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Please read this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate, or install the product.

warning 2 WARNING!


TSCA Title VI Compliant California 93120 Compliant for Formaldehyde Phase

warning 2 WARNING!


Please examine equipment before use. If there are any damaged or missing parts at the time of purchase, do not assemble or operate until parts are replaced.
To lessen the risk of serious injury or death, follow these rules.
The following instructions contain important safety information, please read these important safety instructions and abide by them when installing and using this pool. When installing and using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions must always be followed.
This includes the following:

PREVENT DROWNING! Children have drowned in swimming pools.
Ensure there is active adult supervision at all times. Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool. Keep them within arm’s reach Never leave young children unattended.
NO DIVING! You can break your neck and be paralyzed.

Safety Care for Children

  1. Assign an adult to be responsible for watching children in the pool.
  2. The pool presents a drowning hazard even during the filling and draining of the pool. Maintain constant supervision of children and do not remove any safety barriers until the pool is completely empty and stowed away.Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - PREVENT DROWNINGWARNINGS & SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (CONTINUED)
    Safety Care for Children (Continued)
  3. Children, especially children younger than five years, are at high risk of drowning. Drowning occurs silently and quickly and can occur in as little as 2” (5 cm) of water.
  4. Keep children in your direct sight, stay close, and actively supervise them when they are in or near the pool and when you are filling and emptying the pool.
  5. When searching for a missing child, check the pool first, even if the child is thought to be in the house.
  6. Do not leave toys inside the pool when no longer in use, like toys and similar items might attract a child to the pool. Position furniture (for example, tables, and chairs) away from the pool, so that children cannot climb on it to gain access to the pool. After using the pool, remove water to a level of 1/2” (1 cm) or less.
  7. Locate pumps and filters in such a way that children cannot climb on them and gain access to the pool.

Swimming Pool Barriers
Very Important:

  1. Swimming pool barriers, which restrict access to the pool by small children, may be required by law.
    A barrier is necessary to provide protection against potential drowning and near-drowning. Barriers are not a substitute for the constant supervision of children.
  2. Keep unsupervised children from accessing the pool by installing fencing or other approved barriers around all sides of the pool. State or local laws or codes may require fencing or other approved barriers. Check state or local laws and codes before setting up your pool.

Swimming Pool Equipment

  1. Keep all electrical lines, radios, speakers, and other electrical appliances away from the pool.
  2. Do not place the pool near or under overhead electrical lines.
  3. For swimming pools, fountains, and similar installations, all electrical components installed in and/or adjacent to an above-ground/on-ground residential swimming pool shall be installed in accordance with and shall comply with the requirements of the latest published edition of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC®) Article 680. For more information, visit

Swimming Pool Awareness

  1. Do not install the pool on a slope or inclined surfaces, on soft or loose soil conditions (such as sand or mud), or on an elevated surface such as a deck, platform or balcony. It may collapse under the weight of the filled pool.
  2. TO AVOID DANGER OF SUFFOCATION: Keep the plastic bag used in this product away from babies and children; do not use the bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. The plastic bag could block the nose and mouth and prevent breathing. The plastic bag is not a toy.
  3. If a drain or suction outlet cover is missing or broken, do not use the pool. Suction can cause body part entrapment, hair and jewelry entanglement, or drowning. Repair or replace the drain or suction outlet cover before using the pool again
  4. When using the pool at night, artificial lighting should be used to illuminate all safety signs, ladders, steps, deck surfaces, and pathways.
  5. The floor of the pool shall be visible at all times from the outside perimeter of the pool.
  6. Keep your pool clean and clear. The deepest part of the pool must be visible at all times from outside of the pool.
    Swimming Pool Awareness (Continued)
  7. Call for emergency if needed.
  8. Basic lifesaving equipment, including one of the following, should be on hand at all times:
    • A l light, strong, rigid pole (shepherd’s crook) not less than 12’ [3.66 m] long.
    • A ¼” [6.35 mm] diameter rope as long as one and one half (1 ½) times the maximum width of the pool or 50’ [15.24 m], whichever is less, which has been firmly attached to a Coast Guard-approved ring buoy having an outside diameter of approximately 15” [38.1 cm], or similarly approved flotation device.
  9. The pool is subject to wear and deterioration. If not maintained properly, certain types of excessive or accelerated deterioration can lead to a failure of the pool structure that might release large quantities of water that could cause bodily harm and property damage.
  10. Never allow fooling around, diving, or jumping into or around the pool. This could lead to serious injury, paralysis, or death. DO NOT ALLOW anyone to swim alone without supervision.

Circulation Systems

  1. Follow all written instructions regarding positioning of all equipment connected to the circulation systems and operating the components.
  2. Circulation equipment should be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions to provide proper mounting and support, prevent damage from misalignment, settlement, and vibration, and minimize the potential for the accumulation of debris and moisture. Please refer to the pump’s instruction manual.
  3. A replacement pump should never exceed the maximum flow rate marked on the suction fitting.

