s hull
  • Alternator (integrated in flywheel) and a heavy duty starter
  • Easy-to-operate manual starter with starting handle and automatic decompression: yet another safety feature fitted as standard
  • Reduced-ratio reversing-type gear-box fora wide range of different applications
  • Thermostat-controlled salt water cooling to provide a constant operating temperature
  • Low fuel consumption: 1.5 Itr/0.33 Imp gals per operating hour at maximum output
  • High-performance fuel supply filter with water separator
  • Air filter with intake air silencer
  • Electrical wiring complying to the strict US Coast Guard regulations. resetable fuses to provide extra safety against overload
  • Engine and gearbox prepared by the factory for single-lever remote control of throttle and gear shift

The D7 has a wide range of exceptional advantages. This applies not only to the D7, but to all marine engines that bear the symbol of progressive engineering.
BMW’s complete range of marine en-gines for sailing boats and motor yachts offers all kinds of options and a wide choice of diesel and petrol units. You can also choose from a wide range of optional extras and accesso-ries to meet your personal require-ments. And to make sure that you enjoy sheer boating pleasure for a long time to come, BMW Marine’s international dealer organization has trained marine technicians at your service as well as a reliable and quick supply of parts.

Specafications D7

Displacement and output (DIN 6270 B) Displacement 280 cc (17.1 cu in)
Stroke 67 mm (2.64″), bore73 mm (2.87″)
Max continuous output 4.5 kW (6 bhp) at 3600 rpm
Compression ratio 22:1
Design and
Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine in up-right position, direct injection; forged-steel crankshaft
Operation at a permanent angle of heel of up to 20°
Flexible engine mounts
Weight Dry weight of the complete engine unit 68 kg (1501b)
Valves Valve drive: via rocker arms and tappet rods
Lubrication Centrifugal forced-feed lubrication (splash lubrication)
Fuel supply system Bosch fuel injection pump
Direct Injection Into spherical combustion chamber
Air filter with air intake silencer
Fuel supply by mechanical fuel pump with additional manual control
Engine cooling Single-circuit cooling with directly connected water pump
Electrical system 350 W,14 V, 25 A alternator
0.8 kW starter
Power transmission Torsion damper between engine and gearbox
Reversing-type gearbox Reversing-type gearbox with neutral position, forward and reverse
Direction of rotation: clockwise in forward gear, on connection flange of reversing-type gearbox
Standard ratio:
forwards 2.7:1; reverse 1.9:1
alternative: 2.8:1; 2.3:1
Standard fittings Manual starter with starting handle and automatic decompression, zinc anodes
Automatic bleeding of fuel system fuel filter with water separator
Engine with donilete wiring loom and multi-pin plug, instrument panel with starter switch, battery charge indicator, coolant temperature indicator and two blank ho es for additional instruments
Optional fittings Single-lever control with cable, complete stern gear and exhaust system, various additional instruments
D5 approved in the Federal Republic of Germany with no licence required Max output according to DIN 6270 B 3.57 kW (4.85 bhp) at 3070 rpm
Subject to change In design and technical features

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