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BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station 2000W User Manual

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station 2000W

Safety instructions

Please observe the following instructions to ensure safe usage

  1. Do not alter or disassemble this product.
  2. Do not move during charging or using it, because the vibration and impact during
  3. moving will lead to poor contact of output interface.
  4. In case of fire, use dry powder fire extinguishers for this product. Do not usewater fire extinguisher, which may cause electric shock.
  5. Close supervision is required when using this product near children.
  6. Please confirm the rated specification of your load, and do not use it beyondthe specification.
  7. Do not place the product near heat sources, such as electric furnace and heaters.
  8. Not permitted on aricrafts because the battery capacity exceeds 100Wh.
  9. Do not touch the product or the plug-in points if your hands are wet.
  10. Check the product and accessories prior to every use. Do not use if it is damaged or broken.
  11. Please unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet immediately in case oflightning stroke, which may cause heating, fire and other accidents.
  12. Use original charger and cables.

Packing list

No. Product Quantity(pcs) standard option
1 Power Station 1
2 AC adapter (including AC charging cable) 1
3 MC4 Solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90) 1
4 Car charging cable (car to XT90) 1
5 XT90 to aviation plug (input) 1
6 User manual 1
7 Warranty card 1
8 Certificate 1
9 12V / 25A aviation plug to XT60 (output)
10 12V / 25A XT60 to spc45 (output)
11 12V / 24V lead acid battery charging cable XT90 to Red Black clamp (input)
12 Connector for dual AC adapter (Female 7909 to XT90)
13 Trolley
14 Carry bag

Standard( accessories included)

Options( not included, buy separately from seller)

The picture is for reference only, take the object for standard.

Function introduction

  1. Power button
  2. 12V / 10A cigarette lighter port 8. 12V / 3A output
  3. Type-C charging port 9. PV / car input port
  4. Touchable interaction LCD display 10. AC adapter input port
  5. USB output x 4pcs 11. Wireless charging x 2pcs
  6. US AC output x 6pcs
    (EU/UK AC output x 2 pcs)


  • AC stands for alternating current.
  • DC stands for direct current.
  • PV stands for photovoltaic(solar charging).
  • Car stands for automobile electricenergy.

Startup and shutdown operation

  1. Start up: short press the power button, the indicator light is on, and the machine isin standby mode.
  2. Shutdown: press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds, and the indicator light will be off and the machine shut off.

    The LED indicator lamp status warning

    BMS Over current or short circuit protection

    Turn off after the indicator light flashes

    BMS Startup timeout

    The indicator light flashes and not shut down

    Normal startup

    The indicator light on

    Normal shutdown

    The indicator light off

  3. DC power switch and AC power switch are integrated in the interaction LCD screen(Figure 1),press“DC ON/OFF”button and “AC ON/OFF”button on the screen toturn on/off the DC /AC output.

How to use the touch screen

Interaction LCD screen(Information Vision) supports below functions:

  1. Real time display of voltage, current, power, temperature and state of charge and discharge.
  2. The user can adjust the output voltage, frequency, charging mode,power consumption mode and time information according to the setting column.
  3. Support energy-saving, and enable Super ECO mode to save more than 30%of useless energy loss.
  4. Support users to view fault information, historical fault information, software version independently.

The operation steps of touch screen

Warm tip

  • The touchable LCD screen is a resistance screen. we recommend to press the touch button by fingernail lightly until it “beeps”.
  • In order to maximize the lifespan of the LCD screen, please avoid direct sunlight onit.
  1. When press the power button,it will enter the main interface of the LCD display screen:
    1. Homepage button
    2. Settings button h. DC load information display button
    3. Data button i. DC ON/OFF button
    4. AC ON/OFF button
    5. Adapter charging display button
    6. AC load information display button
    7. Faults button
    8. PVICar charging display button
    9. BMS information display button
    10. Adapter charging display button
    11. AC load information display button
    12. Date/Time
  2. Click the settings button in the main interface (Figure 2) to enter the settinginterface as follows (Figure 3) :
    Warm tip: Please enter the setting interface to set the date and time according to the local time zone, and check the output voltage, frequency and other parameters for thefirst time.
    The default
    1. output: 100V/50Hz
    2. US output: 120V/60Hz
    3. EU output: 230V/50Hz
    4. UK output: 230V/50Hz
    5. DC Input Source: PV (solar)
    6. ECO Mode: NO   Press “Next” button to enter language and date setting as below(Figure 3): Language: Japanese, English
      Date and time: 2000-00-00、00:00:00
      Please set the “Date and time” at least once every 2 weeks. Press to configure it.
  3. Return to the main interface (Figure 1), click the “Data” button to enter the page (Figure 4)
    1. Click the “Product Info” button, you can view the product model, control software version, monitoring software version, BMS monitoring software version and display software version in turn;
    2. Click the “ Inverter & Charger Info” button, you can view the PV / Car operation andthe adapter operation status ,DC out operation and AC out operation in turn, which can also be accessed directly from the shortcut key on the main interface;
    3. Click the “BMS Maintenance” button, you can view the operation information of BMS, and this part can also be accessed directly from the shortcut key in the main interface;
    4. Click the “Fault History” button, you can view all the fault information generated by the machine. All the fault codes recorded here. According to the fault codes, return to the main interface and click the fault button to view the corresponding fault information. Fault History is retained up to 10 years if not manually cleared.
  4. Return to the main interface and click the fault button (Figure 1) to view the current fault information: the fault button will display orange if there is a fault, click to enter the corresponding fault information, then the gray light will turn into orange.