Pool Cover
Pool covers used for safety barriers shall comply with the latest published edition of ASTM F-1346, Standard performance specifications for safety covers, and labeling requirements for all covers for swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

The user must properly maintain pool water clarity at all times. Check the pH and chlorine levels periodically, and make sure they are within the recommended limits. Additional water treatment chemicals might be needed from time to time. Has the water sample been tested by a local pool supply store to determine if additional chemicals are needed? It is recommended to turn on the pump for 4-6 hours daily to keep pool water clean. Clean and replace filter cartridges frequently. Replace only with genuine BlueWave® branded filter cartridges. Refer to the Filter Pump manual for additional water care information.

Risk of Entrapment

  1. Entrapment Avoidance: There shall be no protrusions or obstructions in the swimming area, which may cause entrapment or entanglement of the user. If a suction outlet cover is missing or broken, do not use the pool. Suction can cause body part entrapment, hair and jewelry entanglement, evisceration, or drowning. Repair or replace the suction outlet cover before allowing the pool to be used.
  2. Never play or swim near drains or suction fittings. Your body or hair may be trapped, causing permanent injury or drowning.

Diving Risk

  1. Above-ground or in-ground residential swimming pools are for swimming and wading only. No diving boards, slides, or other equipment are to be added to an above-ground/on-ground pool.
  2. DO NOT dive into this pool. Diving into shallow water can result in a broken neck, paralysis, or death.

First Aid

  1. Keep a working phone and a list of emergency numbers near the pool.
  2. Become certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In the event of an emergency, immediate use of CPR can make a lifesaving difference

Special Warnings

  1. Local building codes may require obtaining a building or electrical permit. The installer shall follow regulations on setbacks, barriers, devices, and other conditions.
  2. Safety signs shall comply with the requirements of ANSI-Z535 and use signal wording.
  3. DO NOT attempt to assemble this pool in adverse weather conditions, windy conditions, or when the temperature is below 60°F.
  4. This is a storable pool, which should be disassembled and stored when temperatures are expected to fall below 32°F.
  5. Ensure that all pools and their related components that are installed in an indoor environment should comply with the ventilation requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE 62 or the latest published edition of ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality, Table 2, Article 2.1.
  6. The placement of the pool and portable pools shall be set up so that they comply with local safety and building codes.

Extra Safety Warnings

  1. When you touch the filter, pump, or electrical parts, be sure the ground under your feet is dry.
  2. Connect power cords to a 3-wire grounding-type outlet only.
  3. Keep all breakable objects out of the pool area.
  4. Alcohol consumption and pool activities do not mix. Never allow anyone to swim, dive, or slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Severe electrical shock could result if you install your filter pump on a deck. The pump or filter could fall into the water, causing severe shock or electrocution.
  6. Do not allow roughhousing and fooling around.
  7. Do not engage in extended breath-holding activities underwater; you may blackout and drown.
  8. Check regularly for signs of wear on the liner or any loose parts that could make the pool unsafe.
  9. Please contact your pool dealer or manufacturer for additional safety signs if deemed necessary.
  10. For pool service, choose a certified pool professional. For additional safety information, see

Installer Responsibilities
ALL safety signs shall be affixed above the water line according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover -
Speed Set Family Pool Winter Cover Ground Cover Filter System
Pool Size Mfg No. Mfg No. Item No.
9-FT X 30” Deep PE7009 G7009 NE9883
13-FT X 33” Deep PE7013 G7013 NE9884


Before assembling your product, please take a few minutes to check the contents and become familiar with all the parts.
WARNING! DO NOT overfill the pool or allow people to layover or sit on the pool walls.
DRAIN your pool to the proper level after heavy rain.
TIP: It will be much easier to install your pool if you unfold it and let it lay in direct sunlight for about 2 hours prior to installation. This will help to ensure a wrinkle-free fit because the pool material will be more pliable allowing it to form into shape during installation.
IMPORTANT: The pool must be assembled on a smooth and level site of firm soil that is free of stones, gravel, sticks, blacktop, or other oil-base compounds.
NOTE: Before setting up your pool, it is recommended that you clear the area of hardy grasses.
Certain types of vigorous grasses such as St. Augustine and Bermuda can grow through the liner. A ground cloth or tarp may be helpful in preventing this from occurring. Grass growing through the liner is not covered under warranty.
WARNING: DO NOT install the pool on a wooden deck or any type of wooden surface. You cannot use sand and/or uncompacted soil to provide a level surface for this pool; it will only wash out.

