BLUEWEAR 540036 Ear Muffs

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This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer



Item number
Conforms to the following directives, regulations, and standards
Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal protective equipment
EN 352-1:2002

The PPE is identical to the PPE which is subject to EU type-examination certificate No: CE 723364
Conformity assessment procedure according to (EU) 2016/425: D
Name and address of the notified body involved: BSI Group The Netherlands B.V, Say Building
John M. Keynesplein 9, 1066 EP, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This product was CE marked in the year -07

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  • This hearing protection is a smaller model. Always use a suitable size of hearing protection that fits comfortably and firmly, and seal tightly around the ears. If this hearing protection does not fit, choose another size.
  • Personal protective equipment can never provide complete protection. Always take care during activities that can entail a risk.
  • Always wear hearing protection when you are exposed to harmful noise.
  • Do not expose the earmuffs to chemicals.
  • The audibility of warning signals is impaired when wearing hearing protection.
  • The hearing protection must be adjusted in accordance with the instructions so that they fit the user’s head.
  • The hearing protection, and in particular the sealing rings, can deteriorate over time and should be examined frequently to make sure they are not cracked and do not admit noise.
  • Attaching hygienic protection to the hearing protection’s pads can affect the acoustic properties of the hearing protection.
  • Do not use paint, solvents, or glue on the product, and do not attach stickers or similar to it, unless recommended by the manufacturer
  • Use additional protective equipment if required.
  • Do not expose the product to temperatures over +50°C or below -20°C.
  • Use and maintain the hearing protection in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Replace the product 5 years after the date of manufacture, or if it is damaged.


  • These ear-muffs are of ‘small size range’ or ‘large size range’ (as appropriate). Ear-muffs complying with EN 352-1 are of ‘medium size range’ or ‘small size range’ or ‘large size range’. ‘Medium size range’ ear-muffs will fit the majority of wearers. ‘Small size range’ or ‘large size range’ ear-muffs are designed to fit wearers for whom ‘medium size range’ ear-muffs are not suitable.
  • If recommendations given in the manual are not followed by the user, the earmuffs will not provide protection.
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CE SYMBOL Approved in accordance with the relevant regulation.
  • (EU) 2016/425 — Regulation for personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • EN 3521:2002 — Hearing protection.


This product complies with the requirements in the regulation (EU) 2016/425 and European standard EN 3521:2002.
The EU Type-Examination (module B) was conducted by BSI Group The Netherlands B.V, Say Building, John M. Keynesplein 9, 1066 EP, Amsterdam, Netherlands. NB: 2797
BSI is also responsible for the ongoing Quality Surveillance (Module D).

Attenuation value 25 dB
Weight 188 g
Material in cups ABS
Material in seals PVC
Material in headband Acetal copolymer
Manufacture date
The sealing rings on this model are replaceable.


The hearing protection is made of material that does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, or have any other negative effect on health and safety.

Frequency (Hz) Measured mean attenuation (dB) Standard deviation (dB) Assumed protection value
125 9.8 3 6.8
250 14 1.2 12.8
500 22.8 2.2 20.6
1000 30.4 3.4 27
2000 31.6 3.3 28.3
4000 33.6 3.4 30.2
8000 31.3 2.7 28.6

SNR = 25 dB, H = 29 dB, M = 22 dB L = 14 dB


  1. Make sure that there is no hair under the sealing rings. Remove earrings that prevent the sealing rings from sealing tightly.
  2. Pull out the band as far as it will go and place the cups over your ears so that the band is lying over your head.
  3. Adjust the length of the headband over the head so that they fit firmly and comfortably and seal tightly around the ears.
  4. Check the fit by talking loudly. Your voice should sound muffled. Ambient noise should sound weaker than without hearing protection.
  5. Check that the cups’ sealing rings sit firmly against your head and around your ears.


  • Pull hair away from your ears and use glasses with thin frames to minimize the admission of noise. Never attempt to change the shape of the headband.
  • Check before use that the sealing rings are not cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged.



Clean with a sponge or cloth, dampened with a mild detergent. Never use alcohol or solvent.


  • Some chemicals can have a negative effect on the product.
  • Further information should be sought from the manufacturer.

Depending on the usage the earmuffs should be disinfected about every three months. The parts of the ear defenders that come into contact with the skin should be disinfected with an alcohol solution.


Store the hearing protection in a clean and dry plastic bag when not in use or during transportation. Do not store in temperatures over +55°C or below -20°C.

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BLUEWEAR 540036 Ear Muffs [pdf] Instruction Manual
540036, Ear Muffs

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