My PowerTrak®/PowerSwift™ Compact Vacuum has no suction | Support

  • Remove the upholstery hose from the lower hose on bottom right side of machine
  • Turn the vacuum on and feel for suction at the end of the hose
    • If there’s no suction, unclamp the hose from the left side and feel for suction from the hose inlet
  • Push a broom handle or similar object through the upholstery hose to remove any clogs or obstructions

  • If there was no suction at the upholstery hose inlet, remove the dirt tank
  • If there is suction, empty any debris from dirt tank
    • Twist the dirt tank lid counter clockwise to unlock the tank lid and remove the separator, clean off debris
      • Check the rubber gasket located in the top of the separator
        • If damaged or missing, it should be replaced
  • Remove the pre-motor filter from the tank lid
    • Wash with water and a mild detergent, letting it air dry completely before placing back into the machine
  • Remove upper handle, push a broomstick through to clear of clogs/debris
  • Recline the vacuum handle and turn it over to expose the brush
  • Remove the 5 screws holding on the brush access plate. 
  • Clear any debris off the brush and brush ends
  • Inspect the belt for damage
    • If damaged, a new belt will need to be ordered
  • The brush should spin easily by hand
    • If it does not, a new brush will need to be ordered
  • Unscrew the lower hose and inspect for clogs or obstructions
    • Use a broom handle or similar object through lower hose to remove any clogs
  • Reassemble machine and check for suction

If machine still does not have suction, visit a BISSELL Authorized Service Center or Contact Us

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