Site Preparation

  1. Select a level area, and completely remove all debris, twigs, stones, etc. DO NOT select an area under overhead electrical lines, trees, or within 15 feet of a house, building, etc.
  2. The pool shall be located a minimum distance of 6ft (1.83m) from any electrical receptacle.
  3. All 125 volt, 15, and 20-ampere receptacles located within 20ft (6.0m) of the pool shall be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The 20ft (6m) distance is measured via the shortest straight line distance the supply cord would follow without piercing a floor, wall, ceiling, doorway, window, or another permanent barrier.
  4. Contact your local utilities, checking that no underground cables, telephone lines, gas lines, etc. run beneath the area you have selected.

Setup Instructions

  1. Carefully unfold the Speed Set pool and inspect the seams for manufacturing defects. With the inflatable ring on the top side and safety writing on the outside, layout the pool in the area selected, making sure the bottom of the pool is both flat and round.
  2. If your pool included openings or you are going to purchase a filter pump system, position the Suction & Return fitting locations so they are 10 to 21 feet from the electrical outlet you plan to use for the pool pump.
  3. If your pool came with fittings, install both the Suction and Return fittings to the pool wall before filling the pool.
  4. After installing the suction and returning water fittings, connect the filter system following the instructions in the manual that came with the filter system.

Inflation Instructions
CAUTION: Inflate by an adult only. DO NOT overinflate, use a high-pressure air compressor to inflate, or exceed the recommended Design Working Pressure. Inflate with cold air only.

  1. Inflate the air chambers slowly following the numbered sequence (if any) with a manual air pump.
    Inflation Instructions (Continued)
    The adequate air pressure: make sure the pool is firm to the touch but NOT hard – there should be small folds around the armrests, backrests and/or side edges, and below the cup holders (if any).
    Also, compare the pressure with that of the large main chamber.
  2. Close and press the inflation valves into the unit to get a flat surface.
  3. Check regularly to ensure adequate air pressure during each use, especially on very hot or cold days.
    NOTE: After about 1 inch of water is on the bottom, stop filling and completely smooth out all wrinkles from the bottom of the pool, working outwards from the center. be sure the floor of the pool is completely round and flat. NOT FOLLOWING THIS STEP WILL MAKE THE POOL FILL UNEVENLY AND THE POOL MAY START TO LOOK LIKE AN OVAL OR LOOK MISSHAPEN.
  4. Pull all the outer walls up straight and make sure they are not under the pool floor. Also, make sure to pull up the top ring, all around the pool, so that it fills evenly.
    NOTE: If more than 1-2 inches of water collect on any one side before the pool starts filling in the center, the pool is not level enough, and must be corrected. See “Site Preparation” on page 8.
    NOTE: The weight of the water will make adjustment impossible after this point.
  5. Now, as you continue filling, the inflated ring will rise as the water deepens. the maximum water level fill line is printed on the inside of the pool liner. Once this is done, if your pool included a filter/pump system please refer back to the “Swimming Pool Filter System” owner’s manual and follow all instructions for the installation of the filter pump.

Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - installation of the filter pump

Pool Repair

  1. Use a mix of liquid dish soap and water in a spray bottle, and spray over suspicious areas. Any leak will produce bubbles that will pinpoint the location of the leak.
  2. Thoroughly clean the area surrounding the leak to remove any dirt or grime.
  3. Cut a piece of repair patch (included) with a margin of 0.8”(2cm) larger than the damaged area, rounding the corners with scissors.
  4. Place the patch over the center of the leak, press down firmly, and squeeze out all air bubbles to the edges. You may want to put a weight on top to keep it in place.
  5. Do not inflate for one hour after patching.

NOTE: if the patch does not hold, you can use the patch with silicone- or polyurethane-based glue designed for repairing camping mats, tents, or shoes. Consult your local household/camping supply stores and follow the instructions of the glue you’ve chosen.


ALWAYS follow the chemical manufacturer’s directions and the health and hazard warnings.

  • Do NOT add chemicals while your pool is being used. This can lead to skin or eye irritation.
  • Concentrated chlorine can damage the pool liner. In no event is BLUE WAVE, our buyers, retailers, or any other party liable for costs associated with the loss of pool water, chemicals, or water damage.
  • Keep spare filter cartridges on hand. Replace these cartridges once every two weeks.
  • We recommend the use of a BLUE WAVE Filter Pump with all of your aboveground pools.
  • To purchase the BLUE WAVE Filter Pump or additional accessories, visit our website at or call BLUE WAVE customer service at 1 (800) 759-0977.


