BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor

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When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should be observed, including the following:


  • Connect to a properly grounded outlet only. See grounding
  • instructions. Do not modify the 3-prong grounded plug.
  • Do not leave appliance when it is plugged in. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before servicing.
  • Do not expose to rain. Store indoors.
  • Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is necessary when used by or near children.
  • Do not use for any purpose other than described in this user guide. Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments.
  • Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance is not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, have it repaired at an authorized service center.
  • Always install float before any wet pick-up operation.
  • Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close a door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Do not run appliance over cord. Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
  • Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.
  • Do not handle plug or appliance with wet hands.
  • Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with any opening blocked; keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything that may reduce air flow.
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away from openings and moving parts.
  • Turn OFF all controls before plugging or unplugging appliance.
  • Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
  • Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosine, etc.) or use in areas where they may be present.
  • Do not use appliance in an enclosed space filled with vapors given off by oil-based paint, paint thinner, some moth-proofing substances, flammable dust, or other explosive or toxic vapors.
  • Do not use to pick up toxic material (chlorine bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner, etc.).
  • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches or hot ashes.
  • Use only BISSELL® Commercial cleaning products intended for use with this appliance to prevent internal component damage. See the Cleaning Formula section of this guide.
  • Keep appliance on a level surface.
  • Do not carry the appliance while in use.
  • Operators shall be adequately instructed on the use of these machines.
  • This machine is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge.
  • This appliance is suitable for commercial use, for example in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops, offices and rental businesses
  • Wet filters and the interior part of the liquid container shall be dried before storage.
  • WARNING Do not allow the supply cord to come into contact with the rotating brushes.
  • This appliance is not suitable for picking up hazardous dust.
  • If foam or liquid escapes from the machine, switch off immediately.
  • Clean the water level limiting device regularly and examine it for signs of damage.
  • Do not immerse. Use only on surfaces moistened by the cleaning process.
  • Inspect machine before each use to make sure it is free of damage.


Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can result in a risk of electrical shock. Check with a qualified electrician or service person if you aren’t sure if the outlet is properly grounded. DO NOT MODIFY THE PLUG. If it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. This appliance is designed for use on a nominal 120-volt circuit, and has a grounding attachment plug that looks like the plug in the illustration. Make certain that
the appliance is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No plug adapter should be used with this appliance.

This appliance must be connected to a grounded wiring system. If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a safe path of least resistance for electrical current, reducing the risk of electrical shock. The cord for this appliance has an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. It must only be plugged into an outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-1

What’s in the Box?

Standard accessories may vary by model. To identify what should be included with your purchase, please refer to the “Carton Contents” list located on the carton top flap.

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-2

Product View

For additional support videos and information about your vacuum, visit

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-3

  1. Power Switch
  2. Power Cord
  3. Quick Release™ Cord Wrap
  4. Dirty Water Tank
  5. Dirty Water Tank Carry Handle
  6. Clean Water Tank Carry Handle
  7. Clean Water Tank
  8. Hose Grip
  9. Spray Trigger
  10. Hose Secure Latch
  11. Flex Hose

Filling the Clean Water Tank

View our full lineup of powerful carpet cleaning formulas at

Always use genuine BISSELL formulas in your machine. Other formulas may harm the machine.

Pretreat spots and stains to improve carpet cleaning performance.

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-4

Ultimate Stain Destroyer
30-second stain removal.

Carpet Cleaning Formula
Keep plenty of BISSELL® Commercial formulas on hand so you can clean whenever it fits your schedule.

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-5

Ultimate + OXY
Removes deep down dirt, stains, & odours

  1. Remove tank from the back of the machine by lifting the clean water tank carry handle.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-6
  2. Unscrew the black cap and remove bottle insert.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-7
  3. Fill tank with warm tap water (140° F/60° C MAX) to the water fill line.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-8
  4. Add cleaning formula up to the “CLEANING FORMULA” fill line (60 mL/2 oz).BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-9
  5. Place bottle insert back into tank and tighten the black cap. BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-10
  6. Place the tank back to the machine.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-11

WARNING To reduce the risk of fire and electric shock due to internal component damage, use only BISSELL Commercial cleaning formulas intended for use with the carpet cleaning device.

