BLAZE PowerZone 1004 Power Amplifier User Guide

Carton Contents

  • Amplifier unit
  • Output connector x 1 or 2
  • Mains power cable
  • Adhesive rubber feet x 4
  • Input connector x 1 or 2
  • Document pack
  • GPIO socket connector
  • Rack Ears (PowerZone 1004)


DIP Switch Functions

1 Channel 1 in Low-Z mode Channel 1 in Hi-Z mode  
2 Channel 2 in Low-Z mode Channel 2 in Hi-Z mode  
3 Channel 3 in Low-Z mode* Channel 3 in Hi-Z mode*  
4 Channel 4 in Low-Z mode* Channel 4 in Hi-Z mode*  
5 70V Hi-Z mode

(for channels in Hi-Z mode)

100V Hi-Z mode

(for channels in Hi-Z mode)

6 Input ganging 1: All Input ganging 1:1  
7 GPIO standby polarity NO (Normally Open) GPIO standby polarity NC (Normally Closed)  
8 Front panel control locked. Front panel control unlocked.  

* Not applicable to two channel amplifiers.

Installation Notes

  • Ensure that rack or other confined installation does not restrict the airflow required for safe and reliable operation of the equipment. It is important to ensure that the 40°C maximum operating temperature for the equipment is not exceeded.
  • Amplifiers will not switch on from standby mode unless an input signal is present or the standby switch is toggled.

GPIO Functions


  • A full user manual that includes information on installation, mounting accessories and amplifier operation is available online. Go to or scan the QR code.

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BLAZE PowerZone 1004 Power Amplifier [pdf] User Guide
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