Charging the product

There are five ways to charge

  1. Charging mode 1: From AC Wall outlet
    1. Press the main power button to start charging after connecting the product to the AC wall outlet, the charging will automatically stop when it reaches 100%.
  2. Charging mode 2: From the solar panels
    1. Choose the solar panel with working voltage DC 35V-150V.
    2. Connect the solar panel to the product via solar charging cable included.
    3. Plug and play charging: it will start charging automatically after connecting thesolar panel to the product even it is off status.
    4. Max. current of the solar is 12A.
  3. Charging mode 3: From the car lighter port
    1. Press the power button and connect it to the cigarette lighter port through the car charging cable.
    2. Enter the setting interface as shown in (Figure2) through the display screen to set DC input source to car mode; The product can be charged with 8.2A maximumcurrent.
  4. Charging Mode 4: From a generator (gasoline, propane or diesel)
    1. Connect the AC adapter input to the generator and the output port to the ACcharging port of the machine.
    2. Press the power button, the product will be charged, the charging will automaticallystop when it reaches 100%.
  5. Charging mode 5: from lead acid battery
    1. Connect to the positive and negative poles of the battery through the provided solar charging cable(pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles of the battery, the red head is the positive pole, and the black head is the negative pole) .
    2. Enter the setting interface as shown in (Figure 2) through the display screen to setDC input source to “car mode” .The product can be used for car charging mode, with the maximum current of 8.2A. The product has the function of anti over discharge for lead-acid battery.


  1. Turn on 12V / 25A, 12V / 3A, cigarette lighter port, USB and type C output: first,press the power button, then enter the main interface through the touch screen, click the DC ON/ OFF button and confirm, Turn off these output, and also click the DC on / off button and confirm.
  2. Turn on AC output: first, press the power button, then enter the main interfacethrough the touch screen, click the AC ON/ OFF button and confirm. Turn off these AC output ports, and also click the AC ON/ OFF button and confirm.

Application scenario

  1. Outdoor: Car equipment: car fridge, car vacuum cleaner and other car equipment; Camping equipment: garden electric tools (power tools such as blowers, lawn mowers, electric drills, electric saws), BBQ grills, LED lights, etc.
  2. Indoor: Refrigerator, kitchen devices such as kettle, toaster, blender, coffee maker, rice cooker, laptops, phones, lighting, etc.

Examples of loads

  1. 12V / 25A, 12V / 3A, cigarette lighter port, USB and type C output port are suitable for most products in the market, but some products may trigger overcurrent protection if there is a large current impact at the moment of starting.
  2. The power of electrical products used for AC output should be less than 2000W. According to the different electrical products, when the rated power is less than 2000W, some air conditioners, motors and other devices that need instantaneous high current when starting may trigger overcurrent when the ratio of peak valueof rated current exceeds 3:1. At this time, we recommended that you select the electrical appliances with lower power rate.
  3. When the output is overload, over-current or short circuit, the product will turn offthe corresponding output, and then it will automatically start twice (at an interval of 20s). If there is still an overload, over-current or short circuit alarm, the output will be locked, and it needs to be manually troubleshot and then restart. If the output stops repeatedly after restart, please stop using it immediately (only after troubleshooting) or contact the seller or maintenance agent for help.
  4. When the battery power is discharged to 0%, the DC and AC output will automatically turn off. Only when the battery power is charged to more than 5%, the DC and AC output can be turned on, which is to protect the battery and enhance its cyclelife.
  5. This machine supports charging and discharging simultaneously.

Estimation of operating time

2000Wh × DOD × η ÷ (load W) = charging time(unit:h)
Note: DOD is the battery discharge depth,η is the local inverter efficiency, DOD=90%,η=88%。









AC output

Rated output power 2000W
Low rated voltage 100-120Vac
High rated voltage 220-240Vac
THD < 5%
Efficiency > 88%(R load)

Overload capacity

2000W<load<2500W, 2min; 2500W<load, immediately
Short circuit protection yes
Over temperature protection yes


load<1500W, Max.45dB; load>1500W, Max.54dB



Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 25A
Overload power 330W<load, 2S
Short circuit protection yes




Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 10A
Overload power >120W, 2s
Short circuit protection yes




Rated voltage 12V
Rated current 3A
Overload power >40W, 2S
Short circuit protection Yes


USB output

Rated voltage 5V
Maximum current 3A
Short circuit protection Yes

Type-C output

Fast charging type PD2.0 (60W Max)
Rated output 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3A
Short-circuit protection Yes
Wireless charging QI1.2.4 standard compatible
Output power 5W/7.5W/10W/15W


AC charging

input voltage 100-240VAC
Maximum charging voltage 58.8 VDC
maximum charging power 500W

Car input

input voltage 11.5V-14.4V/23V-28.8V
Input current 8.2A


Solar panel

input voltage 35V-150V

Input current

12A ( only 12A will be received When the current exceeds 12A)
Input maximum power 700W

1.         PV charging has automatic activation charging function(plug and play): when PV is connected with the product, it will automatically activate the device for charging as long as the sun has energy; if you do not want this function, please unplug the PV charging head after full charge.