  1. Check local regulations for specific directions regarding the disposal of swimming pool water.
  2. Remove the protective foam ring on the draining cap
  3. Follow these steps for water draining:
    Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - Remove the drain Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - Flip the drain cap
    a) Turn the drain cap counterclockwise. b) Remove the drain cap from the valve. c) Flip the drain cap and reinsert it into the drain valve.
    Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - Push and turn the Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - water will Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - hose to the
    d) Push and turn the drain cap clockwise about 90 deg to unlock. e) The drain valve is now open, and water will begin to flow out. f) Attach a 5/8” garden hose to the drain valve.
  4. Place the second end of the garden hose in an area where the water can be safely drained away from the house or any other nearby structures.
  5. Once the water stops draining, lift the pool from the side opposite the drain valve. This will drain any remaining water and empty the pool completely.
    NOTE: NEVER step on the drain valve
  6. Remove all connecting parts.
  7. Be sure that the pool and all parts are completely dry before storage. Air-dry the liner in the sun until it is completely dry before folding (see drawing 1).
    Sprinkle some talcum powder to prevent the vinyl from sticking together and to absorb any residual moisture.
  8. Create a square shape. Starting at one side, fold one-sixth of the liner into itself twice. Do the same on the opposite side (see drawings 2 & 3).
  9. Once you have created two opposing folded sides, simply fold one over the other like closing a book (see drawings 4 & 5).
  10. Fold the two long ends to the middle (see drawing 6).
  11. Fold one over the other like closing a book, and finally compact the liner (see drawing 7).
  12. Store the liner and accessories in a dry, temperature-controlled storage location above 32°F (0°C) and below 104°F (40°C).
  13. The original packaging can be used for storage.

Blue Wave NT6132 Speed Set Family Pool with Cover - POOL MAINTENANCE

How to Winterize Your Pool

  1. Begin by cleaning the pool water thoroughly.
  2. Remove the skimmer (if applicable) or any accessories attached to the threaded strainer connector.
    Replace the strainer grid if necessary. Before storage, ensure all parts are clean and dry.
  3. Unplug the inlet and outlet fittings from the inside of the pool (if applicable).
  4. Now, remove the ladder (if applicable) and store it in a safe place. Ensure the ladder is dry before storage.
  5. Remove the hoses that connect the pump and filter to the pool.
  6. Add the appropriate chemicals for the winter period. Consult your local pool dealer as to which chemicals you should use and how to use them. NOTE: These may vary greatly by region.
  7. Cover the pool with a Blue Wave Pool Cover. IMPORTANT: BLUE WAVE POOL COVER IS NOT A SAFETY COVER.
  8. Clean and drain the pump, filter housing, and hoses. Remove and discard the old filter cartridge.
    Keep a spare cartridge for the next season.
  9. Bring pump and filter parts indoors and store them in a safe and dry area, preferably between 0ºC (32ºF) and 40ºC (104ºF).


If you are going to use a pool cover, solar cover, or solar blanket, please read the following information.

WARNING: Non-secured or improperly secured covers are a hazard.
WARNING: Only use the included drawstring to secure the cover to the pool.
WARNING: Labels must be facing up when the cover is installed.
WARNING: Keep children and small animals away from the covered pool.
WARNING: Remove standing water from the top of the cover to avoid drowning.
WARNING: Remove the cover completely before swimming to avoid entrapment.
WARNING: Stay off the cover. It is not designed to hold any weight.
WARNING: This is not a safety cover.
ATTENTION: Type OC cover classification.
ATTENTION: This cover meets the requirements described in specification F-1346 (ASTM)
WARNING: Failure to follow all instructions may result in injury or drowning.

DO NOT use a pool cover, solar cover, or solar blanket on this pool if it does not have the correct type of warning label on the cover.
Competent supervision and knowledge of the safety requirements are the only ways to prevent drowning or permanent injury in the use of this product!
Never leave young children unattended in or near the pool!


These warnings are printed on your pool wall. See below image(s) for reference.




This product is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 90-days from the date of the original retail purchase.
This warranty does not cover defects or damage due to improper installation, alteration, accident, or any other event beyond the control of the manufacturer.
Defects or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or negligence will void this warranty. This warranty does not cover scratching or damage that may result from normal usage.
This product is not intended for institutional or commercial use; the manufacturer does not assume any liability for such use. Institutional or commercial use will void this warranty.
This warranty is non-transferable and is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product. During the warranty period, the manufacturer shall repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the purchaser. Shipping charges and insurance are not covered and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Labor charges and related expenses for removal, installation, or replacement of the product or components are not covered under this warranty.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make substitutions to warranty claims if parts are unavailable or obsolete.
The manufacturer shall not be liable for loss of use of the product or other consequential or incidental costs, expenses or damages incurred by the consumer of any other use. The user assumes all risk of injury resulting from the use of this product.
This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for use to the extent permitted by Federal or state law. Neither the manufacturer nor any of its representatives assume any other liability in connection with this product.
All warranty claims must include the retailer’s information where the product was originally purchased. A purchase receipt or other proof of date of purchase will be required to process all warranty claims. The model number and part numbers found within the assembly instructions will be required when submitting any parts requests or warranty claims.

For further warranty information or inquiries, please call 1 (800) 759-0977 Or, email [email protected]

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