BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply

BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply

Charging the BlackBox

Charging with the charger

BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply-1

Connect the supplied charger to an AC outlet and then connect it to the DC charging port (DC7909) on the back of the BlackBox.
(Maximum charging power: 200W)

Charging with a solar module

BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply-2

Connect the charging cable to the solar module and then connect it to the DC charging connector (DC7909) on the back of the BlackBox (maximum charging power: 200W).

The solar module must meet the following requirements:

  • Output voltage: 12 to 30V DC
  • Connection: DC Male Connector (DC7909)

No charge controller is required, as the BlackBox is equipped with an integrated MPPT charge controller.
The charge level is shown on the display.

Charging while the BlackBox is switched on
If the BlackBox is charged while it is on, “Charging” will light up on the display. When the BlackBox is fully charged, the display indicates “100%” and “Charging”.

Charging while the BlackBox is switched off
When the BlackBox is charged while it is switched off, the display shows the current charge level. When the BlackBox is fully charged, the display shows “100%”.

Operating Instructions

Switching on the BlackBox
Use the on/off switch to turn on the BlackBox. This will start the internal processor and LCD display. It also records the time of power-on.

Alternating current 230V
When you press the AC button, the display shows “230V ON”. After three seconds a signal tone sounds. The output voltage is now 230V and, depending on the model, has a capacity of 500, 1000 or 1500W.

The current consumption is shown on the display after a device has been connected.

Press the AC button again to deactivate the power supply to the 230V sockets. The display will now show “230V OFF”.

Direct current
Press the DC button to activate the DC connections. A signal tone sounds and the display shows “DC ON”. The DC output connectors (USB ports,
DC 12V outputs, DC 12V vehicle power socket and Jump Starter connector) are now activated.

Pressing the DC button again deactivates the power supply to the DC ports and the display shows “DC OFF”.

Starting a car with the BlackBox

  • Connect the cable with the EC5 connector (sold separately) to the corresponding “Jump Starter” output of the BlackBox.
  • Connect the plus and minus terminals to the plus or minus pole of the car battery (red to plus, black to minus).
  • Start the BlackBox and press the DC button.
  • Start the car.
  • Disconnect the terminals from the battery and then remove the cable from the Black Box.

BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply-3


  • Make sure the cubic capacity of the car is less than 3.0 litres.
  • The BlackBox must be at least 60% charged.
  • The battery terminals must not be damaged.
  • The terminals must be securely attached to the battery terminals.
  • The black and red terminals must not touch each other under any circumstances.
  • Ensure that there is a sufficient safety distance between persons and the engine compartment when the vehicle is started.
  • Disconnect the connection to the Black Box within 30 seconds after starting the car to avoid damage to the Black Box or the car.
  • Users who are not familiar with the BlackBox should never use it to start a car.
  • Remove jewelry and watches before starting a car with the Black Box.

How do I know if I can operate my devices with the BlackBox?
First find out how much power the devices you want to run need. Please refer to the operating instructions and type labels of the respective devices.
Also check how much power your BlackBox can deliver via the AC output (500W, 1000W or 1500W depending on the model).
If the connected device consumes more power than the BlackBox can output over a longer period of time, the BlackBox will automatically switch off.

Information on the LCD Screen

  • From a charge level of 10%, the colour of the battery symbol on the display changes to red.
  • From a charge level of 5%, the red battery symbol on the display starts to flash.
  • When the charge level falls below 1%, the AC and DC outputs are automatically deactivated to protect the battery.

Battery indicator
If the consumption is greater than the power value of your BlackBox
(500W, 1000W or 1500W depending on the model), the display shows the warning message “Overload”. In this case, reduce the power con-sumption.
If the 230V sockets switch off automatically, first press the AC button. Then press the AC button again to reactivate the 230V sockets. Alterna-tively, switch the BlackBox off and on again at the main switch.

Temperature Management
If the internal temperature rises above 35 °C or the power output exceeds 24W, the built-in fan will automatically switch on to cool the device.
If the internal temperature rises above 70°C, the AC and DC outputs are automatically switched off and the display shows the warning message “HI TEMP”. It is now no longer possible to operate connected devices. Wait until the device has cooled down to below 50°C before continuing to use the BlackBox.

