All full size carpet cleaners

  • We have found this can occur when overlap cleaning is not performed
  • After carpet cleaning, if you are seeing stripes, lines, tire marks, or dirt marks in your carpet, we recommend:
    • Once carpet is completely dry from initial cleaning (to prevent over-saturation)
      • Using only water, run machine over carpet again using small overlapping strokes
      • Use a grid or fan pattern
      • Do not clean with long strokes, down the full length of a room or hallway


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  1. I would like to have a carpet cleaning done. Good to know that you can also do this yourself with carpet cleaners. Still, I’ll trust a professional here.
    Ich möchte eine Teppichreinigung machen lassen. Gut zu wissen, dass man dies aber auch mit Teppichreinigern gut selbst machen kann. Dennoch werde ich hier einem Profi vertrauen.

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