BluMill X-Bike Foldable Exercise Bike



Thank you for purchasing this product. Please use it safely and correctly after reading the instruction manual properly.

Please make sure to check if all fastening bolts and alignment pin and nuts are properly fastened before using the product.

Avoid getting the product wet to prevent rust and damage.

Do not disassemble or remodel to avoid damage on the product.

Please do not install or keep the product in the following places.

Uneven surfaces

Places that are not well ventilated, moist or dusty.

Places with temperatures that are extremely high and low

Please do not put foreign substances in the product.

  • Use of the product by the following persons are prohibited:
    • Person who requires bed rest including pregnant women, women having periods, person with fever and fatigue, person with heart failure and bronchial diseases.
    • Person who is prohibited to exercise by the doctor.
    • Person weighing more than 100 kilograms.
  • Please do not allow children to use the product without adult supervision.
  • Do not use the product in a standing position.
  • Please wear proper work- out attire.
  • Make sure to be in good condition by warming up 5 minutes before using the product.
  • When heart rate increases rapidly or experiencing difficulty in breathing, discontinue use of the
  • Product. Consult a doctor before using again.


  1. Main body
  2. Support frame (Front, Back)
    (The nuts, washers and front wheels are attached on the frame)
  3. Handle, monitor
  4. Left and right pedals
  5. Saddle and saddle frame
  6. Tools
    Small wrench
    Allen wrench
    Big wrench
  7. Fastening bolt for saddle height
  8. Backrest
  9. Handle
  10. Backrest assembly frame


  1. Backrest
  2. Saddle
  3. Locking bolt for saddle height
  4. Supporting section (back)
  5. Handle
  6. Monitor
  7. 8-level resistance dial
  8. Handle
  9. Left pedal
  10. Right pedal
  11. Supporting section (Front)


Size(Unfolded) 68.5 x 40 x 110 cm
Size(Folded) 37 x 40 x 130 cm
Weight 14,2 kg
Material Steel pipe, Urethane, ABS resin

Please follow the instructions in order.
Please wear gloves to protect your hands while assembling.




  1. Please spread the main bodies A and B together.
  2. Please assemble the front and back support frames in or-der. The front and back support frames can be distinguished. Install the frame with wheels on the front. Fasten the nuts and washers on the support frame using a small wrench.

BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-4Support frame (front)
First, as shown in the picture, please fasten bolts on the front frame by hand and then use a small wrench to finish. BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-05Support frame (back
As shown in the picture, please fasten bolts on the back frame by hand and then use a small wrench to finish.BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-06Movable wheels and a front sticker are attached on the front frame. BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-07Horizontal caps and a back sticker are attached on the back frame.

  1. Please attach the right pedal on the right side and while the left pedal on the left side.
    Please assemble them with a small wrench as shown in the picture.
    Fasten the pedals by turning the pedal bolt on the crank groove clockwise using a small wrench.

BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-08Align the nut with the pedal bolt. Hold the pedal bolt with a small wrench while turning the nut counterclockwise with a big wrench. BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-09

  1. Saddle assembly
    • As shown in the picture, please insert the saddle into the saddle frame and tighten the lever.
    • Please connect the assembled saddle frame to the main body and fasten it with the fastening bolt of saddle height.
    • Tools necessary for assembling the saddle.BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-10
  2. Backrest assembly
    • As shown in the figure, the backrest pad and the handle are installed and locked with bolts and nuts.BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-11
    • As shown in the figure, please install the assembled backrest on the seat cushion bracket, and then tighten with screws.BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-12
  3. Installation of the LCD monitor and handle.
    Please connect the monitor to the groove of the lower main body and tighten the screw with an allen wrench.



You can track the status of your work out as time, speed, distance, calories, and the total distance are shown on the screen.

Description of the button
If you continue pressing the button, functions are selected in order of [SCAN – TIME – SPEED – DISTANCE – CALORIE – ODO ].
If you press the button for more than 3 seconds, all the contents are initialized and “0” is shown.

  • TIME : Shows the total period that you exercise ranging from 0.00 minute to 99.99 minutes.
  • SPEED : Shows the current speed that you are Maximum 99.99 is shown.
  • DISTANCE : Shows the distance that you exercise ranging from 0.00 to 99.99km and increases by 0.01.
  • CALORIES : Shows the total calories burned ranging from 0 to 9999 and increases by 1 Cal.
  • ODO [Total distance] : Shows the distance that you exercise ranging from 0.00 to 99.99km and increases by 0.01.

When tightening it
Please pull the band down and fix it to the groove by inserting it.


When loosing it
Please pull the band up and fix it to the groove by inserting it.


It is recommended to exercise for 15 minutes twice a day.

Set the device to position 5 or 6 for optimal training.

  • Warm thoroughly before exercising.
  • After exercising, it is advisable to stretch to prevent muscle pain.

Please lift the main body by holding the handle and saddle and pulling them to fold the product.
When you fold the product, please make sure to make the saddle position closer to the back and fold it.



Fold BluMill-X-Bike-Foldable-Exercise-Bike-17

Cautions: When you fold the product, please fasten the saddle to the highest stage and fold it.


The warranty does not cover the following.

  1. Abuse and misuse.
  2. Intentionally scratching or causing damage to the product.
  3. Normal wear and tear.


Symptoms Solution
When you cannot connect the handle to the main body For the fastening bolts and washers of the handle, please temporarily fasten both sides by hand by hand and then use tools to finish.
When values are not shown on the monitor screen Please check if [+] and [-] of the batteries are correctly set. If it is not working even though they are correct, please change batteries.
When values are shown but do not increase on the monitor screen Please check if the connection lines from the main body and monitor are inserted into the right locations.
When you cannot insert the fastening pin of saddle height into the main body Please adjust the fastening pin of the main body at the right angle and try again.
When you cannot connect pedals to the main body Please turn the right pedal clockwise and the left pedal counterclockwise.

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BluMill X-Bike Foldable Exercise Bike [pdf] User Manual
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