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BW-HL 1Pro

BW-HL1Pro Bracelet User Manual

BliTZWOlF Smart Watch Bracelet

Please make a full charge before use it.
APP: FitCloudPro

1. Download & Pairing

1.1 Long press the “home” button to turn on.
1.2 Scan the following QR code to install Dafit APP, Or download“FitCloudPro” from App Store, Google Player then install it.

QR Code

Compatible System: Android4.4 and above ,iOS 8.2 and above

1.3 Enter the APP to bind the searched device.
Step1 : Enable Bluetooth on the mobile phone;
Step2:Open“FitCloudPro”APP,Tap”Add a device”to bind。

  • Please keep bluetooth address consistent with your smart bracelet when you connecting.
  • Slide down screen from main interface enter into “About” to check Bluetooth address.

2.Smart bracelet Functions

2.1.Time Interface
2.1.1 Power on:Long press side key to turn on.
2.2.2 Power off:On the time interface,long press side key to power off.
2.2. Swith the dail : Long press screen 3 seconds on the dail to slide right or left to choose dail , click screen to confirm the display.

BliTZWOlF Smart Watch Bracelet - Swith the dail

2.3. Sport Data(record “today” steps, mileage, calorie)
2.4.Heart rate monitor
2.6.Notifications push(Turn on app” Notifications” social app like Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc,
2.7.Multi-sports: Walking, Running, Climbing, Riding
2.8.Sleep monitor Sleep monitor period: 21:30PM to 12:00 AM Pls make sure wear the bracelet vice
2.10. Health : Blood oxgen monitor , Blood pressure detect,, Hreat rate monitor
2.11.Music:Control the music after connecting APP.
2.12.Setting:language,menu style,bright screen display,vibration intensity, system
2.13.More : Find myphone after connecting app.

3. Functions on App

3.1.Show the testing data(sleep monitor data , Heart rate , Blood pressure , Blood oxgen (click “Health measurement”)
3.2.1Message Notification Push(Turn on app” Notifications” social app like Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc,) Call reminder: When the incoming call appears on  the bracelet interface,you can long-press the”reject”icon to ring off.
3.2.2.Alarm clock
3.2.3.Sendentary reminder:reminder per hour
3.2.4.Drink water reminder:reminder every 2 hours
3.2.5.Dail settings:uploading watch face you like
3.2.6.Shake wrist to wake up screen
3.2.7.Enhance Measurement
3.2.8.Find Band
3.2.9.Band location:choose right hand or left hand.
3.2.10.Hour Style:choose 24 hour or 12-hour system.
3.2.11.Shake photograph
3.2.12.Device Version
3.2.13. Reset
3.2.14. Unbind
(Notes:Please kindly note above functions are working based on activated and saved the related setup)

3.3.1 Click”ID“ to set your datailed data,like height, weight
3.3.2 GoogleFit: all the sport data will be syncon GoogleFit after connecting app
3.3.3. Exercise goal

4.Warm notes

4.1 Connect Bluetooth:
4.1.1 Please power on your phone bluetooth and turn on smart bracelet bluetooth before connecting;
4.1.2 Please ensure your smart bracelet didn’t connect with other phones before connecting ;
4.1.3 Please keepp close to you smart bracelet when you are conncting.
4.2 Please turn on mobile phone notifications and allow permissions to run in the background if your Mobile has installed “ Mobile manager ” or other similar  Apps, otherwise you will not receive the messages.

4.3 Battery Recharge:Power adaptor: 5V 0.5~1A If the bracelet won’t be used for long period, please ensure a full charging every month and turn it off after get full charged

4.4 To ensure the accuracy of blood presure data, after entering blood pressure monitor mode, please hold the smart band at the same height as your heart, relax yourself and calm down. Do not talk when the monitor is working. (This function is to monitor the blood pressure data change before & after exercise. The data are only for reference, can’t use for special medical purpose)


Warning: This product is not a medical device. The smart band and its applications should not be used in diagnosis, treatment or as a preventive treatment for diseases and sickness. Please consult medical professionals before changing exercise habit or sleep habit to avoid serious injuries. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify and improve any functions description in this user guide and continuous update of the new content without further notice. This user guide is for reference only, the smart band for selling is subject to the final product.

Company Lotus NL B.V.
Address: Koningin Julianaplein 10, 1e
Verd, 2595AA, The Hague, Netherlands.
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +31644168999

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