BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme User Manual

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme User Manual


BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Robot, sensors & structure

Robot, sensors & structure

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Parts & accessories

Parts & accessories

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Top view Robot

Top view Robot

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Bottom view Robot

Bottom view Robot



BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Dustbin

Side brush

Make the left side-brush (L) and the right-side brush (R) correspond to L and R on the bottom casing, keep pressing L and R and the side brushes. They are installed when you hear a “cracking” sound.

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Side brush Installation

1. Turn the machine over and pull the side brush out and upwards.
2. Remove hair and dirt and reassemble the side brush.
3. Make the left-side brush (L) and the right-side brush (R) correspond to L and R on the bottom casing, press L and R.

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Side brush Maintenance


• Clean it regularly
• Replace the side brush every 3-6 months to ensure the best cleaning effect

2 in 1 electrically-controlled water tank x1

1. Remove the mop, pour the water out of the water tank.
2. Clean the mop, dry the water tank & mop.

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - 2 in 1 electrically-controlled water tank x1

Robot installation

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme - Robot installation




Cleaning start/pause

Use this function for the first time using the Robot. The Robot will scan the room it is in and create a map. This map can then be used in the future. It will speed up the Robots process as it knows exactly where it is.

Adjustment of suction power

You can adjust the suction power to silent level, standard level and high level.

warning This can also done with the app.

System Reset
  • Take the dust been down and Press “Reset Key”. Make sure that you place the Robot back on its docking station.
  • The current map & timing will be lost, Wifi and personalised settings will be reserved after reset.


Warranty Policy | Period
  • Please contact the customer service team for warranty cases.

Documents / Resources

BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme [pdf] User Manual
BlueBot Xtreme

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  1. Dear employees,
    I want to use my blue point xtreme robot on two floors.
    A map is made on the ground floor.
    What happens to the floor plan when I use the robot upstairs.
    Then the floor plan of the ground floor will disappear and/or can I keep it separate.
    Please comment on this, with kind regards,

    Geachte medewerkers,
    Ik wil mijn blauwpunt xtreme robot op twee verdiepingen gebruiken.
    Op de beneden verdieping wordt een plattegrond gemaakt.
    Wat gebeurd er met de plattegrond wanneer ik de robot op de bovenverdieping gebruik.
    Verdwijnt dan de plattegrond van de beneden verdieping en/of kan ik deze gescheiden behouden.
    Gaarne uw reactie hierover, met vriendelijke groet,

  2. I bought a BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme, it is a pity that there is no installation in Polish
    Kupilem BLAUPUNKT BlueBot Xtreme , szkoda ze nie ma instalacji w jezyku polskim

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