Technical Specifications

BlackBox 5 BlackBox 10 BlackBox 15
Capacity 20Ah (25,6V)


40.5Ah (25,6V)


58.5Ah (25.6V)


AC output port 230V, 50Hz, Pure sine wave (2 AC ports)
Continuous power 500W 1,000W 1,500W
Peak power (2 sec.) 1,000W 2,000W 3,000W
Battery cycle life > 3000
DC output 4 × USB port | 1 × C-Type port | 2 × DC port (DC5521) 1 × Car cigarette port (12V)
USB USB-C Max. 18W | 5V / 2.1A | 9V / 2A | 12V / 1.5A

Max. 100W | 5V / 3A | 9V / 3A | 12V / 3A | 15V / 3A | 20V / 5A

DC 12 V port (DC5521) 12V / 5A
DC 12 V cigarette port 12V / 10A
Charging methods Wall charging,

solar charging (Integrated MPPT charge controller)

Charging time (with 200W AC adapter) 3.5h 6.2h 8.5h
Wall charging AC 230V, 50Hz, 200W
Solar charging DC 12 to 30V max. 200 Wp (DC7909)
Operating temperature 0 to 45°C
Dimensions (mm) 250 × 190 × 240 385 × 190 × 240 480 × 190 × 240
Weight 8.5kg 15kg 20kg
BMS protective functions Short circuit protection, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection

Device Overview

BLACK BOX ECTIVE Portable Power Supply-4

  1. DC Switch Status
  2. Charging Indicator
  3. Battery Display
  4. AC Output Power
  5. Operating Time
  6. AC Switch Status
  7. USB Output Ports
  8. USB-Type-C Output Port
  9. DC 230V Output
  10. 12V Car Cigarette Port
  11. DC Switch
  12. Power Switch
  13. Power-On Indicator
  14. AC Switch
  15. 12V DC Output (DC5521)
  16. 12V Car Start Output
  17. Charging Port (DC7909)
  18. Ventilator
  19. Charging Port (DC5521)


In addition to the statutory warranty period, batterium GmbH grants the customer a voluntary manufacturer‘s warranty of three years. In case of complaints, please contact the office located in your country or the point of sale.

In order to receive a quick response to your warranty request, please send the following documents:

  • copy of invoice with purchase date
  • justification of complaints or error description

Please note
In the following cases the liability for damage is excluded:

  • damage of the device caused by overvoltage or mechanical impacts
  • mounting and connection errors
  • inappropriate use of the device
  • modification of the device without permission of the producer

ECTIVE products are manufactured according to the strictest quality criteria and ECTIVE guarantees that the lithium batteries are delivered in perfect condition.
ECTIVE provides the legal warranty for production and material defects that were present at the time of delivery of the product. No liability is assumed for typical signs of wear and tear. The warranty does not apply to defects that are due to natural wear and tear, improper use or lack of maintenance. Use the product at your own risk. A warranty claim can only be accepted if a copy of the purchase receipt is enclosed when the product is sent in.

Under no circumstances does the warranty exceed the value of the product.
By putting the product into operation, you accept the warranty condi-tions and assume full responsibility for the use of this product.
The values given by ECTIVE regarding weight, size or any other charac-teristics of product the are to be understood as guidelines. ECTIVE does not guarantee the accuracy of this data, as different values may result from technical changes made in the interest of the product.

Service / Complaints
If you have any questions about your device after purchase or during operation, we are happy to help you. To speed up the process, pleas provide information by email in advance, whenever possible with an explanation of the issue and photos.

To contact us and for product returns, please use the following service address:

batterium GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 1, 71691 Freiberg am Neckar T: +49 7141 / 560 90 40

Tip: When contacting us directly, please have your customer or invoice number and the article number ready.
In case you would like to return a product to us, please follow these guideline to ensure a quick and secure handling of the issue:

  1. If possible use the original packaging as shipping carton.
  2. If you no longer have the original packaging, please use suitable (UN-certified) packaging to ensure adequate protection against transport damage.
  3. If the goods are not shipped in the original packaging or an UN-certi-fied packaging, the goods are considered damaged and will therefore need to be billed when the item is returned.

Please enclose the following with the return shipment:

  • Copy of the invoice
  • (Service Form)
  • Reason for return
  • An exact and detailed error description

Transport Information

The product with a lithium battery has been tested according to the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3 (ST/SG/AC.10/11/version 5).
For transport, the product belong to category UN3481, Class 9, packing group II. These regulations must be observed during transport. This me-ans that for transport by land or sea (ADR, RID & IMDG) the battery must be packed according to packing instruction P903 and for air transport
(IATA) according to packing instruction P965.

Recycling Products with Lithium Batteries

  • The recycling of products with lithium batteries is encouraged.
  • Products with lithium batteries marked with the recycling symbol must be handed in at recognised recycling centres. They can also be returned to the manufacturer by arrangement.
  • Only dispose of discharged batteries!
  • Insulate the connections to prevent short circuits!
  • Do not dispose of products with lithium batteries in household or industrial waste.
  • Products with lithium batteries are subject to disposal and recycling regulations which vary from country to country and region to region.


Please recycle or dispose of the packaging material for this product.
The German Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) regulates how to place electronic devices on the market, how to recycle and dispose of them.

Please note
In case of decommissioning of the device, please contact the nearest recycling centre or point of sale in order to get information about the disposal regulations.

ECTIVE stands for power supply solutions at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.
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