Using Your Machine

To purchase additional tools or formulas, visit

  1. Vacuum to remove loose dirt from area to be cleaned.
  2. Spray any BISSELL® Commercial stain pretreat formula to soiled areas or stains.
  3. Allow to sit for at least 3 minutes.
  4. Clean following instructions below.

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-12

  1. Release the hose by twisting the secure latch. Attach your desired tool.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-13
  2. Twist the Quick Release™ Cord Wrap and unwind the cord to plug into outlet BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-14
  3. Press the power button to turn the machine ON.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-15
  4. Attach the 8cm or 15cm tool to the hose grip until you hear a “click”.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-16
  5. Point the tool approximately 1 inch above the spot or stain and press the spray trigger.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-17
  6. Release spray trigger and gently scrub the stain.
After-Cleaning Care

BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-18

  1. When the dirty water tank reaches the “FULL” line it is time to emptyBISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-19
  2. Remove dirty water tank and carry to disposal area.
    BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-20
  3. Unlock by rotating the handle up and over the back of the tank.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-21
  4. Remove lid and pour out dirty water. Rinse out tank to remove any debris.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-22
  5. Replace the tank lid and rotate the handle forward to lock back into place.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-23
  6. Before placing tank back into the machine, remove any debris from the red filter.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-24
  7. Remove and rinse the tools under clean, running water. Allow tools to dry.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-25
  8. It is recommended that you suction clean water from a bowl (or bucket) to rinse out the hose. Lift end of hose and stretch out to ensure all water is cleared.BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor-26
  9. Wrap and secure the flex hose and power cord.

Storing Your Machine

Store machine in protected, dry area at room temperature (40° F – 110° F).

NOTICE To reduce the risk of a leaking condition, do not store where freezing may occur. Damage to internal components may result.

WARNING To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn power OFF and disconnect from electrical outlet before performing maintenance or troubleshooting.


Below are some of the issues you may run into. If you don’t see the issue you’re experiencing below, visit

Problem Possible Cause Remedies
Reduced/ no spray Clean water tank may be empty. Refill tank.
Clean water tank may not be completely seated. Turn power OFF. Remove and reseat tank.
Pump may have lost prime. Hold end of hose below water level in tank to prime.
Loss of suction power Tanks may not be completely seated. Turn power OFF. Remove and reseat both tanks.
Dirty water tank is full. Empty tank.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. If you need additional instruction regarding this warranty or have questions regarding what it may cover, please contact BISSELL® Commercial Consumer Care by e-mail or telephone as described below.

Limited One-Year Commercial Warranty
Subject to the *EXCEPTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS identified below, upon receipt of the product BISSELL Commercial will repair or replace (with new, refurbished, lightly used, or remanufactured components or products), at BISSELL Commercial’s option, free of charge from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, for one year, any defective or malfunctioning part. See information below. This warranty does not apply to fans or routine maintenance components such as filters, belts, or brushes. Damage or malfunction caused by negligence, abuse, neglect, unauthorized repair, or any other use not in accordance with the user guide is not covered.

BISSELL Commercial is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature associated with the use of this product. BISSELL Commercial’s liability will not exceed the purchase price of the product. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Exceptions and Exclusions From the Terms of the Limited Warranty
This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranties, either oral or written. Any implied warranties which may arise by operation of law, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the one-year duration from the date of purchase as described above. Some countries do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Note: Please keep your original sales receipt. It provides proof of date of purchase in the event of a warranty claim.


If your BISSELL Commercial product should require a service, for information about repairs and replacement parts, or for questions about your warranty, please contact the distributor where the product was purchased.
If your query remains unresolved, please visit

WARNING To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn power OFF and disconnect from electrical outlet before performing maintenance or troubleshooting.

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BISSELL SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor [pdf] User Manual
SC100, Spot Carpet Extractor, SC100 Spot Carpet Extractor


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