2.         It supports charging while discharging, and does not support UPS function.

Battery Pack
Rated capacity 2000Wh,40Ah
Voltage 41.5V-58.4V
Short circuit protection yes
Output overcurrent protection 70A
Discharge high temperature protection 65℃/149℉
Recovery of discharge high temperature protection


Charging high temperature protection 55℃/131℉
Charging high temperature protection recovery


Charging low temperature protection 0℃/32℉
Product size 420*280*386mm(16.5*11*15.2inch)
Net weight 27.5Kg(60.6lbs)
Working environment temperature 0℃-40℃/32℉-104℉
Storage ambient temperature -10℃-45℃/14℉-113℉
Working environment humidity 10-90%

Storage and maintenance instructions

  1. Please fully charge the machine before storing it.
  2. Turn off all power buttons.
  3. To preserve the battery liftspan, please use and recharge at least once every 6 months.
  4. Ensure proper ventilation while in use or store and keep away from anycombustible materials or gases. Do not stack anything on top of the unit in storage or inuse. Inadequate ventilation and/or improper storing may cause damage to the unit.
  5. Avoid exposing the product to rain or using the product in humid environment.
  6. Use and store the product in a clean and dry environment.
  7. Keep this product away from children and pet.
  8. Wring the cloth with water and wipe it clean In case of dirt.


  • Some changes may be made to the appearance and specifications without priornotice due to the improvement of the product.
  • Our company shall not be liable for any damage caused by force majeure such as fire, typhoon, flood, earthquake or the user’s intentional negligence, misuse or other abnormal conditions.
  • No compensation shall be made for the failure of non standardconnector/accessories.
  • Our company will not bear all responsibilities if the damage is caused by notoperating the product according to the use method in the operation manual.
  • This product is not suitable for use on the relevant equipment or machines involving personal safety, such as atomic energy devices, aerospace devices, transportation devices, medical devices, etc., or the equipment or machines that must be highly reliable in electricity. If we use this product on the above-mentioned equipment or machine, we will not be responsible for personal accident, fire accident or wrong action of themachine and equipment caused by the failure of this product.

Common faults and troubleshooting

If this product is unable to charge or power other equipment, please check according to the following steps.

  1. Ensure that the power button is on and the power button light is always on(green).
  2. Make sure the DC ON / OFF button and AC ON / OFF button are on.
  3. Check whether the left of battery capacity is more than 5%. If the left ofbattery capacity is less than 5%, please charge as soon as possible.
  4. Ensure that the load equipment meets the power limit of the product, that is, the load power is within the maximum input range of each output interface; If the above steps still do not solve the problem, please contact the seller for help.

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the depth of discharge (DoD)?
To extend battery life, the portable power station has a DOD setting of 90%, which means that only 90% of the battery capacity can be discharged. Reserve 10% of the energy to avoid damage to the battery due to over discharge.
Can it be charged and discharged at the same time?
Yes, it supports pass through charging for both AC and DC loads. We recommend if you do this that you make sure to fully charge the AC200P at least once per month to extend battery life.
Can AC output charge refrigerator, air conditioner or electric drill?
Lower power for those devices can becharged . It is not recommended to use more than 1400W power. The starting power of refrigerator, air conditioner and electric drill is generally 5-7 times of the nominal power, which is easy to trigger AC overload.
Can two products be used in parallel?
Can I use third-party solar panels?
You can use any solar panels available as long as they have MC4 connectors and when wired together the voltage is between 35V to 150V and no more than 700W.
How do I know if my appliance will work with the product?

When figuring what appliances can be powered with your portable power station, you will need to calculate how much the continuous loads are of each appliance you want to run simultaneously to determine if the total amount of watts is within the capacity of the generator. You can find the wattage of the appliance by looking at the manufacturer’s information (this information is usually stamped or printed on most appliances and equipment) to measure it’s wattage. Add all wattages of appliances to be run to determine if the total amount of watts is within the maximum continuous and surge watts.
Can I connect the product to my home circult breaker box?
Can not.

Contact us

For enquiries or comments about our products, please email us at ( ), and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Documents / Resources

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station 2000W [pdf] User Manual
AC200P, Portable Power Station 2000W, Power Station
Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station [pdf] User Manual
AC200P Portable Power Station, Portable Power Station, Power Station
BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station [pdf] User Manual
AC200P Portable Power Station, AC200P, Portable Power Station, Power Station
BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station [pdf] User Manual
AC200P Portable Power Station, AC200P, AC200P Power Station, Portable Power Station, Power Station



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